How To Make Deity In Little Alchemy 2 (Step-By-Step Guide)

Little Alchemy 2 is a fantastic title that provides players with a set of ingredients and leaves them to combine them into recipes. While not all combinations are worthwhile, many of them can be used to craft even more complex items, such as Deity.

With more than 700 items to craft in the base game alone, Little Alchemy 2 can seem like a daunting game to get into. However, it starts players out slowly with just a few elements to combine. Then, it’s up to the players to figure out the rest. Some of the endgame crafting recipes are almost impossible to work out, though, especially ones such as Deity that require very specific ingredients.

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How to Make Deity in Little Alchemy 2 Step-by-Step

Below, we’ve outlined every step players need to work through to create Deity. It’s a long process but can be completed quickly as long as players pay attention and craft every element in the order we’ve specified.

Step 1: Make Energy

Screenshot by Gamepur

First, players must make Energy by combining two Fire together. Once the Fires have been combined, the Energy can be left on the screen. We like to move ingredients we’re holding onto up to the top so we don’t accidentally combine them with something else and ruin the plan.

Step 2: Make Mud

Screenshot by Gamepur

Next, players must make a Mud by combining one Water with one Earth. This will be used in a moment, but for now, it should be stacked at the top of the screen with the Energy.

Step 3: Make Lava

Screenshot by Gamepur

Using one Earth and one Fire, players need to now make a Lava. Unlike the Mud and Energy, we’ll be using the Lava straight away, so leave it where it is.

Step 4: Make Stone

Screenshot by Gamepur

Then, it’s time for players to make a Stone. This is accomplished by combining one Air with the Lava players have just made. This is one of the best combinations, in our opinion, because it just makes sense. Everyone knows cooling Lava makes Stone. This element will be used immediately, so keep it where it is.

Step 5: Make Clay

Screenshot by Gamepur

The next step is for players to craft Clay by combining the Stone they’ve just made with the Mud they crafted earlier. This should leave only the Clay and Energy on-screen. Move it to the top with the Energy because it won’t be used for a while.

Step 6: Make Sea

Screenshot by Gamepur

This might be the most complicated step in the process. To make one Sea, players need to first craft a Puddle by combining two Water. Then, they must use two Puddle to make a Pond. After that, they’ll need to combine two Pond to make a Lake. Finally, they can craft the Sea by adding two Lake together. Don’t move it away because we’ll be using the Sea right away.

Step 7: Make Primordial Soup

Screenshot by Gamepur

It’s now time to make Primordial Soup as we close in on the goal of making Deity. Players need to combine one Earth with their Sea to make a Primordial Soup. Keep it in the middle of the screen because it’s going to change in the next step.

Step 8: Make Life

Screenshot by Gamepur

Players can go on a power trip now by creating Life. This requires them to combine Energy with the Primordial Soup they’ve just made. However, Life is nothing without a form, so we’ll be giving it some next.

Step 9: Make Human

Screenshot by Gamepur

With only Life and Clay on-screen, players need to combine these two ingredients to make one Human. This is the penultimate step in the process, but players might be getting confused about how they’re going to craft Deity at this point.

Step 10: Add Immortality to Human

myths and monsters pack in little alchemy 2
Image via Recloak

Finally, to make Deity, players must add Immortality to Human. However, a lot of fans will notice this isn’t possible in the base game because they’re missing the Immortality ingredient. That’s because Immortanilty is an exclusive item that is only available in the Myths and Monsters pack.

This is an expansion pack for Little Alchemy 2 that costs $2.99/£2.99 on the Google Play and App Stores. Once players have purchased it, they can use Immortality to create Deity and begin unlocking all the other items exclusive to the pack.

Why Should You Make Deity in Little Alchemy 2?

Screenshot by Gamepur

The reason players should make Deity in Little Alchemy 2 is because it will help them build up their encyclopedia. The pack gives players so many more ingredients to craft with and creations to chase by combining them all with the recipes they’ve been working on for years. It’s about satisfying their inner completionist and pushing to show they’re the best Little Alchemy players out there.

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