How to get the Family Antique Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

It’s time to unlock the Family Antique Broom and take to the skies in Hogwarts Legacy in style. While there are many ways to get around this open world, the Antique Broom is one of the coolest.

In a big open-world game like Hogwarts Legacy it helps to be able to cover a lot of ground quickly., While brooms are not your only option for traversing the Wizarding World in a hurry, they are the most aesthetic. After all, what’s a game about witches and wizards without a broom for you to fly around on? Fortunately for you, there is no shortage of brooms to choose from, as there are wonderfully witchy 13 brooms available in the game.

Why get the Family Antique Broom

The Family Antique Broom hovers in front of a blank background. The broom is gnarled and crooked with branches at the end instead of bristles. This would not be good to sweep your floor with. Text in image reads, "Portkey Games: Hogwarts Legacy"
Image via Portkey Games

All brooms in Hogwarts Legacy have the same stats, so there is no “best broom.” This is both a blessing and an unforgivable curse. On one hand, it’s a little bit of a letdown that there isn’t some sort of racing broom available. On the other hand, this allows you to do something in this game that you can’t always do—pick gear purely on vibes without worrying about it negatively impacting your gameplay.

So, if you want to embrace the game’s historical setting and the bells and whistles of those other new-fangled brooms don’t appeal to you, the Family Antique Broom is definitely the broom for you. You simply cannot beat its gnarled appearance for pure bog-witch energy.

How to get a Broom in Hogwarts Legacy

Now, you can’t just go get a broom the instant you set foot in Hogwarts. Just like getting a driver’s license, you’ve got to prove you’re responsible enough to handle operating a vehicle.    

The first thing you need to do is complete the Jackdaw’s Rest quest in the main storyline. You do need to progress the story just a little bit, but fortunately, this quest happens early in the storyline so you will not have to work through too much of the game to access it.

You will also have to complete the Flying Class main story quest and complete two tasks that Madam Kagawa will assign to you. Once you’ve wrapped up a jaunt around the castle with Everett Clopton you will have proven yourself ready to be trusted with a broom of your very own!

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Where to find the Family Antique Broom

Once you’ve been approved to have a broom, you are going to want to head straight for the South Sea Bog floo station and follow the river for a while. Soon enough, you will run across Priya Tredwell’s Wanderer Shop and you can buy the broom from her.

A woman in a late middle age or perhaps early old age with steel grey hair and dark circles around her eyes. She appers to be of South Asian descent. She has a thick knitted stripped shrug on. She stands in front of a well stocked and colorful apothecary. Text in image reads: "Priya Treadwell: I hope that you'll think of me whenever you find yourself in need of traveling supplies. It's been a pleasure meeting you."
Image Via Portkey Games

The broom does cost a hefty 2,500 gold galleons, and not everyone has that kind of scratch so you may want to raise some funds before heading out to the bog to buy the Family Antique Broom.

Now, it’s possible that you will have the gold in hand and find Priya but she won’t have the broom for sale. If this happens, it’s a very easy fix. Simply speed through a day or two in game (or wander off and do something else for the same period of time if you’re opposed to skipping ahead) and check her shop again. The broom will show up eventually. 

Have Broom Will Travel

Now that you’ve got your broom of choice, you’re going to want to start upgrading it so that you can use it to its fullest potential. In Hogsmeade, you can find Sprintwitches Sporting Needs, run by Albie Weekes. Albie is the man you’re going to want to talk to if you feel a need for speed. You’ll need to get chummy, with Albie, or just buy a starter broom from him, to unlock the Flight Test side quest.

To complete the Flight Test side quest, you’ll need to beat the speed record of Iselda Reyes on a flying course. Once you’ve done it, report back to Albie. You will be contacted via Owl Post once you can start upgrading your broom. Each subsequent upgrade will require you to beat another of Iselda’s records.

Upgrades can get expensive, but they work on every broom you own, not just the one you have equipped. Every upgrade will improve the acceleration and speed of your brooms. You can upgrade your brooms a total of three times.

  • Upgrade 1: Complete the Sweeping the Competition Quest and pay 1k gold galleons
  • Upgrade 2: Complete the The Sky Is the Limit Quest and pay 4k gold galleons
  • Upgrade 3: Compete the After The Sky Is The Limit Quest and pay a staggering 7,500 gold galleons

Now that you’ve got your broom of choice, you can dive further into the world of Hogwarts Legacy. However, don’t forget that there are plenty of other choices if you’re looking to navigate a magical world!

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