How to Get Four Relics Armor in Divinity Original Sin 2

Since there are many armor sets you can get in Divinity Original Sin 2, one of the more revered ones are The Four Relics of Rivellon. These armor sets were added as a part of an update, and each set comes with unique abilities and upgrades you might want in your collection. Not only are these the most sought-after armors, but they also have the best stats one would want for their playthrough. However, getting each set requires players to complete quests associated with each set before getting their hands on them.

However, to get started with these quests, you will be required to start a new game, as these quests are only available in the Fort Joy area. If you have cleared this area with your current character, you will not be able to acquire the Four Relics of Rivellon. However, once you have these sets, your build will be one of the most powerful ones when paired with the best skills and attributes in Divinity Original Sin 2.

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How To Get The Captain’s Armor Set

Divinity Original Sin 2 Finding Captain Armor

The Captain’s Armor set is one of the few armors that provide immunity to drunk status and slipping on ice. On top of those benefits, the armor also provides the Comeback Kid Talent in Divinity Original Sin 2. This talent will let you come back to life with 20% health once during every battle scenario.

All quests related to The Captain’s Armor set can be found in Fort Joy. First, after escaping the main prison area, head to location X: 361, Y: 79 to start the quest.

Once you arrive at the aforementioned location, you will spot a skeletal arm you can get using a Persuasion check. Once you get the arm, head to Trompdoy’s Cave and look and collect a Soul Jar that belongs to Captain Sech Zapor.

After collecting the Soul Jar, proceed to Braccus’ Tower at X: 533, Y: 23. There will be a dark sphere in the sand, which can be disbursed by casting Bless. This will free Captain Sech Zapor, who will then summon enemies, which you can bypass with a Persuasion 1 Check. Trade his Soul Jar to get the Captain’s Charismatic Coat and read the Captain’s Log that can be collected from the chest.

Lastly, enter the cave at X: 598 and Y: 198. Use the message written in the Captain’s Log to open the locked door ahead. Pass another Persuasion check with Sech to earn the Captain’s Jaunty Hat and Captain’s Dexterous Heels. You will also receive the Captain’s body armor if you did not collect it earlier.

How To Get The Vulture Armor Set

Divinity Original Sin 2 Vulture Armor Fight

Divinity Sin 2‘s Vulture armor set uses Finesse and grants better accuracy and critical chance. It also gives the Dust Blast Skill. With a full set, you are granted the permanent Wings Skill, which allows you to eat corpses in order to gain power.

Inside Judge Orivand’s study in Fort Joy, you will find a book called “Dwarven Customs and Traditions.” You will need to read this book in order to learn the recipe for crafting the Vulture armor. You will require Vulture Feathers for each piece and combine them with any leather Dexterity armor to craft the Vulture armor.

Take the Source Infused Meat to the location X: 218, Y: 33, better known as Mordus’ Excavation Site. Once you bring the meat to this location, Duna’s Undertaker will spawn level 15 enemies. You will need to defeat all of them with caution as they can resist air damage.

It is recommended to complete this fight if you have enough levels and your character can resist air and water attacks.

The Undertaker will drop 5 Cursed Vulture Feathers. Use these to craft cursed versions of the Vulture armor. Wear them together and then cast Bless on your character to permanently remove the Curse effects.

How To Get The Contamination Armor Set

Divinity Original Sin 2 Contamination Armor Final Mission

The Contamination Armor set in Divinity Original Sin 2 requires Constitution and gives large resistances to poison damage. It also boosts Geomancer and Hydrosophist, and gives the Siphon Poison Skill. The full set levels to 19 and gives Rooting Corruption, which causes your character to bleed poison and fire off toxins as an automatic counter.

You will have to hunt for the armor through all four acts of Divinity Original Sin 2. First, in Fort Joy, go to X: 312, Y: 362. You will discover an elf named Daeyena fighting a group of Magisters at around level 3. Daeyena has 40% poison resistance and no physical armor but will cast Fortify. She may Entangle and Blind a Magister before combat starts.

You can offer to side with the Magisters, but they will reject your help. Keep in mind neutral characters can be harmed by your area of effect attacks. If you kill Daeyena, she will drop the Greaves and Boots of Contamination. Elf party members who eat Daeyena’s arm will learn Trigger Spores, which detonates spores made by the armor.

Once in Reaper’s Coast, travel to X: 437, Y: 319. Daeyena, if alive, will sacrifice another Magister. She will instruct you to head to the Blackpits. You can choose to fight her again if you want to loot her Greaves and Boots. In the Blackpits, travel to X: 716, Y: 164, and you will find a Spore Research note. Read it to learn Trigger Spores for everyone.

At X: 742, Y: 172, you will find Magister Herman. Use a level 4 Persuasion check or kill him to gain the Cuirass of Contamination. However, if you manage to end the encounter peacefully, you will get a Contaminated Spore. With the spore in your inventory, cast Trigger Spores on the holder and then proceed to die. The Gauntlets of Contamination will spawn on their corpse. Pick up the item and then revive your companion.

In Arx, head to X: 376, Y: 229 to find a secret hatch. You will locate Daeyena again, and she will become fully possessed by the Contamination. You will face not only her but a Contaminated Horror and several Blooms around the room. These Blooms give huge bonuses to the enemy, including resistance, boosted damage, and increased AP. Destroy the Blooms first, then take down the Horror, followed by Daeyena. Loot Daeyena for any pieces of the set you have missed, including the new Helm of Contamination.

You need to pass two Persuasion checks when wearing the Helm of Contamination, or your character will be killed.

How To Get The Devourer Armor Set

Completing Divinity Original Sin 2 Devourer Armor

The Devourer Armor Set in Divinity Original Sin 2 gives bonuses to Warfare, unlocks the Enrage Skill, and also the Picture of Health Talent. This talent will give your character an extra +3% Vitality for every point in Warfare. You will also be able to level this armor set to 200 once you wear all the armor pieces. However, getting all of them is a bit more complicated as they need to be acquired over multiple Acts.

You will find a locked chest inside Braccus’ Tower, which you can open with Bless. If you haven’t located the tower yet, you can find it at the coordinates X: 630 Y: 630 within Fort Joy. Once you open the chest, you will be introduced to the Voice of Flame, obtain the Devourer’s Claws, and a research note about the armor set.

Once on Reaper’s Coast, go to Stone Graveyard. By the Dragon Incinerator trap, nab the Devourer Steps boots from the dead Shady Digger. In Nameless Isle, go to X: 180, Y: 688, and enter the Ancient Cave. Inside, go to the Dragon’s Mouth and place a Flame Rune (any size) inside the container. You will be given the Devourer’s Eminence legs.

Once in Arx, head inside Kemm’s Vault. On the far east, there will be a display case with three buttons. Press the buttons in the order of Middle, Right, Middle, Left, Left, and Right to release the Deavourer’s Maw helmet.

Head to the Toymaker’s shop at X: 274, Y: 297, and inspect the statues on the table to the left. You will see three spirits who will instruct you to go to the Lizard Consulate. Once there, make it all the way to the balcony at X: 180, Y: 408. Use Teleportation or some other type of movement ability to reach the boat below. Inside a sack will be the Devourer’s Heart body armor.

With all five pieces gathered, interact with the Lizard memories in the Consulate. You will be transported to an arena where you must choose to side with the Devourer or the Dreamer. If siding with the Devourer, the Dreamer will die, and the Devourer Armor set will be upgraded with the Onslaught Skill; you will also be healed when they kill marked targets in battle.

If you choose to side with the Dreamer in Divinity Original Sin 2, they will chain down the Devourer so that the dragon cannot move or dodge. However, your main character will also suffer Shackles of Pain for two rounds. Multiple enemies and allies will be around the room. Clear out the minions first as quickly as possible. After a round or two, the Dreamer will be knocked out and the Devourer will start attacking. It has a huge range and is healed by poison. Keep your distance and use as many strong focused attacks to eventually take it down.

If you side with the Dreamer, you will be able to loot the area for additional items. Plus, your Devourer Armor set will get the previously mentioned upgrades. With all four quests completed, you will have acquired everything in the Four Relics of Rivellon Gift Bag. Divinity Original Sin 2 is constantly being updated with new features and content. Having every possible edge will be the best way of taking on any challenge, new or old.

Some of the best Armor sets are available only via purchasing the DLC or the Definitive Edition of Divinity Original Sin 2, including the Four Relics of Rivellon. Apart from the new armor sets, the DLC update also added a new boss fight quest, more formidable enemies, new questlines, loot, lore, and even better narration.

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