How To Get Apotheosis Veil In Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is filled with Exotics that players can pick up and engineer into their builds. However, after multiple updates, Apotheosis Veil is one Exotic that Warlock mains will want to craft entire builds around so they can lead Guardians into the darkest dungeons.

Apotheosis Veil was added to Destiny 2 with the Warmind DLC, the second DLC the game ever received. Since then, it’s been something of a joke Exotic, one that players love to dunk on as a useless yet geat-looking helmet they use for fashion purposes. However, Season of the Wish gave it a buff, and since then, Warlock mains haven’t been able to stop talking about how good it is.

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How Do You Get Apotheosis Veil in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Coil Gameplay Season of The Wish
Image via Bungie

To get Apotheosis Veil in Destiny 2, players need to try to pick it up from high-level activities and Engrams as a random loot drop. This Exotic helmet is part of teh general loot pool, so there’s no way to game getting it outside of grinding activities and hoping it either drops or appears out of an Exotic Engram.

We recommend regularly sitting in an activity that’s enjoyable to pick up Apotheosis Veil or any other Exotic in the general loot pool. We adore Gambit, so we’d sit in the Gambit playlist, completing bounties and matches until we needed to get more to keep our progression moving.

Best Warlock Builds for Apotheosis Veil in Destiny 2

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are several great Warlock builds that players can use to make the most of Apotheosis Veil. This helmet’s Exotic Perk is what every build needs to take into consideration.

The perk, Insatiable, causes players to immediately regenerate their health, Rift, and grenade energy, as well as that of the players around them when they activate their Super. This was upgraded to Cure Tier 3 with Season of the Wish. The Exotic also causes players to gain increased melee and grenade regen for eight seconds after their Super ends.

Across all builds, the power to completely regenerate all energy and health is incredibly powerful, especially when it also does so for allies. It goes further, though, giving players what equates to infinite grenades and melee energy for a few seconds once their amazing Super has ended.

Image via Bungie

To make the most of Apotheosis Veil, players must understand how to push that period of grenade and melee energy they have once their Super ends. For example, with Well of Radiance, players can throw out as many fusion grenades as they can squeeze into the eight seconds they have, making for a spectacular wall of lethal explosions no enemy can get through.

Players who prefer Strand can opt to throw out their Needlestorm and then send up to 15 Threadlings out into the fray. This consists of three Threadlings for all five grenades a Warlock can deploy in the time after their Super ends. Combined with whatever melees a player can fit in, this might be the most chaotic and powerful space magic achievable in Destiny 2.

If players want to keep things basic with a Nova Bomb, then they have the option to do so and throw Scatter Grenades afterward so they can keep enemies away from them across every angle. We’re a sucker for the classics and use this one as a firm second favorite behind the Strand wizardry and Threadlings above.

Finally, players can activate Chaos Reach to obliterate a room of enemies and use Storm Grenades to kill anything left moving. This might be the most spectacular Apotheosis Veil build, but it’s still far from our preferred Warlock play style.

As we’ve made pretty evident, we believe that running a Strand Warlock is the best way to make the most of Apotheosis Veil. Threadlings are deadly grenades that hunt down targets, and nothing can beat 15 of them swarming the map. However, we’re also sure that no matter which of these Subclass builds a player uses, they’ll be the most dangerous thing in any activity in Destiny 2.

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