How to Get Ancient Civilization Parts & All Technology in Palworld

There are dozens of materials and resources for players to gather and collect in Palworld. Many seem trivial at first, but they all play a part in every stage of the game, be it helping players build essential structures or allowing them to make tasty treats.

While Palworld may seem like a Pokemon clone on the surface, it’s actually more akin to automation games such as Factorio and Satisfactory. Players capture Pals to help them build an efficient system at their base that sees vital resources gathered automatically while they explore the world. However, there are some materials, such as Ancient Civilization Parts, that can’t be farmed or automated. In fact, it’s unclear what they’re used for until the mid-game at the earliest.

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How Do You Get Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld?

kingpaca in palworld
Screenshot by Gamepur

Players acquire Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld by defeating or capturing boss Pals dotted around the world, as well as the rare Lucky versions of Pals when they appear. Each drop one or two parts for players to collect.

We’ve found that boss Pals are fairly easy to farm if players are a high enough level to take them on. They should respawn every 30 minutes or so, though we’ve seen them respawn faster when the player is defeated. It’s important to note that it’s better to capture these Pals because of the additional XP players will gain alongside this rare resource.

All Ancient Technology You Can Build Using Ancient Civilization Parts

ancient technology in palworld
Screenshot by Gamepur

Ancient Civilization Parts are used to build Ancient Technology in Palworld. These items require players to unlock them from the technology tree using Ancient Technology Points gained by defeating the Tower Raid Syndicate bosses around the world.

In the table below, we’ve listed every piece of Ancient Technology in the game, how many Ancient Technology Points are needed to unlock them, and what resources players need to craft them. We’ll keep this up to date as more technology is added to the game.

Ancient Technology Points Needed to Unlock Materials Required to Build
Egg Incubator
Used to incubate and hatch all types of Eggs in Palworld.
1 Ancient Technology Point 10 Paldium Fragments
5 cloth
30 Stone
2 Ancient Civilization Parts
Small Feed Bag
Adds a food slot in the player’s inventory that will automatically feed them and Pals.
1 Ancient Technology Point 5 Wood
10 Fiber
3 Leather
Grappling Gun
Allows players to grapple across large distances and save stamina.
2 Ancient Technology Points 10 Paldium Fragments
10 Ingots
30 Fiber
1 Ancient Civilization Part
Pal Essence Condenser
Combines Pals and makes a higher-branked version.
2 Ancient Technology Points 20 Paldium Fragments
20 Ingots
5 Ancient Civilization Parts
Mega Grappling Gun
A more powerful version of the base Grappling Gun.
2 Ancient Technology Points 2- Paldium Fragments
20 Ingots
50 Fiber
4 Ancient Civilization Parts
Average Feed Bag
Adds two food slots to automatically feed Pals and the player character. Requires players to unlock the Small Feed Bag first
2 Ancient Technology Points 10 Wood
30 Fiber
10 Leather
Hip Lantern
Lights up at night to provide light when the sun goes down.
2 Ancient Technology Points 20 Ingots
10 Wood
10 Flame Organs
10 Ancient Civilization Parts
Large Feed Bag
Adds three food slots to feed Pals and the player character automatically. Must have already unlocked the Average Feed Bag.
3 Ancient Technology Points 20 Wood
50 Fiber
20 Leather
Single-Shot Sphere Launcher
Capture Pals at a distance. Requires Production Assembly Line II to craft
4 Ancient Technology Points 50 Ingots
100 Stone
50 Paldium Fragments
5 Ancient Civilization Parts
Giga Grappling Gun
Fires a grappling hook to pull players across a massive distance to save stamina.
3 Ancient Technology Points 30 Paldium Fragments
30 Ingots
80 Fiber
8 Ancient Civilization Parts
Huge Feed Bag
Adds four food slots to automatically feed players and their Pals. Must have unlocked the Large Feed Bag.
4 Ancient Technology Points 30 Wood
90 Fiber
35 Leather
10 Carbon Fiber
Scatter Sphere Launcher
Launches several Pal Spheres to easily capture a herd of Pals. Requires Production assembly Line II to craft.
5 Ancient Technology Points 50 Refined Ingos
15 Polymer
50 Paldium Fragments
30 Cabon Fiber
10 ancient Civilization Parts
Lily’s Spear
A powerful spear that deals huge damage.
3 Ancient Technology Points 20 Paldium Fragments
30 Refined Ingots
20 High quality Cloth
50 Wood
20 Ancient Civilization Parts
Decal Gun Set
Fires decals.
1 Ancient Technology Points 30 Ingots
10 Polymer
15 Paldium Fragments
3 Ancient Civilization Parts
Giant Feed Bag
Unlocks five food slots to automatically feed the player and Pals when they’re hungry. Requires the Huge Feed Bag to be unlocked.
5 Ancient Technology Points 50 Wood
200 Fiber
50 Leather
20 Carbon Fiber
Hyper Grappling Gun
The greatest grappling gun for covering distances without using stamina. Requires the Giga Grappling Gun to be unlocked.
4 Ancient Technology Points 40 Paldium Fragments
30 Refined Ingots
20 Carbon Fiber
20 Polymer
15 Ancient Civilization Parts
Homing Sphere Launcher
Fires Pal Spheres that track and home in on Pals. Requires Weapon Assembly Line II to be crafted.
5 Ancient Technology Points 100 Pal Metal Ingots
50 Polymer
200 Paldium Fragments
50 Carbon Fiber
20 Ancient Civilization Parts

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