How to Craft Every Pal Sphere in Palworld

Pal Spheres in Palworld are used to catch living creatures on Palapagos Island. These spheres come in six different forms and are all made from similar resources. Knowing which sphere to use is important for this survival game, as there are various creatures and levels. Creating them in-game in bulk is recommended for people wanting to catch as many rare creatures as possible.

Crafting Pal Spheres is very easy to do since they can be made with a simple workbench. However, to make higher-level Pal Spheres, players must level up and get more Technology Points, which unlock certain materials and other structures to craft Pal Spheres. Progression in the main game will be the best way of figuring out which Pal Sphere will be most useful for you.


Palworld: All Black Marketeer Vendor Locations

Black Marketeers are vendors in Palworld who will purchase stolen goods or illegal Pals, but only if you find the locations of their hidden shops.

Early Game: Basic to Mega Pal Sphere

Palworld Player Capturing Pengullet In Floating Pal Sphere Near Forest And Rocky Cliffs

The most common kind of Pal Sphere a player will find in Palworld is the Basic. It can be found on the ground and crafted from the Primitive Workbench. Continuing through the Tutorial, leveling up, and upgrading your base unlocks the Mega Pal Spheres, created with a higher-skilled workbench.

Both of these spheres are used for the early game in Palworld and having multiple of them will help catch basic Pals.

Pal Sphere


Level Required to Make Sphere


Pal Sphere

Primitive Workbench

Lvl. 2

1x Paldium Fragment, x5 Wood, x5 Stone

Mega Pal Sphere

Sphere Workbench/Factory I

Lvl. 14

2x Paldium Fragment, 1x Ingot, 7x Wood, 7x Stone

Mid-Game: Giga to Hyper Pal Sphere

An image of a highly efficient base in Palworld. Cattivas carry crates, Pengullets water a pumpkin patch, while various other Pals heat furnaces, supply power, and assemble rifles.

By mid-game progression, players should try to create the Giga and Hyper Pal Spheres. They have a significantly higher catch rate than the basic Pal Sphere, but they take many more resources to craft.

Realistically, once you have a Primitive Furnace and a High-Quality Work Bench this should not be an issue. To help elevate resource drain you should consider putting your base near Ingot deposits.

Pal Sphere


Level Required to Make Sphere


Giga Pal Sphere

Sphere Factory II/Sphere Assembly Line

Lvl. 20

x3 Paldium Fragment, x3 Ingot, x10 Wood, 10x Stone

Hyper Pal Sphere

Sphere Factory II & III/Sphere Assembly Line I

Lvl. 27

x5 Paldium Fragment, x5 Ingot, x12 Wood, 2x Cement

If you are still not seeing success with your catches, YouTuber LaserBolt explains there are other factors not helping you, such as Lifmunk Effigy.


Palworld: How To Build (& Use) a Statue of Power

Building Statues of Power at your base in Palworld can improve the stats of all your team members, and boost Pal capture rates in the open world.

Late Game: Ultra to Legendary Pal Sphere

Finally, at the end-game of Palworld right now, players should create the Ultra and Legendary Pal Spheres. These should only be used at the right time when you absolutely need to catch a Pal. They are extremely costly to make and, unless you have invested an ample amount of time into the game, are not worth making a lot of.

For the best possible results, remember to weaken the desired Pal with attacks first and try to hit them with the spheres from behind.

Pal Sphere


Level Required to Make Sphere


Ultra Pal Sphere

Sphere Factory II & III/Sphere Assembly Line II

Lvl. 35

7x Paldium Fragments, x8 Refined Ingot, x3 Carbon Fiber, x3 Cement

Legendary Pal Sphere

Sphere Factory III/Sphere Assembly Line II

Lvl. 47

x10 Paldium Fragments, x10 Pal Metal Ingot, x5 Carbon Fiber, x5 Cement

Source: YouTube/LaserBolt

Palworld Game Poster


January 19, 2024

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