How To Beat Jahandar (or Manticore) In Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

One of the first major bosses you will come across in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is Jahandar, a terrifying Manticore that can be a challenge to beat. Since you encounter this destroyer of mortals so early in the game, Sargon won’t have many time-altering abilities to use in the fight against the beast. You’ll need to recognize attack patterns and prepare ahead of time to overcome the Manticore’s wrath.

Jahandar stands in the way of your search to find Prince Ghassan in the upper sections of the Lower City, but only when you have fully repaired the Goddess Statue. Several purple orbs caused by the time curse must be destroyed to fix the damaged structure. Sargon must have Menolias’ Bow found in the Hyrcanian Forest to shoot an orb beyond your reach and open the path to the Manticore in Prince of Persia: TLC.


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Best Items & Upgrades for Fighting Jahandar

Sargon closeup with his arm crossed over his lower face in Prince of Persia_ The Lost Crown

Once you unlock fast travel in Prince of Persia: TLC, you can return to The Haven hub area in the Lower City to stock up on items before the boss fight. Sargon can talk to The Mage vendor to purchase some upgrades with Time Crystals that could make a huge difference against Jahandar. Alternatively, you could visit the goddess Kaheva in her Forge to receive other buffs.

The two enhancements you might want to consider getting first are the Additional Healing Potion from The Mage and Qays & Layla +1 at Kaheva’s Forge. The first does exactly what you would expect by giving Sargon another healing potion they can use throughout their journey. While these don’t recharge until your next visit to a Wak-Wak Tree, you shouldn’t need to consume any before reaching Jahandar.


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Getting another potion only costs 500 Time Crystals in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, but upgrading your twin swords will require more. Improving Qays and Layla will increase their damage significantly once you purchase the upgrade for 325 Crystals and 1 Azure Damascus Ingot with Kaheva. Ingots are extremely rare unless you explore every section you can reach in areas on your map.

One of the easiest ways to find an Azure Damascus Ingot is to open chests or complete side quests you discover by simply leaving no stone unturned on your map.

Best Amulets To Use Against The Manticore

Sargon’s Necklace can hold many Amulets that provide small buffs or extra abilities to take advantage of in the fight against Jahandar. The best Amulets in Prince of Persia: TLC to equip for the Manticore boss fight are Blessing and the Shield of Mithra. Blessing gives you an additional health bar for some extra defense and lets you take one or two more hits before Sargon dies.


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The Shield of Mithra Amulet may cost three Amulet slots to equip, but this accessory causes Sargon to create a small bubble of slowed time whenever you land a successful Parry. This pocket of slowed time will allow you to land tons of uninterrupted hits on Jahandar for some big damage. However, you must time your parries correctly to take full advantage of this Amulet’s effect.

Any Amulet you decide to wear can also be upgraded at Kaheva’s Forge to improve its effects. For example, creating the Blessing +1 Amulet only costs 450 Time Crystals, giving you two additional health bars instead of one. However, if you want to make +2 Amulets, you’ll need to find rare items called Xerxes Coins scattered in hidden places in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown throughout the Citadel.

How To Defeat Jahandar

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown Jahandar Boss About to Enter Second Phase

There are two phases in the battle against Jahandar, but the best strategy for the first part of the boss fight is to dodge unblockable attacks, parry normal strikes, and land Vengeful Counters. Sargon’s defensive techniques are crucial in Prince of Persia: TLC since the Manticore’s strikes deal a ton of damage whenever they hit. This enormous beast has a short but brutal set of moves, which include:

Jahandar Move List



How to Counter

Diving Pounce

Jahandar leaps into the air with his eyes glowing red. A small shadow then grows around Sargon right before the Manticore slams down and deals lots of damage if you are near the creature as it lands.

Wait until you see the shadow, then dodge or slide out of the way at the last second.

Scorpion Tail Ambush

The Manticore spears its scorpion tail into the ground, which follows Sargon as a shadow on the ground. After some time, the tail glows red before erupting vertically in an attempt to pierce you.

Hold the R2 input after a slide to Sprint away from the shadow of the tail on the ground or dodge right before it emerges from the ground.

Claw Swipe

Jahandar swipes its claw forward in front of them, but only if Sargon is close to its head.

Try to Parry this attack to knock the Manticore back and give Sargon a small window to land a few hits.

Deadly Charge

The Manticore roars before charging at Sargon from across the arena, with its eyes glowing yellow. The boss then performs a large headbutt that deals massive damage.

Parry this attack to land a Vengeful Counter, which plays a small cinematic that deals damage and stuns Jahandar for a short amount of time.

Orb of Destruction (Phase 2 Only)

Jahandar launches a small purple orb that tracks Sargon’s location. This independent sphere fires a downward laser that damages you whenever you make contact with it.

Use Menolias’ Bow and its limited number of arrows to shoot and destroy the sphere as soon as it appears. If you don’t attack the orb, it will continue to follow you throughout the boss fight.

Do not try to parry any unblockable attack that glows red since these moves will cause Sargon to take extra damage if you try to deflect them in any way.

Taking out about a third of Jahandar’s total health will cause a short cutscene to play where the Manticore taunts Sargon. This indicates that the second phase is about to begin and that Jahandar will become more aggressive than usual. Some of their moves, such as the Scorpion Tail Ambush, will receive additional follow-up attacks that can be unpredictable.

Keep landing Vengeful Counters and dodge often to land attacks in a hit-and-run style of combat. Conserve arrows to deal with the Orb of Destruction, and you should be able to lower Jahandar’s health to nothing and eventually win this grueling fight. Don’t forget to use powerful Athra Surge attacks to land devastating blows against the boss to aid your victory.

Rewards For Defeating the Manticore

Sargon reaching for a feather in Prince of Persia_ The Lost Crown

Taking down Jahandar will reward you with 350 Time Crystals, a Simurgh Feather, or a special artifact found in the Citadel that grants Sargon time-warping abilities in Prince of Persia: TLC. The Simurgh Dash comes from defeating the Manticore and allows you to perform a dash in the air with the press of R2 on your controller. This skill gives you a way to reach locations that were inaccessible before.

Those who beat Jahandar in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown can pursue the captured Prince and tap into the first of many special abilities they can gain on their journey.

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Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

January 17, 2024

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