How The Game Hints At A Miguel O’Hara Tie-In


  • Side missions in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 provide more depth to the supporting characters and explore Peter Parker and Miles Morales’ in-game mechanics.
  • The Spider-Bots retrieval mission in the game hints at a possible Spider-Man 2099 spinoff and connection to the Sony animated movies.
  • Insomniac Games can use this opportunity to further explore Miguel’s story, adding new costumes, designs, and showcasing new takes on iconic Spider-Man allies and villains.

As Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 proceeds, fans are treated to a bevy of engaging side missions across New York City. Some include finding Flint Marko’s memories to understand why he became Sandman, adding more nuance to the supporting characters involved. They help gamers learn more about Peter Parker and Miles Morales’ in-game mechanics, too.

Another important side quest revolves around collecting Spider-Bots. However, it’s more than just a technology-salvaging mission. By the time it’s complete, it’s Insomniac Games’ gateway to a possible Spider-Man 2099 spinoff and a whole new journey that could connect to the Sony animated movies.

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Users can play as either Miles or Peter in this retrieval mission. They’re guided by Ganke to find these bots, curious as to why they’ve gone rogue. The heroes are accustomed to the bots they engineer, which are used to surveil and protect New York. However, they’re taken aback by these rogues. The truth is revealed when the selected Spider-Man collects all, as he finds a portal in an alley that’s similar to the ones from Sony’s Spider-Verse.

Here, a bartender, Delilah, appears and chats with the hero. She’s quite sassy, making it clear she’s going to be taking the bots off the hero’s hands. She also mentions if Miguel visits, tell him, “Finders keepers.” The portal then closes, leaving the hero confused. Now, this is massive because Delilah was cut from Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. She was due to play this same bartender at the watering hole where interdimensional villains gathered. It was a huge change from the Delilah in the comics who was more of an assassin for hire.

In this case, it seems that Delilah has been looking for a hot commodity, i.e. the bots. They’ve been collecting data, so it looks like someone from another Earth has designs on Insomniac’s world, and now Delilah has data to sell. Admittedly, Spider-Man has no clue what’s going on, but what’s clear is by mentioning Miguel, Delilah has teased a feud with Spider-Man 2099. Miguel might have been the one using these bots to monitor other Earths to ensure they’re stable. But Delilah’s sinister energy and her gloating suggest she’s having fun hijacking and stealing them for profit.

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Spider-Man 2099 Spider-Bot in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

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Now, Spider-Man 2’s ending has the heroes stopping Venom, and teasing Carnage and Knull could arrive in Spider-Man 3. Nothing is addressing the Miguel issue, but Insomniac can easily capitalize on this opening with Miguel. Whether via a DLC or another game down the line, the developer can focus on Miguel seeking out the bots and chasing after Delilah. His main goal could be to find her bar and get the tech back, knowing if they fall into the wrong hands, there could be crises in worlds that shouldn’t have fracture points.

Such an approach would sit well with gamers because it’s a chance for new costumes and designs, for Miguel to use allies from his citadel, and to showcase new takes on iconic Spider-Man allies and villains. Hopping from world to world simply creates something more dynamic and unpredictable. Three games in, fans have gotten a lot of Miles and Peter, so this would be Insomniac and PlayStation’s way of keeping their Spider-Verse fresh.

This approach is way better than trying to force the Multiverse into Peter and Miles’ story. They’re better off with self-confined, streamlined narratives, which would feel cluttered and convoluted if they were to have incursions. It’d also feel repetitive to take them to other Earths. The Delilah angle should just remain a set-up for Miguel, especially as it feels so natural. It’d prove how clever Insomniac is at the creative and business pillars as well, using what’s initially a simple building block cameo to highlight a bigger Multiversal problem with data theft.

Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2099 Can Elaborate On Miguel’s History

The Sony movies have painted Miguel in a dark light, so far. He’s got his forces chasing after Miles, so they can enable Jefferson’s death and keep order going. But Insomniac can use Miguel’s video game journey as a prequel to all this drama. Remember, Miguel lost his daughter and learned a heartbreaking lesson about messing with space and time when he tried to find another world with her. So this spinoff can act as the precursor showing Miguel’s grief, the early days of the citadel, and why he has to stop all this information from leaking into the wrong hands.

It can focus on stealth missions and heists, use other Spider-folks from the movies, and do what’s already been done for Miles and Peter. Players swap them out according to what the missions entail, so Insomniac can easily toggle the generals Miguel holds in high regard for different missions. A plot like this would flesh him out as a broken leader and really share insight into their prime directive — something Across the Spider-Verse was light on as it had a lot to pack in.

This builds a sense of synergy and shows how collaboration can be done with one overarching narrative of the Multiverse. It’s already been seen a bit, as the games have used Sony’s costumes. In Miles’ case, Insomniac has also adopted some of his on-screen movements. Conversely, the movie sequel had Insomniac’s Peter make a cameo. Therefore, a spinoff can be the story in between, with Miguel seeking the bots and recruiting Insomniac’s Peter at the end. This bridges the gap between different media, pads various sections of the Spider-Verse in a cohesive manner, and fits Miguel’s narrative of needing colleagues to monitor other worlds. Ultimately, it gives Insomniac more Earths to traverse with different looks and feels, and new Spider-people — including Miguel — who have a very different style of doing things.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is available now for PS5.

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