How Old Wednesday’s Cast Members Are Compared To Their Characters


  • The cast of Netflix’s Wednesday includes actors who are older than the characters they portray, but their age difference doesn’t negatively impact their performances.
  • Jenna Ortega, who plays Wednesday Addams, gives an outstanding performance despite being 21 years old while her character is 16.
  • Many of the actors in Wednesday, such as Emma Meyers and Joy Sunday, successfully portray younger characters despite being older themselves.

Netflix’s Wednesday has an incredible cast, but not all the actors are the same age as the characters they portray. Wednesday, the most recent installment in The Addams Family franchise, is a massive hit for Netflix already, smashing streaming records left and right with its first season. The series creates a masterful blend of comedy, drama, and mystery, and its creative reimagining of The Addams Family‘s beloved characters has been lauded by fans and critics alike.

Wednesday‘s success is partly due to its talented cast, which has a nice mix of firmly established actors and up-and-coming talents. The show also benefits from the creative mind of Tim Burton, who directs half the episodes in season 1 and serves as an executive producer. However, Wednesday‘s cast is just as important as Burton’s directing, even if most of the actors are a different age than the characters they portray.

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14 Jenna Ortega (21) As Wednesday Addams (16)

Wednesday at Nevermore Academy

Jenna Ortega, who plays the titular Wednesday Addams, is 21 years old, and her character is 16 in the Netflix show. Ortega’s performance in the lead role is outstanding, evidenced by her nomination for a Primetime Emmy Award. Wednesday is one of Jenna Ortega’s best-ever movies or TV shows, and the fact that she is several years older than her character has no negative impact on her performance. Ortega easily looks young enough to play a high school student, so there are no concerns about her age becoming a distraction.

13 Hunter Doohan (29) As Tyler Galpin (16-19)

Hunter Doohan as Tyler Galpin in Netflix's Wednesday

Tyler Galpin is somewhere between 16-19 in Wednesday, though his age is never directly stated, and his actor, Hunter Doohan is 29. This is a significant difference in ages, but luckily, Doohan doesn’t look too old to fit his character. While Tyler’s age isn’t stated outright, it seems like he’s supposed to be a year or two older than Wednesday Addams and her other classmates. Moreover, since he is working as a barista instead of going to school, his character likely just finished high school, putting him around 18-19 years old.

12 Percy Hynes White (22) As Xavier Thorpe (16)

Xavier uses his powers during class in Wednesday season 1

Percy Hynes White is 22, and his Wednesday character, Xavier Thorpe, is 16 years old. White looks the part, so there is no concern about his being too old for the role. Xavier is one of Wednesday‘s best characters, thanks in large part to Percy Hynes White’s performance, so it looks like this was a good casting choice despite White being several years older than his character. Xavier should remain a big part of Wednesday‘s plot moving forward, and his character is in good hands with White.

11 Emma Meyers (21) As Enid Sinclair (16)

Enid with her hands raised in Wednesday

21-year-old Emma Meyers plays the bubbly 16-year-old best friend of Wednesday Addams, Enid Sinclair. Meyers, who is the same age as her co-star, Jenna Ortega, puts in a fantastic performance in Wednesday season 1. Despite being five years older than the character she portrays, she looks every bit the 16-year-old high school student. Enid is a crucial character for Wednesday‘s future, so it’s a great sign that Meyers’ performance was so well-received by fans.

10 Joy Sunday (27) As Bianca Barclay (16)

Bianca holding an umbrella in Wednesday

Joy Sunday is 27 years old, and she plays Bianca Barclay in Wednesday, who is 16. Bianca begins Wednesday as the titular character’s arch-rival, but the two end up reconciling amidst the turmoil created by the Jericho murders. Though Joy Sunday is more than a decade older than her character, she looks young enough to pass for a high school student. She is also a wonderful actor, so this turned out to be another fantastic casting decision for Wednesday.

9 Moosa Mostafa (15) As Eugene Ottinger (14)

Moosa Mostafa as Eugene in a hospital bed in Wednesday

14-year-old Eugene Ottinger is one of Wednesday‘s most lovable characters, and he is portrayed by 15-year-old actor Moosa Mostafa. Mostafa is one of the characters closest in age to the character he portrays, and when filming Wednesday season 1, he actually was 14, the same age as his character. Mostafa fills Eugene with a lovable geeky energy that is hard not to love in Wednesday, and he feels like the perfect actor for the role.

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8 Gwendoline Christie (44) As Larissa Weems (49-50)

wednesday-principal-weems-gwendoline christie

Gwendoline Christie is 44 years old, and her Wednesday character, Principal Larissa Weems, is around 49-50 in the show. While Principal Weems’ age is never explicitly stated, it’s known that she attended Nevermore Academy with Morticia Addams and that they graduated in 1991. Assuming she graduated at the age of 18, as most high school students do, that would make her around 50 years old in the show. There is some speculation over how Principal Weems could return for Wednesday season 2, but as of now, she dies in the show around the age of 50.

7 Christina Ricci (43) As Marilyn Thornhill/Laurel Gates (42)

Laurel Gates smiles in Wednesday

Christina Ricci, who is 43 years old, plays Wednesday‘s 42-year-old antagonist, Marylin Thornhill. Of course, Thornhill turns out to be Laurel Gates in disguise, but she is presumably still about 42 years old. Ricci puts in an outstanding performance in this role, which is essential to the show’s success. Had she failed to project the helpful, caring persona that she does for most of Wednesday season 1, it might have become obvious who the real villain was and ruined the plot.

6 Riki Lindhome (44) As Dr. Valerie Kinbott (~40)

Dr. Kinbott on Wednesday

Dr. Valerie Kinbot, Jericho’s most distinguished therapist, is portrayed by Riki Lindhome, who is 44 years old, and her character’s age, while unspecified in the show, is presumably around 40 as well. Dr. Kinbot is an important character, and she is temporarily suspected of being the orchestrator of the grisly murders in Jericho, but by the end of Wednesday season 1, she dies, clearing her name. It’s difficult to know exactly how old her character is supposed to be, but the safest bet is that she’s near her actor’s age, which puts her in her early 40s at the time of her death.

5 Catherine Zeta-Jones (54) As Morticia Addams (50)

Morticia smiles with her arms crossed in Wednesday

54-year-old Catherine Zeta-Jones is one of the most accomplished members of Wednesday‘s cast, and she plays the 50-year-old Morticia Addams. Morticia graduated from Nevermore Academy in 1991, so while her age is never stated specifically in the show, it can be assumed that she is around 50 in Wednesday season 1. She attended Nevermore with Larissa Weems, who is also presumably around 50 years old. Zeta-Jones is excellent in the role, and she looks the part regardless of her age.

4 Luis Guzmán (67) As Gomez Addams (50)

Gomez and Wednesday Addams

Luis Guzmán is 67, and his Wednesday character, Gomez Addams, is around 50 in the show. As with Morticia and Principal Weems, Gomez’s age isn’t stated outright, but his place in the 1991 graduating class of Nevermore Academy makes his age about 50 in the show. Guzmán does a fantastic job as Gomez Addams, and despite being nearly two decades older than his character, he easily passes as a man in his early 50s.

3 Isaac Ordonez (14) As Pugsley Addams (13-14)

Pugsley in a locker in Wednesday

Pugsley Addams is presumed to be around 13 or 14 in Wednesday, and Isaac Ordonez, who portrays the younger Addams sibling, is 14. This puts him directly in line with his character’s age, which is rare among Wednesday‘s cast. Ordonez makes a great Pugsley, though the character is largely reimagined from the original Addams Family series. Even so, the new take on Pugsley is refreshing, and Ordonez performs the role with aplomb.

2 Fred Armisen (56) As Uncle Fester (Mid 50s)

Uncle Fester smiles in Wednesday

Fred Armisen is 56 years old, and he portrays Uncle Fester in Wednesday, who is probably in his mid 50s. Fester is believed to be a few years older than his brother, Gomez, so he is probably around 55 or so. Uncle Fester only appears briefly in Wednesday, but his performance is funny and engaging, as Fred Armisen typically is. Uncle Fester’s age in the show could be as high as 60, but it’s more likely he’s only a few years older than his brother, Gomez.

1 Jamie McShane (57) As Donovan Galpin (Mid 50s)

Wednesday Jamie McShane as Sheriff Donovan Galpin and Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams

Jamie McShane is 57 years old, and his Wednesday character, Sheriff Donovan Galpin, is presumably in his mid 50s. It’s hard to say exactly how old he is, but flashbacks in the series reveal that he was already working as a young police officer when Gomez and Morticia Addams were attending Nevermore. That means he must be a few years older than them, which places him somewhere in his mid-to-late 50s. He could presumably be as old as 60 or as young as 52, depending on when he joined the police force.

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