How Master Roshi Lives So Long? Explained

The long-running anime series Dragon Ball is beloved by fans for its exciting fight scenes, interesting characters, and magical mythology. One of the most intriguing personalities is the character Master Roshi.

On the surface, he appears to be an average elderly human man. Yet he is able to interact and keep up with powerful alien warriors, cyborgs, and mystical beings with ease.

Master Roshi In Dragon Ball Franchise (Credits: Akira Toriyama)

Fans have long been curious about how Master Roshi has been able to live for hundreds of years despite being a regular mortal human. They wonder what secret or magical force has allowed his lifespan to be so extraordinarily long compared to other human characters.

Master Roshi’s unbelievable longevity amidst fantastical creatures and fighters with superhuman strength has been a source of mystery and fascination for the audience over the years.

The Secret of Master Roshi’s Longevity

Master Roshi is not actually immortal as some may assume. He is approximately 300 years old, which is remarkable considering he is just a regular human being.

The backstory behind his unusually long life was revealed in an extra episode of Dragon Ball Super called “Goku and Krillin! Returning to Their Old Training Area!”.

In this episode, Master Roshi gives Goku and Krillin a mission to find a plant called the Paradise Plant. He informs them this herb has the power to extend his lifespan.

Master Roshi In Dragon Ball Franchise (Credits: Akira Toriyama)

This exposes that it is not any magical or supernatural force that has kept Master Roshi alive for centuries. Rather, it is his wisdom and knowledge of natural remedies.

The episode unveils that Master Roshi has cleverly used the Paradise Plant’s life-prolonging properties to live far beyond a typical human’s years.

Master Roshi In Dragon Ball Franchise (Credits: Akira Toriyama)

His extraordinary longevity stems from his resourcefulness and understanding of certain herbs’ rejuvenating effects.

Master Roshi, The Wise Mentor and Martial Arts Legend of Dragon Ball

Master Roshi, also known as the Turtle Hermit, is an important elder figure in Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball series. As an aged yet surprisingly tough fighter, he becomes Goku’s first martial arts teacher.

Master Roshi In Dragon Ball Franchise (Credits: Akira Toriyama)

He lives on a remote island with his talking turtle friend Turtle and is recognizable by his bald head, white beard, and signature sunglasses.

Goku wanted to improve his fighting skills, so he asked Roshi to give him lessons in martial arts. The wise teacher saw Goku’s good nature and agreed to train him.

Master Roshi In Dragon Ball Franchise (Credits: Akira Toriyama)

Under Roshi’s guidance, Goku learned crucial battle tactics and valuable life lessons focused on self-control, focus, and determination.

Roshi’s influence was evident early on at the Dragon Ball tournaments. There he gifted Goku with his iconic orange gi uniform and Flying Nimbus cloud, representing how far the young fighter had progressed in his training.

As Goku’s original mentor, Master Roshi helped instill the skills and wisdom that would aid Goku on his heroic journey.

Master Roshi In Dragon Ball Franchise (Credits: Akira Toriyama)

While he can be eccentric at times due to his fondness for women and mischief, Master Roshi remains a beloved and respected character. His loyalty and dedication to students like Goku and Krillin help them grow as fighters and individuals.

Roshi’s wisdom, sense of humor, and immense impact on shaping Goku’s journey make him a cherished fixture in the Dragon Ball universe.

Even when exhibiting quirky behaviors, Roshi is still cared for thanks to his underlying kindness and role as a teacher. By guiding key characters like the impressionable young Goku, Roshi helps steer the broader Dragon Ball narrative.

Master Roshi In Dragon Ball Franchise (Credits: Akira Toriyama)

His knowledge and training laid the groundwork for Goku’s later achievements. Though not always conventional, Roshi is appreciated for his heart, humor, and the way he shaped the lives of beloved heroes.

Master Roshi has lived for hundreds of years, but not because of any divine powers or immortality. Rather, it is due to his extensive knowledge of natural remedies and how skillfully he utilizes what is available to him. Roshi understands the rejuvenating properties of the Paradise Plant and how it can slow the aging process in the body.

Master Roshi In Dragon Ball Franchise (Credits: Akira Toriyama)

By wisely using this plant for a very long period of time, Roshi has remained vigorous and healthy, even as most people his age would decline. Roshi’s incredible lifespan demonstrates that he is extremely intelligent and has mastered martial arts.

Though there is an aura of mystery around how Master Roshi has achieved such longevity, it adds to his fascinating persona. Fans who have followed the Dragon Ball storyline appreciate the qualities that make Roshi such a beloved part of the series, even as an elderly character.

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