How Many Worlds Are In Mario Vs. Donkey Kong?

Donkey Kong is at it again, and again, and again, in Mario Vs. Donkey Kong. In this game, Mario must solve puzzles and evade enemies while he pursues Donkey Kong, who has stolen some of Mario’s merch—his Mini-Marios, to be exact. If this plot sounds familiar to you, that might be because you played the previous version of this game, released in 2004. 

The current version features hugely updated graphics as well as content exclusive to the new version of the game—including two new worlds. Also included is “Casual” mode, which makes the game easier and more accessible to younger gamers, novice gamers, and those who are just looking to destress while playing the game. There is also a multiplayer mode where you can bring Toad along as player two and solve the puzzles as a team.

This nostalgic ride has over 130 timed levels – although you will not need to beat them all to progress through the main story.

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Mario Toy Company

Mario makes his way through a brightly colored obstacle course. In the background, a European-style city.
Image Via Nintendo

First, you must go to the scene of the crime, the factory where Mario makes all of his merch. One of Mario’s many ventures is clockwork versions of his most iconic foes, and—unfortunately—they’re authentic. Avoid them if you want to continue the game. This brightly colored world is the first you’ll encounter in the game and is one of the easier stages.

Donkey Kong Jungle

Mario climbs a rope and evades a flame-spewing Piranha Plant. The obstacle course is made of dirt and grass, the background features a tropical jungle with palm trees and a large double waterfall.
Image Via Nintendo

Next, you’re off to Donkey Kong’s natural habitat. In this lively jungle, you will find ropes you can climb, vicious Toy Piranha Plants, and cute baby Rambis that you can toss around to your heart’s content. 

Fire Mountain

Mario looks up at a menacing Donkey Kong in a dark cave full of lava.
Image Via Nintendo

Now it’s time for a true classic—a lava level. If you liked playing “The Floor Is Lava” in your living room, you’ll like this. Use blocks raised by lava spurts to navigate through hazards. Proceed with caution or this world might prove to be too hot to handle.

Mery Mini-Land

Mario stands and plots while a bored-looking Donkey Kong waits on a floating platform above him. Obstacles include flower-shaped fans. In the background, a pastel-colored scene featuring striped circus tents and a big looped roller coaster.
Image Via Nintendo

This delightful theme park/circus-themed pastel world is one of the two brand-new worlds introduced in this edition of the game. Hazards in this world feature collapsing platforms and a variety of fans that blow you around, allowing you to navigate around in a new way.

Spooky House

Mario hops down onto a lower platform, which resembles a city rooftop, and heads towards a clockwork Shy Guy. Above, two ghost Shy Guys float around. Donkey Kong waits with his sack of stolen goods. In the background, a night sky and a large building that looks like it could be the First National Bank of Gotham.
Image Via Nintendo

You know that spooky abandoned house at the end of your block where kids will dare each other to go knock on the door? That’s this place. The spooky atmosphere wouldn’t be complete without a few clockwork Ghost Shy Guys flying around. Mario’s Toy Company has spared no expense when replicating his foes.

Slippery Summit

Mario closes the gap and gains ground on Donkey Kong, who is about to be hit with a falling barrel. The floating platforms look like blocks of ice and the background features snow-covered pines and capped mountains.
Image Via Nintendo

A nice ski vacation this is not. Beware the icy ground in this wintery world which lives up to its name. At least the enemies in this world have to deal with the slippery ground too. This is the second of the two new worlds introduced in the 2024 version of the game.

Mystic Forest

Mario climbs a rope, evading several foes, and makes his way to a Mini-Mario. The background features several sharp-looking bent pines and a twilight sky.
Image Via Nintendo

Next, it’s off to a not-so-peaceful forest. Don’t let the relaxed visuals fool you, this is one of the more challenging worlds in the game. The Mystic Forest features some fairly off-theme switchable conveyor belts that you must use to navigate through puzzles.

Twilight City

Mario runs against the current on a conveyor belt. The platforms resemble a construction site and appear to be made of metal beams. The background features a larger-than-life crescent moon against a purple night sky. Below, darkened skyscrapers rise up and a crane operates.
Image Via Nintendo

Resembling, as the name suggests, a city at twilight—this is the most difficult phase of the game. This world is jam-packed with spikes and other hazards, so be sure not to let your guard down just because the game is almost done.

Each of these eight worlds in Mario Vs. Donkey Kong has nine levels, including six regular levels, one Mini-Mario level, one Donkey Kong level, and a bonus Toad level. Once you’ve completed the main storyline and recovered Mario’s worldly goods, you will unlock an additional seven levels in each world and 16 expert levels. And, if that’s not enough for you, you can also play through the whole game again in “Time Attack Mode” where you are given even less time to complete the puzzles.

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