How Did Yuji Itadori Defeat Mahito?

Major spoilers for Jujutsu Kaisen, Season 2 ahead.


  • Born from humanity’s negative emotions, Mahito desires to eliminate humans but also seeks to gain knowledge about them.
  • Yuji draws strength from his trauma and vows to rid the world of evil after the Shibuya Incident, catching Mahito off guard.
  • Mahito underestimates Yuji and his allies, leading to his defeat and eventual destruction. Yuji exploits Mahito’s weaknesses and shows him his own hypocrisy.

Jujutsu Kaisen‘s second season saw the action unfold in the Shibuya Incident arc, and just before the season came to its climax, one important battle took place: Yuji Itadori and Mahito had one epic final showdown, with Yuji managing to exploit Mahito’s weaknesses to turn the battle in his favor.

As a special grade Cursed Spirit, Mahito has been one of the main antagonists in Jujutsu Kaisen since the first season. Born from the hate and fear that humans have for one another, Mahito desires to eliminate all of humanity, allowing for the population to be nothing but Cursed Spirits. He certainly seems powerful and driven enough for his mission to be taken seriously, and his alliance with pseudo-Geto only makes him more of a threat to the Jujutsu Sorcerers. When Mahito and Yuji first met and fought, Mahito’s power was stronger than three of Sukuna’s fingers; since that early fight, he’s only grown stronger. The combination of his innate physical strength and high intelligence makes him a threatening force—without even considering his powerful Jujutsu. Some of Mahito’s powers include the ability to reshape souls, merge them, and create an environment where he is connected to all those inside, able to transfigure their souls at his will. However, as intimidating as Mahito may be, he’s not without his weaknesses.


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Mahito’s History of Hypocrisy

Mahito’s immaturity and sadistic nature have shown just how hypocritical he is at heart. Despite being born from humanity’s negative emotions, he seeks to rid the world of humans altogether, showing no sympathy for those whose suffering gave him life. Being born from human emotion, he is also skilled at manipulating humans, and he doesn’t shy away from doing so to achieve his goals. Though he has a total disregard for humanity, Mahito is often philosophical by nature, and he even ponders the concept of souls and how they function. Mahito hypocritically wants to exterminate humanity while also gaining further knowledge about humans, especially regarding the relationship between souls and their bodily form.

Jujutsu Kaisen‘s first season saw Yuji and Mahito face off in a battle that also exposed his hypocritical nature. After manipulating Junpei, one of Yuji’s friends, into becoming a curse user, Mahito intervenes during the ensuing fight between the two. Mahito laughs at Yuji about the fact that Sukuna refuses to help him in battle—but Mahito himself fails to save Junpei from death, and this fact amuses him further. The lives of the humans that he was made from are disposable to him, but Mahito himself has an innate and desperate need for self-preservation. When Yuji gets help in the battle from Kento Nanami, Mahito uses his powers to flee. While their first battle may have been a stalemate, Yuji undoubtedly learned from it, and he certainly remembers Mahito’s frightened reaction when Yuji was able to successfully injure him. Yuji would go on to use Mahito’s hypocrisy and fear of death against him in their final battle.

Mahito Misjudged Yuji’s Resolve Following the Shibuya Incident

Yuji Itadori in shock and staring in Season 2 of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime.


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In the events that lead up to the Shibuya Incident arc’s Mahito vs. Yuji fight, Yuji faced heavy trauma that Mahito willingly exploited to get the upper hand. The Shibuya Incident arc is full of shocking moments, but one of the most traumatic for Yuji had to be Sukuna’s massacre at Shibuya. The aftermath of the incident included the death of hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent human lives. While not directly responsible for their deaths, Yuji still blamed himself for what happened. With so much death looming over him, Yuji decided to draw strength from his pain, vowing to rid the world of evil so that nothing like the Shibuya Incident could happen again. While a nice plan in theory, Mahito seized the opportunity to add to Yuji’s trauma with one more influential death, underestimating Yuji’s resolve.

Nanami came to Yuji’s defense in his first battle against Mahito, and the build-up for their final fight makes it clear that the Cursed Spirit held a grudge. Elsewhere in the Shibuya Incident arc, Nanami was proving his status as a Grade 1 Sorcerer in an intense battle against Jogo. He was left severely burnt after the fight, and Mahito took advantage of Nanami’s weakened state to torture Yuji some more. Nanami manages to say his final words to his apprentice—”You take it from here”—before Mahito swiftly transfigures and kills him. The death of his teacher is more trauma for Yuji, but rather than sink further into depression, he instead is consumed by a fiery rage, ready to avenge Nanami’s death.

Mahito’s Clone Ended Up Doing More Harm Than Good

Nobara mocks Mahito in Jujutus Kaisen


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Following Nanami’s death, Yuji and Mahito begin to battle. As a special grade Cursed Spirit with many tools at his disposal, Mahito gets the upper hand. Capitalizing on Yuji’s desire to no longer hurt people, Mahito unleashed transfigured humans that kept a hesitant Yuji at bay. When Yuji overcame his fears and engaged Mahito in combat, Mahito once again was forced to show his fear of his own mortality, fleeing and using more humans as a distraction for his escape.

It is revealed that before Yuji found Mahito killing Nanami, Mahito was so driven to be the first to find and kill Yuji that he split himself into two in an effort to distract Jogo and give himself the upper hand. His bloodlust for Yuji would come back to haunt him because while the real Mahito was engaging in battle with Yuji, his clone was in a fight of its own. Mahito’s clone was nowhere near as strong as the real Cursed Spirit, and this gave Nobara Kugisaki an advantage in her fight with it. The clone could not transfigure her upon touching her, and this allowed her to successfully use her powerful straw doll technique, which targeted Mahito’s soul directly, bypassing the clone and hurting the real Mahito. The only problem? Mahito’s clone shared his fear of death, fleeing to where the real Mahito and Yuji were fighting. This drew Nobara to the fight too, allowing the real Mahito to quickly touch and transfigure her.

Mahito Underestimated Yuji and the Jujutsu Sorcerers’ Allies

Todo Aoi and Mahito


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Having killed Nanami and transfigured Nobara right in front of Yuji, Mahito became cocky and underestimated the powerful allies that Yuji had on his side. Mahito pressed his advantage after Yuji was left shocked at Nobara’s seemingly dead body, and he was almost able to deliver a killing blow to Yuji before being teleported away by none other than Aoi Todo, the third-year student and grade 1 Jujutsu Sorcerer who sees Yuji as a younger brother. Now outnumbered two to one, Mahito must pull out all the tricks he has up his sleeve to keep up. During the fight against Todo and Yuji, Mahito transformed into his true form, “The Instant Spirit Body of Distorted Killing.”

This greatly enhanced Mahito’s durability, giving him tough, armor-like skin that is impervious to physical attacks. However, he was already weakened from the battle and mentally exhausted, leaving him no match for Yuji and Todo’s combined powers. The two disorient him, allowing Yuji to deliver a crushing blow and knocking him out of his true form. Now with the upper hand, Yuji promises that no matter what happens or how many times Mahito returns, he will kill him.

Yuji Exploited His Similarities with Mahito in Their Final Fight

When Mahito was at his most powerful and arrogant during the fight, he inadvertently empowered Yuji even further by comparing the two to each other, and as Mahito found himself at his weakest, his hypocrisy was clearly visible in his final moments. After preying on Yuji’s trauma and killing some of his closest allies, Mahito soon realized that Yuji was only becoming stronger in the face of adversity rather than succumbing to it. When Yuji professed his determination to kill him no matter what, Mahito, who prided himself on being a sadistic Cursed Spirit with no regard for life, fled in terror, fearing for his own life and hoping to escape from Yuji like the coward he truly is inside.

Earlier, as Yuji and Mahito engaged each other in combat, Mahito did everything in his power to break Yuji’s mind as a means to victory. He even told Yuji, “I’m you”—drawing Yuji’s attention to the similar way the two enemies make their decisions, albeit in different ways. It is in Yuji’s nature to save people with reckless abandon, just as it was in Mahito’s nature to sow chaos and leave death in his wake. It may be something he would never admit and doesn’t want to even think about, but Yuji has a lot in common with the villains in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Bringing this to Yuji’s attention ultimately backfired on Mahito one final time, and Yuji exploited Mahito’s hypocrisy by acknowledging their similarities and saying that his vow to kill Mahito is “in his nature,” thereby letting Mahito know his promise to always kill him is absolutely genuine—much to Mahito’s terror. After crawling away from Yuji, Mahito finds himself at the feet of his ally, Pseudo-Geto, who “saves” him by sealing and absorbing him, killing him in the process. While Yuji may not have been the one to kill Mahito in the end, he still skillfully exploited Mahito’s weaknesses, ultimately leading the villanous Cursed Spirit to his own destruction.

The cast pose together on the Jujutsu Kaisen Anime Poster

Jujutsu Kaisen

A boy swallows a cursed talisman – the finger of a demon – and becomes cursed himself. He enters a shaman’s school to be able to locate the demon’s other body parts and thus exorcise himself.

Release Date
October 2, 2020

Gege Akutami

Junya Enoki , Yuichi Nakamura , Yuma Uchida , Asami Seto

Action , Adventure


2 Seasons


Production Company
Mappa, TOHO animation

Number of Episodes
47 Episodes

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