House Of The Dragon Season 2 Set Photos & Videos Depict Brutal Battle Against A Dragon

Warning: Contains potential SPOILERS for House of the Dragon season 2!


  • House of the Dragon season 2 will showcase a brutal and epic battle between the Blacks and Greens of House Targaryen, with both sides controlling dragons.
  • Leaked footage and images reveal the true horrors of war, with knights lying dead and charred bodies lining the grass.
  • The battle scenes show brightly-clad soldiers marching into war and huts burned.

New footage and photos from the set of House of the Dragon reveal an epic and brutal battle. After House of the Dragon season 1 ended with the crowning of King Aegon and the death of Lucerys Velaryon, the Blacks and Greens of House Targaryen are officially at war. With both sides controlling dragons of their own, season 2 promises fights filled with fire and blood.

The House of the Dragon season 2 leaked images and videos reveal that the season is not going to avoid showing the true horrors of war. Twitter user @UnBoxPHD and Daily Mail captured multiple views from an upcoming battle.

The first images reveal some brightly colored knights sitting aside horses, while others stand in battle without the support of their horses.

One video features countless dead knights lying beside the burning grass. Several other knights move past the bodies and slowly head in the same general direction.

Other knights march forward, bracing their shields against invisible arrows as a voice cries “Nock, draw, loose!” Later, the video cuts to a group of knights all falling against an unseen barrage, before many of them turn and run from the fight. Some continue to cower beneath their shields.

Charred bodies line the grass, while others lie unburned but entirely dead. This footage appears to be from the end of this battle.

More images reveal a look at the brightly-clad soldiers, as they march into war with shields bearing the sigil of their Houses. Corpses lie everywhere, and several huts appear to have been burned, with only patches of snow remaining in the trees.

House Of The Dragon Season 2 Will Be Bloody

Olivia Cooke as Alicent in House of the Dragon.

The lifelong friendship between Rhaenyra and Alicent Hightower was enough to keep tempers from erupting into war throughout much of House of the Dragon season 1. Even so, there were several bloody skirmishes. The fight between Aemond and the other Targaryen children led to Lucerys removing Aemond’s eye, and Daemon still managed to butcher his wife in spite of King Viserys’ orders. Despite these harrowing moments, the level of brutality in season 1 will still be miniscule compared to season 2.

With only eight episodes, there will be fewer House of the Dragon episodes in season 2 than the 10-episode season 1. Those episodes will feature the above brutal battle, and it will show the true consequences of dragons going to war. Season 1 hinted at the devastation that dragons can reap with the battle against the Crabfeeder and with Aemond’s fight against Lucerys. These battles were brutal, but they were only fleeting glances at the might of the dragons. Both sides of the war have enjoyed considerable development, which will only serve to make the battles more devastating.

As this set footage proves, the dragons will not solely be fighting each other. The Targaryens will lead weapons of mass destruction against simple knights with shields and lances. Even Lucerys’ miniscule dragon is an enormous advantage compared to the bulky metal suits of armor that the soldiers of the other Houses wear. The entirety of Westeros is going to be dragged into the Targaryen civil war. As Daemon continues to recruit new dragons, House of the Dragon season 2’s stakes only continue to rise.

Source: @UnBoxPHD / Twitter, Daily Mail

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