Horimiya: The Missing Pieces Episode 13 Review

In what’s likely to be the last Horimiya episode to ever air, we take a look back at the gang’s journey up until the present moment – graduation.

Miyamura’s Specific Set Of Skills

screen shot 2023 09 24 at 11.51.47
Hori’s shock at her new hairstyle

We all know that Miyamura used to have long hair, so it’s no surprise that he knows how to style Hori’s hair and make it look nice. The way he stopped the comb midway through her hair, we could almost see just by looking at his face that he was thinking “hold up, I got an idea”. It took Hori a little while to accept it, but it’s safe to say that everyone’s compliments once she got to school cleared any doubts that she had about Miyamura’s hairdressing.


screen shot 2023 09 24 at 12.46.01
Iura introduces Yanagi

This sequence was brilliant for the last episode. We get to take a look back at how things were at the very start of the first season. Toru had a crush on Hori, the student council weren’t part of the group yet, and Miyamura was still a gloomy-looking loner without any friends. Over time, the sequence showed how the student council guys joined up with Hori and the others, it showed how Iura introduced Yanagi to everyone, and than finally it showed how Miyamura met Hori and joined the group. That then made the Horimiya group complete – Hori, Miyamura, Toru, Yuki, Sengoku, Remi, Sakura, Iura and Yanagi. I’m gonna miss these guys so, so much.


screen shot 2023 09 24 at 12.38.15
Miyamura sees the light

This part is the same as the final scene in the original season, where Miyamura tells Hori that he would gift her the sky. To replicate such a beautiful ending and give it to us fans once again was a treat for sure. I’ve got nothing more to say about this part I’ll be honest, just happy tears.

After Credits Scene

screen shot 2023 09 24 at 12.50.02
Hori’s new hair

In the after credits scene, we see that Hori’s hairdresser cut her hair way shorter than she wanted it, and she ended up looking like she does in the picture above. Miyamura joined the trend and cut his shorter too. This means we now have three eras of Miyamura – the super long hair at the start of the series, the mid-length Miyamura that we know and love, and now the super short Miyamura (check out the picture below if you’re curious, haha).

Final Thoughts On This Season

screen shot 2023 09 24 at 12.50.14
Miyamura’s short hair. He kinda looks like a black-haired Toru, haha.

Well there it is everybody – Horimiya: The Missing Pieces, and by extension, Horimiya itself. It’s highly unlikely that we’ll get another season as nearly all of the manga content has been adapted, but it was a super fun ride while it lasted. Although we never got to see the confirmed pairings between the characters, I like how it leaves it up to your imagination to pair them yourself in your head. Sakura would definitely end up with Yanagi, Toru with Yuki, and Iura, well, I’m sure there’s someone out there for him! I remember watching the first season week-by-week as it aired at the start of 2021 and it instantly became one of my favourite romcoms. Now here we are, at what looks to be the end of the line for Horimiya. If like me you still want more, consider picking up the manga! I know I will be doing. But enough about me, what did you guys think about this season and Horimiya itself? It’s very highly praised in the community, but do any of you have any negatives you’d like to point out? Either way, leave a comment below and let’s chat. Thanks for reading!

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