Hogwarts Legacy update out now on Switch, patch notes

Hogwarts Legacy update

A massive update came out today for the Switch version of Hogwarts Legacy. This is build version 1181827.

Warner Bros. says the update “addresses overall gameplay visual experience and stability improvements.” A ton has been improved and fixed, including audio, characters, areas, and performance.

Here’s the full rundown:


  • Addressed book on the pedestal from clipping while playing.
  • Improved loading times in and out of Hogsmeade shops
  • Addressed textures flickering when avatar stands at a specific distance in the Glided Perch.
  • Addressed avatar not being able to destroy the pillars after restarting mission.
  • Address some save game issues.
  • Addressed new additions and edits to the game credit listing.
  • Addressed when reloading from last save after rescuing the phoenix makes the avatar repeat their meeting line despite the phoenix not being there.


  • Addressed Edgar Adley being muffled when talking to player.
  • Addressed Padraic Haggarty sounding muffled when avatar is in front of his stand.
  • Addressed Professor Fig being muffled when delivering lines in the Pensieve chamber.
  • Addressed creating a save with the audio language pack active causes the dialog to be muted if the user deletes the language pack.
  • Addressed and updated general audio and dialog optimizations.


  • Addressed avatar not being able to interact with Claire Beaumont.
  • Addressed avatar getting stuck inside the Incedio castle statue above Manor Glenn’s basement.
  • Addressed issue with avatar being able to leave Hogwarts through the Clocktower door as Headmaster Black.
  • Addressed Avatar having rainbow colored hair.
  • Addressed avatar various hair styles looking unnatural and too light. 
  • Addressed avatar’s hood clipping into robe.
  • Addressed avatar being able to fall out of world when rolling after waiting.
  • Addressed scarf flaps floating behind the avatar’s shoulder.
  • Addressed the avatar getting stuck after a conversation with Eddie Thistlewood.
  • Addressed avatar’s hand popping during shot transitions.


  • Addressed cosmetic coloring issues with Bernard Bdiaye.
  • Addressed stitching of Sirona Ryan’s clothing.
  • Addressed parts of Augustus Hill’s clothing having unintended colors.
  • Addressed Garreth Weasley’s hair looking unnatural during conversations.
  • Addressed Ominis’ eyes not having the blindness effect from a distance.
  • Addressed Artur Plummly being lit incorrectly during a conversation.
  • Addressed multiple head gear with low resolution textures.
  • Addressed Olive patterned robe appearing low quality.
  • Addressed Garnuff’s shoulder clipping through his outfit.
  • Addressed Elf-Made Ivory gloves being low textures.
  • Addressed gears displaying low level of detail before appearing at proper resolution when equipped for the first time.
  • Addressed Edgar Adley’s eyelashes detaching when blinking.
  • Addressed clipping instances with the Poacher cloak and casual school uniform.
  • Addressed the “Spider Slayer” helmet having low resolution.
  • Addressed Herodiana’s attire clipping through several robes.
  • Addressed all house emblem patches on cloak and robe shoulder slipping the sleeve.
  • Addressed several outfits clipping through the lower back of the coats.


  • Addressed defeating Loyalist Sentinal before the cinematic prevents the level from progressing.
  • Addressed enemies getting stuck and idle pose when attacked.
  • Addressed enemies not being affected by Depulso Mastery AOE blast. 
  • Addressed and optimized combat with spiders.
  • Addressed various spiders running around too long after being attacked with the Confringo spell.


  • Addressed town people disappearing during time-of-day transition.
  • Addressed lighting issues of NPC’s hair.
  • Addressed NPCs treadmilling when leaving Charms classroom after mission.
  • Addressed Natsai running in circles at the beginning of Hippogriff Heist.
  • Addressed Loyalist Ranger walking through the air when respawning if the avatar approaches with the Disillusionment spell on.
  • Addressed Inferis disappearing when leaving the room they initially spawned in within the Glen Manor basement.
  • Addressed Poacher Rangers playing unnatural animation loops. 
  • Addressed Quagmire Troll and Troll Lair despawning as the avatar runs away.
  • Addressed t-pose goblins not being able to be destroyed in final fight.
  • Addressed a troll attacking another troll instead of the avatar in the last fight of “Lodgok’s Loyalty” mission.
  • Addressed Matilda Weasley appearing low resolution.
  • Addressed combat persisting if avatar flies away without destroying baby spiders in the Heirloom.
  • Addressed random NPC’s floating in the Bell Tower when observed from the stairs.
  • Addressed Amit Thakkar getting stuck behind some floating boxes during a combat encounter.
  • Addressed Professor Weasley falling out of the world as avatar wonders away too far.


  • Addressed gaps/holes in terrain at various locations.
  • Addressed and updated optimization to general fog throughout the game. 
  • Addressed harsh shadows rendering for various foliage. 
  • Addressed popping of floating foliage based on distance from avatar.
  • Addressed low resolution textures appearing for various assets.
  • Addressed out of world areas appearing when flying around North Ford Bog Region.
  • Addressed Mooncalf tree displaying incorrectly.
  • Addressed torches not displaying correctly as the avatar moves throughout the vault. 
  • Addressed bright wall in Isadora’s ruins basement during “In the Shadow of the Estate” mission.
  • Addressed black sharp texture on the entrance of the cave, the avatar has to enter to find what Jackdaw left for Anne on “Prisoner of Love” mission.
  • Addressed forgeables popping in and out. 
  • Addressed avatar getting stuck in the wall inside the Tomb of the Villager.
  • Addressed farm level of detail abruptly popping in and out while avatar is on the broom. 
  • Addressed popping in and out of landscape from various Vaults and Hamlets. 
  • Addressed various portions of Vaults and Hamlets missing based on avatar’s distance and/or position. 
  • Addressed a body of water appearing abruptly while flying towards it. 
  • Addressed a random geo plane appearing in the middle of the Hamlet within the Deathly Hallows.
  • Addressed misplaced water at the Merlin Trial.
  • Addressed chest in Hamlets and various other areas clipping through the ground.
  • Addressed and updated optimizations to the level of detail of various trees.
  • Addressed floating chest near Keenbridge Hamlet.
  • Addressed missing collision and terrain gaps on the ground and cliffs of the Forbidden Forest.
  • Addressed lighting being generated without a source in the ruins.
  • Addressed dark plane appearing on the exterior of the Water Mill.
  • Addressed missing textures on the corner of Jackdaw’s Tomb. 
  • Addressed vines popping in and out inside the south ruins. 
  • Addressed Bog bank popping in and out while flying next to Hogsmeade barrier on the east side. 
  • Addressed avatar being able to pick up Jackdaw statue through the wall.
  • Addressed background loading near Stonebridge when flying.
  • Addressed assets improperly popping in and out from various locations.
  • Addressed castle ruins near Brocburrow rendering in slowly as avatar approaches.
  • Addressed stone stairs of Bandit camp rendering in slowly as avatar approaches.
  • Addressed low level of details of Goblin camp. 
  • Addressed whole sky appearing black while avatar is standing within the doorframe in several Hamlets and Bothies.
  • Addressed level of details for Feature House.
  • Addressed black shadow popping in and out when aoutvatar is walking in reverse in dungeon.
  • Addressed giant purple toads being out of their cages in Falbarton castle.
  • Addressed Natsai pathing breaking during Hippogriff Heist at Archie’s hideout.
  • Addressed avatar falling out of the world in The Elf, the Nab-Sack and the Loom when jumping toward the Acromantula and cutscene ending. 
  • Addressed visibility variations when approaching Cragcoft on a broom.  
  • Addressed various textures missing throughout Highlands.
  • Addressed castle ruin’s vault appearing incorrectly based on avatar’s distance.
  • Addressed missing ground collision around Feldcroft.
  • Addressed excessive fog occurring in the Devel’s Snare tunnel during the daytime.
  • Addressed tree trunk Gladwin leans out level of detail.
  • Addressed avatar clipping through various rock formations.
  • Addressed a chain popping in and out based on avatar’s position.
  • Addressed several rocks disappearing.
  • Addressed normal grass appearing during the winter season in the Quidditch Pitch.
  • Addressed random dirt patches in the snow.
  • Addressed being able to enter a passageway to Hogsmeade before starting “Dissending for Sweets”.
  • Addressed collision missing causing the avatar getting stuck temporarily in the wall during “It’s All Gobbledegook”.
  • Addressed Professor Fig becoming stuck against three goblins while crossing the bridge.
  • Addressed a spider floating in the air next to a spider den.
  • Addressed floating rocks, stone, trees and debris.
  • Addressed various chest level of detail slowly loading into the proper model. 
  • Addressed a floating tree in the Forbidden Forest.
  • Addressed an Oak tree not having snow and loading in too slowly.
  • Addressed roots and bushes around northern house in Keenbridge popping in and out.
  • Addressed a chest near Central Hogwarts Valley floo flame popping in and out based on the avatar’s distance.
  • Addressed avatar getting stuck out of bounds in the coastal entrance with Highwing.
  • Addressed a chest in a Bandit Camp being unreachable.
  • Addressed mountain and terrain in the coastal region level of detail loading in slowly.
  • Addressed various seams throughout interior structures.
  • Addressed seeing out of world when flying away from Percival’s Tower.
  • Addressed geo gaps at the entrance of a Treasure vault.
  • Addressed pond not appearing correctly near “Fire and Vice” mission entry point.
  • Addressed being able to see out of world flying high near the top western region.
  • Addressed platforms breaking inappropriately based on avatar’s proximity.
  • Addressed missing rubble asset displaying correctly while collision correctly blocks path when close to it. 
  • Addressed Hazel the Unicorn falling out of world from the Unicorn Den as avatar approaches.
  • Addressed intense fog displaying toward the end of “It’s all Goobledegook”. 
  • Addressed pine trees looking green during the winter season.
  • Addressed avatar being able to walk to the bottom of the river.
  • Addressed a bag container and poacher corpse being blocked by a tree.
  • Addressed erratic animations occurring with trees within the forest reveal cinematic.
  • Addressed trees used in puzzle for “Well, Well, Well” having low resolution until the avatar is super close.
  • Addressed missing collision on a Bandit camp tent.
  • Addressed unnatural lighting on the ceiling of the Korro castle ruins.
  • Addressed bright fog occurring in the initial dungeon of “Cursed Tomb Treasure”.
  • Addressed plant textures appearing broken.
  • Addressed specific Grillages not possessing collision allowing the avatar clip through them when standing on them.
  • Addressed a waterfall in the Poidsear loading out too quickly.
  • Addressed trees by the Threstral den having various levels of detail depending on the position of the avatar.
  • Addressed stretched textures at the cliffside.
  • Addressed lighting flickering and transitions vaults.
  • Addressed a mine cart near Mine’s Eye changes size abruptly based on avatar’s position.
  • Addressed pillars located throughout various locations having low level of detail.
  • Addressed Solomon Sallow teleporting out of bounds and getting stuck inside the walls during the boss fight.
  • Addressed Gobmine in coastal area having various fog inconsistencies.
  • Addressed certain areas going dark based on the avatar’s position.
  • Addressed pumpkin mini-game not progressing after destroying the pumpkin.
  • Addressed Merlin Trials being completed infinite times.
  • Addressed wood panels clipping through the tarps in the Quidditch arena.
  • Addressed mountains near Aranshire not loading fully when viewed from certain locations.
  • Addressed telescopes appearing low resolution after interacting with them in the Astronomy table.
  • Addressed bright light occurring in at the entrance of various dungeons.
  • Addressed immense fog occurring when entering the “Charles Rookwood’s Trial” dungeon.
  • Addressed avatar getting stuck in the bone stairs if they are on the wrong side.
  • Addressed Merlin Trail gazebos displaying incorrectly after cinematic completes.
  • Addressed ambient creatures appearing low resolution.
  • Addressed popping in and out of ruins while flying on the broom.
  • Addressed Merlin Trial gazebos displaying low resolution when flying around.
  • Addressed avatar being defeated due to misplaced scalable wood.


  • Addressed floating House Elf interaction point in the kitchen.
  • Addressed various lighting seams throughout Hogwarts.
  • Addressed white blocky fog showing up when entering Central Hall from Transfiguration Courtyard.
  • Addressed avatar being able to fly through the cliffside near Viaduct Bridge.
  • Addressed a gap in stairs on the Viaduct Bridge.
  • Addressed treasure chest not spawning.
  • Addressed Wyvern fountain’s changing color depending on the game camera position.
  • Addressed moth puzzle door disappearing depending on avatar’s position.
  • Addressed world missing when going to the top of Black’s room.
  • Addressed floating pumpkins being seen during ghost hide and seek mini-game.
  • Addressed Peeves not sliding down the stairs in the Central Hall. 
  • Addressed avatar falling out of the world when fast traveling to the Sanctum.
  • Addressed avatar falling out of the world from Professor’s Sharp bedroom.
  • Addressed avatar falling out of the world while idling in the Hogwarts grounds near the Greenhouse.
  • Addressed lamps disappearing based on the avatar’s position.
  • Addressed rock clipping through the castle wall. 
  • Addressed banners/shield disappearing in and out based on avatar’s position.
  • Addressed bell being stuck in the stairs that the bell tower when using Accio.
  • Addressed window inside Arithmancy door room display incorrect textures.
  • Addressed not being able to exit after collecting the treasure chest in the Hogwarts grounds.
  • Addressed “Burn House” not loading in correctly.
  • Addressed floor in Greenhouse having low textures.
  • Addressed Slytherin Common Room loading in slowly when descending the spiral staircase. 
  • Addressed part of the castle wall in the Transfiguration Courtyard having different material near the courtyard floo flame.
  • Addressed snow appearing on top of roof structures out of season.
  • Addressed low quality Levioso statues spread throughout the castle when fast traveling.
  • Addressed potted plants appearing broken because of low quality in the Slytherin Dungeon.
  • Addressed invisible collision within the Viaduct Bridge. 
  • Addressed one of the castles Great Hall towers missing.
  • Addressed ghost throughout the castle flickering at a short distance in the Astronomy Tower.
  • Addressed being unable to interact with the teacup in Headmaster’s desk.
  • Addressed a black hole in the wall within the Hogwarts Dungeon.
  • Addressed a blue light appearing and disappearing within the library.
  • Addressed chalk board decal in library looking misaligned.
  • Addressed white light flickering at the bottom of the spiral staircase.
  • Addressed Hufflepuff entrance and barrels appearing low resolution.
  • Addressed inconsistent fog near Professor Fig’s classroom when moving around.
  • Addressed Sebastian Sallow not teleporting to Central Hall after conversation in the DADA tower.
  • Addressed cave walls in the Swamp Vivarium having unintended pink textures.
  • Addressed avatar’s head missing or scarf stretching during DADA intro cinematic.
  • Addressed Headmaster Black’s hand popping between camera shots.
  • Addressed light flickering within Central Hall various times of day.
  • Addressed black screen flickering when avatar walk toward the balcony in Central Hall.
  • Addressed black pillars in the Greenhouse.
  • Addressed the walls in the Owlery having slipping textures.
  • Addressed fog flashes when avatar enters the Central Hall from Transfiguration Courtyard.
  • Addressed getting stuck on black screen when avatar falls asleep.
  • Addressed geo rendering incorrectly at the doorstep of the Viaduct entrance.
  • Addressed Defense Against the Dark Arts tower not loading correctly when fast traveling.
  • Addressed some steps and textures leading to Hogwarts boathouse missing.
  • Addressed the Greenhouse windows being too bright.
  • Addressed inconsistent loading of world when avatar goes down the stairs to a room accessible through the Transfiguration courtyard.
  • Addressed the doorway area before the boss arena noticeably bright.
  • Addressed some gaps in a pillar in the North Hogwarts exit.
  • Addressed lamppost appearing darker than expected during winter.
  • Addressed the world not being fully loaded when exiting the Central Hall door to the Viaduct Bridge.
  • Addressed Slytherin exterior windows not showing up as expected from certain distance when flying.
  • Addressed very bright light coming from the window inside the Arithmancy door room on the Long Gallery.
  • Addressed the Grand Staircase railing looking incorrect.
  • Addressed pillars next to Central Hall appearing low level of detail.
  • Addressed assets in the Undercroft having low level of detail.
  • Addressed Slytherin common room fireplace being low resolution.
  • Addressed appearing and disappearing in Hogwarts when the avatar in on the Viaduct Bridge.
  • Addressed blue streaks appearing on the pillars of the DADA tower.
  • Addressed an unintended shadow effect in the Slytherin dorm room.
  • Addressed various textures missing throughout Hogwarts.
  • Addressed door frames not loading in correctly when using “Wait” in the secret room inside the Great Wall.
  • Addressed conjured items not initially displaying correctly.
  • Addressed the archway decorative trim popping in and out at close distance in the Central Hall.
  • Addressed stuffed troll appearing low resolution in the school dungeon.
  • Addressed interior window displaying correctly within interiors of Hogwarts.
  • Addressed the Bell Tower initially being seen in low resolution.
  • Addressed unintended black streaks on the doorframe in the clock tower.
  • Addressed various geo gaps throughout Hogwarts.


  • Addressed light flickering and interior seams within interior shops in Hogsmeade.
  • Addressed and updated lighting optimization in Zonko’s Joke Shop.
  • Addressed and updated lighting optimizations in Three Broomsticks.
  • Addressed long time-of-day shift when avatar idles near Three Broomsticks.
  • Addressed unintended lighting issues during the Winter around Steepley and Sons.
  • Addressed issue with exterior ceiling missing from Three Broomsticks.
  • Addressed game camera being obstructed when exiting Scrivenshaft’s Quill Shop door.
  • Addressed Lodgok staying inside Hogshead instead of meeting the player outside.
  • Addressed avatar briefly getting stuck behind the “One Man Band” when exiting Honey Dukes.
  • Addressed window displaying incorrectly within Ollivanders.
  • Addressed lighting turning off and on in Zonko’s Joke Shop.
  • Addressed the lighting displaying incorrectly in the Three Broomsticks.
  • Addressed potions having an orange lighting in the potions shop.
  • Addressed bush and/or small trees floating in the air.
  • Addressed Augustus Hill not being inside Gladrag’s but behind it.
  • Addressed Logdok not leaving Hogs Head Inn after retrying mission.
  • Addressed ancient magic hotspot floor texture clipping the terrain.
  • Addressed view of town missing during Three Broomsticks cutscene.
  • Addressed flashing occurring at the end of Three Broomstick cinematic talking to your companion.
  • Addressed pink textures showing up in Alfred Lawley’s cellar.
  • Addressed companions idling when exiting through the back or side door of Gladrags Wizardwear after purchasing your first gear.
  • Addressed Sebastian not immediately apparating away after completing the gear tutorial.


  • Addressed first Accio crate getting stuck on the second floor and blocking mission progression. 
  • Addressed puzzle fireflies not displaying correctly.
  • Addressed Diffindo spell not displaying correctly.
  • Addressed Glacius being overridden by target highlight outline.
  • Addressed flashing lights around Ranrok.
  • Addressed fire effect staying on screen too long.
  • Addressed Ancient Magic not displaying correctly based on avatar’s position on top of tower.
  • Addressed various VFX spells not displaying correctly.
  • Addressed and optimized Glacius spell vertical surface effect.
  • Addressed and optimized fireflies
  • Addressed and optimized casting enchanted compass to track a marker at a longer distance.
  • Addressed abnormal VFX when using the Alteration spell.
  • Addressed flashing lights around Ranrock.
  • Addressed misplaced flashing red VFX on Ranrok as the avatar makes an escape.
  • Addressed casting Bombarda spell while not in combat could cause intense light flashing.


  • Implemented new home icon menu icons for multiple languages.
    Updated in-game icons for home menu display.
  • Addressed mini-map not displaying correctly when loading into Hogwarts.
  • Addressed compression issues with tutorial pop-ups.
  • Addressed issues with voice and subtitles not being available when using language packs.
  • Addressed being unable to use the d-pad when selecting languages.
  • Addressed an Arithmancy Door being hard to see. 
  • Addressed Arithmancy symbols of the puzzle being barely visible.
  • Addressed text size option not being available in the menu settings.
  • Addressed mini-map appearing blurry in Docked mode.
  • Addressed black screen flickering in Dungeons when UI pops up.
  • Addressed spell minigame icons not being resizable in hand-held mode.
  • Addressed blue flame icons appearing pixelated. 
  • Addressed “Field Guide Pages” and “Room of Requirement” accessible from other sections of the Challenge menu.
  • Addressed the Field Guide page “Slytherin’s Sink” not being counted on the map after saving and exiting the game.
  • Addressed floating vendor icon over various locations.
  • Addressed several icons appearing at once on the mini-map during “Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1”.
  • Addressed min-map zoom out when approaching various shop entrances.
  • Addressed when pressing “B” when initiating an Alohomora lock causes the player to be unable to use the “Back” button when inside the mini-game.
  • Addressed screen flickers when using fast travel during loading screens.
  • Addressed a texture rainbow strip appearing on the side of the menu screen.
  • Addressed mini-map pathing towards the Manor Cape leading the avatar away from the destination.
  • Addressed Three Broomsticks missing an interactive icon to enter.
  • Addressed “X” and “Y” buttons having the description changed when pressing the “ZR” button to read them.
  • Addressed the missing language pack DLC message does not automatically update in the main menu.
  • Addressed player being unable to use touchscreen functionality on the menu prompts with dropdown menus.
  • Addressed primary settings still being able to be navigated with other options open.
  • Addressed challenges sub-menus position is misplaced when changing to another menu while any challenge sub-menu is open.
  • Addressed red gel glue clipping letter the first time the avatar opens the Owl Post.
  • Addressed Reparo spell tutorial pop-up video shuttering.
  • Addressed quest not updating properly after picking up first note.


  • Addressed general stability, performance, and asset optimizations.
  • Addressed hitching when doing a Merlin Trial Sphinx Puzzle. 
  • Addressed and updated “Single Player” mode of Nintendo Controller. 
  • Addressed and optimized Jackdaw’s Tomb loading
  • Addressed crash occurring during cinematic in the library. 
  • Addressed hitching when using the tool wheel when selecting an item.
  • Addressed a crash occurring when fighting the guardian knights in the void.
  • Addressed a crash when progressing into the Athenaeum.
  • Addressed a crash occurring after picking up pages and before fighting knights in “Jackdaw’s Rest” mission.
  • Addressed and applied various optimization enhancements to cinematics.
  • Addressed better way of handling load/unload on fast travel cycle. 
  • Addressed and applied general optimization updates to various locations.
    Addressed a crash when passing by the Greenhouse’s floo flame station.
  • Addressed low frame rate when casting Revelio spell after burning the vines. 
  • Addressed and applied general optimization enhancements to various foliage instances.
  • Addressed crash occurring after completing “Professor Hecat’s Assigment 2” in the Forbidden Forest.
  • Addressed and applied various conversation optimizations.
  • Addressed low frame rate when avatar opens any traits or wand chests.
  • Addressed low frame rate when casting the Conjuration spell in the “Room of Requirements”.
  • Addressed a hitch when grabbing a broom in “Fly Class”.

The new Hogwarts Legacy update is now available for all Switch players.


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