High Republic Jedi Who Can Appear in Star Wars The Acolyte

The Acolyte is the first live-action Star Wars show to be set during the wildly popular High Republic era, and because of that, it’s the perfect place to bring some of the period’s most beloved characters to the screen for the first time. A few of them made their animated debuts in Young Jedi Adventures, and because they were so well-received, more characters should transition from the page to the screen in the new future.

Scheduled to release sometime in 2024, The Acolyte will follow a still-unnamed Jedi Padawan who reunites with her Master to solve a series of increasingly sinister crimes. Fan-favorite Jedi Vernestra Rwoh is already slated to appear in the show, which suggests that even more High Republic Jedi could be revealed throughout the show’s eight episodes. Here are the ten who should show up first.

10 Burryaga Agaburry Could Be Linked to the Show’s Wookiee Jedi

Burryaga wielding Lightsaber Star Wars High Republic Phase 3

First appearance

Light of the Jedi


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Wookiee Jedi are particularly rare – there have only been ten to exist in canon up to this point. Often, they’re considered to have the wrong temperament for Jedi, they seldom exhibit any kind of Force sensitivity, and they rarely leave Kashyyyk, making it harder for them to complete their training at the Temple on Coruscant. Despite this general rarity, Joonas Suotamo is slated to appear as Kelnacca, a Wookiee Jedi Master, in The Acolyte.

This makes the show the perfect time to bring another Wookiee Jedi to the screen for the first time. Burryaga Agaburry is one of the High Republic’s most beloved characters. He’s remarkably empathetic and susceptible to others’ emotions, which could make him a valuable asset to the quest outlined in the show. Because they had such a unique thing in common, Burryaga likely knew Kelnacca (even though he wasn’t Burry’s master), and their potential relationship with each other could be explored in The Acolyte.

9 Indeera Stokes’ Practical Skills Could Be Useful

Indeera Stokes, Bell Zettifar and Stellan Gios in a High Republic promo image

First appearance

Light of the Jedi

Indeera Stokes is one of the galaxy’s bravest Jedi. She took on Padawan Bell Zettifar after his first Master died, and did her best to be a substitute without replacing or ignoring the special relationship the two had. She pushed him to grow through his grief rather than let it consume him, and she would do the same for any other Jedi she encountered.

Simply put, she has a practical skill set that could come in handy regarding The Acolyte. For one, she’s one of the most brilliant pilots the Order’s ever seen – she even flew not only her ship but Loden Greatstorm’s simultaneously! She was nearly unmatched in combat and had a remarkable grasp of telekinesis. She’d be a valuable ally no matter the circumstances.

8 Keeve Trennis Understands Some of the Galaxy’s Most Dangerous Foes

First appearance

A Test of Courage


The High Republic Has the Perfect Jedi For Tales of the Jedi Season 2

Tales of the Jedi’s first season explored the prequel era further, but the second season can focus on a unique Jedi from the High Republic.

Keeve is one of the era’s most fiery Jedi. Trained by the rare Trandoshan Jedi Sskeer, her unique experience could give her a fascinating new perspective, as Sskeer struggled with the darkness more than the average Jedi. She’s fiercely protective of those she loves and is willing to stand up for what’s right even against those she respects.

Keeve was one of the first Jedi to encounter the Drengir, who should be the major villains of the series, given that they’re one of the most threatening opponents the Jedi Order has ever faced. However, perhaps more importantly than simply knowing who they are, she’s survived an encounter with them. She got through to Sskeer through their grip on his psyche, which suggests that she could do the same for other Jedi (or at least show those who are close to them how to break their loved ones free).

7 Cohmac Vitus Provides a Fascinating Perspective

Cohmac Vitus stands in the concept art for the High Republic.

First appearance

Into the Dark

Cohmac Vitus was, all things considered, a fairly unusual Jedi. He preferred the mystic side of the Order rather than rushing out into combat (which is one of the qualities that then attracted his future Padawan Reath Silas to his side), and had a particular penchant for the ancient world. The schism between light and darkness troubled him, as his remarkably strong connection to the Force made him aware that there was no division other than the one the Jedi created – there were only different ways of using the same tool.

Though he parted from the Jedi Order in the aftermath of Starlight Beacon’s destruction, he likely didn’t eschew their practices entirely. He was too committed to spreading good throughout the galaxy to do that. His knowledge of the galaxy’s history could prove a valuable resource in the quest to solve the show’s central mysteries.

6 Imri Cantaros Was Vernestra’s Padawan and Friend

Vernestra Rwoh and Imri Cantaros have their lightsabers drawn as Honesty Weft, Avon Starros and J-6 look on.

First appearance

Light of the Jedi


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Vernestra Rwoh and her Padawan, Imri Cantaros, are perhaps closer than the average Master and Padawan duo, even if just because they’re remarkably close in age. They confided in each other about everything, including things that, typically, a Master would keep secret from her apprentice to save face. His knowledge of her personal life could make him an anchor for Vernestra as she grapples with whatever is going on in the greater galaxy.

Interestingly, the novels appear to be setting Imri up to struggle heavily with the dark side. He’s far more empathetic than most Jedi and is often debilitated by the weight of everyone else’s feelings. Additionally, he’s desperate to prove himself and find his greater place in the Jedi Order. Both of these could be dangerous characteristics going forward – or, more favorably, he could overcome them and become a valuable asset to the characters of The Acolyte.

5 Elzar Mann’s Struggles Could Mirror Vernestra’s

Elzar Mann from the High Republic

First appearance

Light of the Jedi

Elzar Mann is one of the Order’s most deeply unusual figures. He struggled mightily with reining in his emotions, had a complicated relationship with Avar Kriss, and even had to step away from the Order’s primary options for a little while to sort through the difficulties of his connection to the Force. He never explained why he was behaving the way he did – the people who loved him would understand without him having to give any context – which made him frustrating to those who weren’t familiar with the way he handled situations.

However, none of this made him an inferior Jedi. He was one of the most emotionally adept of them all and was excellent at using the Force to solve whatever problems he might encounter. His close relationship with Avar Kriss and Stellan Gios suggests that Vernestra likely ran into him numerous times throughout her training, which could make him the first person she reaches out to when she realizes that something is going horrifyingly wrong.

4 Bell Zettifar Has Already Made the Jump to the Screen

First appearance

Light of the Jedi


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Bell Zettifar, unlike most of these other characters, has already leaped to the wider canon. He appeared in an episode of Young Jedi Adventures‘ most recent season, marking the first time a High Republic character has shown up anywhere other than in the novels or comics. This makes him a prime candidate to be featured in The Acolyte, as it would be a fantastic reward for those familiar with the children’s show and who were looking for another chance to see such a well-loved character.

Like Keeve, he’s also had a terrifying brush with one of the galaxy’s most horrific foes. He lost his first Master, Loden Greatstorm, to creatures known as the Nameless that prey on the Force and reduce those with sensitivities to it to dust. Because they’re some of the most terrifying creatures in the galaxy, and a threat the Jedi (at this point) don’t yet know how to handle, they could be prime candidates to turn up as antagonists in The Acolyte – and Bell’s previous encounters with them could give him a chance to avenge those he loves.

3 Stellan Gios’s Retrospective Appearance Would Provide Clarity for Vernestra

Stellan Gios Battling the Nihil in the Star Wars High Republic Era

First appearance

Light of the Jedi

Though Stellan Gios met a tragically heroic end when Starlight Beacon fell, he could still have a part to play in the future of the galaxy. As Vernestra’s former master, the two of them cared a lot about each other. He was still the first person she turned to when she was in a crisis, and he trusted her with even the most daunting of tasks. His loss rocked her world, and it’s not one she’ll have gotten over easily.

Similarly to how Anakin appeared in Ahsoka as a way for the titular character to get some kind of closure in her history, Stellan could show up in Vernestra’s visions. She’s known to have hyperspace visions, and it’s likely only a matter of time before she begins to see something greater. Growing from his loss could strengthen her into the Jedi the galaxy needs her to be.

2 Avar Kriss Deserves Another Shot at Heroism

First appearance

Light of the Jedi


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Avar Kriss is everything a Jedi should be. She’s brave, bold, and kind. She sought the good in even the most dreadful situations and was willing to drop everything to make sure the people she swore to protect were safe and comfortable. Her close friendship with Stellan Gios means she likely knew Vernestra to begin with, thus making it even more likely that the Mirialan would reach out to her when she needed aid.

As of the later entries to the High Republic, Avar is grappling with her previous failures. She considers herself a lesser Jedi because of the disasters she was unable to prevent rather than the ones she did (such as the nightmare at Hetzal). She sees the entire galaxy as her burden to shoulder and would do anything in her power to make sure the song of the Force remains in tune at all times. Because of this, she would likely run to Vernestra the minute she saw that the young girl was in trouble.

1 Reath Silas is One of Vernestra’s Best Friends

Reath Silas in artwork from Star Wars the High Republic

First appearance

Into the Dark

Reath Silas is the most likely candidate to make an appearance in The Acolyte. He and Vernestra were younglings together. She ascended to knighthood long before he did. Still, they remained very close, even though they didn’t have as much in common anymore. When they were assigned to take on missions together, they worked as a fantastic team, and it would be a grave mistake not to capitalize on their existing relationship.

His relationship with Vernestra aside, his characteristics make him perfectly suited for a role in this show. Like his master, Cohmac Vitus, he prefers to spend his time studying rather than on the battlefield – to the point that he reacted poorly when told that he had to leave the Jedi Temple to go out and do fieldwork. Though he’s grown past this, he still values the intellectual side of the Force far more than anything combat-centric. Solving a mystery like this would be the perfect chance to put his skills to the test.

The Acolyte is slated to premiere on Disney+ in 2024. The High Republic books can be found wherever books are sold.

Star Wars: The Acolyte TV Show poster

The Acolyte

A Star Wars series that takes viewers into a galaxy of shadowy secrets and emerging dark-side powers in the final days of the High Republic era.

Release Date

Leslye Headland

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