Here’s Lies of P’s full achievement list

Lies of P’s full achievement list has reportedly leaked online.

The list, if legitimate, hints at how many bosses the Souls-like title will boast, their names, and how many endings the dark fairy tale – which is loosely based on the 1883 Italian novel The Adventures of Pinocchio – may offer.

If you’re hoping to remain spoiler-free, it may be best to click away now. But if you’re intrigued, join me after the video below to see all 43 achievement names and their descriptions …

Lies of P Is Pinocchio Meets Bloodborne – EVERYTHING WE KNOW SO FAR! 4K Gameplay.
  • Lies of P: Obtain all trophies.
  • Real boy: They all lived happily ever after: [Real boy: They all lived happily ever after] Reach the ending.
  • Free from the puppet string: [Free from the puppet string] Reach the ending.
  • Rise of P: [Rise of P] Reach the ending.
  • The First Puppet: Kill the Nameless Puppet
  • Strongest Normal Weapon: Strengthen a normal weapon to its max level.
  • Strongest Special Weapon: Strengthen a special weapon to its max level.
  • Strongest Legion Arm: Modify a Legion Arm to its max level.
  • Extreme Potential: Activate P-Organ to Phase 5.
  • Pianist of Krat: Play a perfect tune on the piano at Hotel Krat.
  • Legion Arm Collector: Collect all Legion Arms.
  • Special Weapon Collector: Collect all special weapons.
  • Normal Weapon Collector: Collect all normal weapons.
  • Golden Melody: Collect and play all records.
  • Learning about Emotions: Learn all gestures.
  • Veteran Explorer: Decipher all cryptic vessels and claim the rewards.
  • End of Riddles: Discover all Trinity Sanctums.
  • First Lie: Tell a lie in front of Hotel Krat Entrance.
  • Stargazer’s Guide: Repair a Stargazer.
  • Exploring Possibilities: Try to assemble a weapon.
  • The Ultimate Defense Technique: Destroy an enemy’s weapon with a perfect guard.
  • Fatal Blow: Deliver a successful Fatal Attack.
  • The Bastards and the Sweepers: Kill a Stalker.
  • Parade Master: Kill the Parade Master.
  • Scrapped Watchman: Kill the Scrapped Watchman.
  • King’s Flame: Kill King’s Flame, Fuoco.
  • Fallen Archbishop: Kill the Fallen Archbishop Andreus.
  • The Delayed Match: Kill the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.
  • King of Puppets: Kill Romeo, King of Puppets.
  • The Champion of Evolution: Kill Champion Victor.
  • Puppet-Devouring Green Monster: Kill the Puppet-Devouring Green Monster.
  • Corrupted Parade Master: Kill the Corrupted Parade Master.
  • Revenge of Black: Kill the Black Rabbit Brotherhood.
  • The Complete One: Kill Laxasia the Complete.
  • The Awakened God: Kill the Awakened God Simon Manus.
  • Bear Gold Coin Fruit: Harvest Gold Coin Fruit.
  • From Across the Rift: Kill all types of Dimensional Butterflies.
  • The Story of the Prince: Find out about the last story of Venigni.
  • The Story of the Refined Old Lady: Find out about the last story of Antonia.
  • The Story of the One Who Dreamed: Find out about the last story of Simon Manus.
  • The Story of One Father: Find out about the last story of Geppetto.
  • The Story of a Stranger Girl: Find out about the last story of Eugénie.
  • The Story of the Blue Butterfly: Find out about the last story of Sophia.

PowerPyx also reports that on PlayStation consoles, Lies of P has one platinum, three gold, 13 silver, and 26 bronze trophies for PlayStation players.

Don’t forget, it’s a month of big hitters on Game Pass, with Solar Ash joining Starfield and Lies of P on the Xbox and PC subscription service.

Solar Ash is the follow-up to Hyper Light Drifter from developer Heart Machine, and turns the surreal dreamscape of that world into a 3D roguelike. It will be available on console, PC and cloud on 14th September.

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