Gyeongseong Creature Ending, Explained

Warning: Spoilers for Gyeongseong Creature.


  • Lady Maeda is revealed as the real villain behind the experiments in Gyeongseong Creature, funding them to eliminate her enemies.
  • Myeong-ja becomes a monster after ingesting a Nijan parasite, and Lieutenant General Kato continues his research with her half-human/half-creature child.
  • Chae-ok and Tae-sang try to escape but encounter Lady Maeda’s henchmen. Chae-ok sacrifices herself to save Tae-sang, and their fates remain uncertain.

Set in 1945 during Japanese rule in Korea, Netflix’s Gyeongseong Creature is a must-watch Korean drama/horror series filled with plenty of violent gore and one terrifying creature. Centered in the city of Gyeongseong, the show follows Jang Tae-sang (Park Seo-joon), owner of the House of Golden Treasure, a local pawn shop. Well known for his connections, he’s referred to by many as the King of Information because he’s notorious for finding anyone and anything if the price is right. After he’s unwillingly enlisted to find the missing pregnant mistress, Myeong-ja (Ji Woo), of Police Commissioner Ishikawa (Kim Do-hyun), he employs two sleuths to aid in his quest, Yoon Chae-ok (Han So-hee) and her father, Yoon Joong-won (Jo Han-chul), both of whom are known to be relentless at their job.

While the series is a fictional tale, it draws inspiration from the true events of Unit 731, a covert biological research and development unit of the Japanese Army that conducted lethal human experiments during World War II. As if the real-life atrocities weren’t horrific enough, the series adds a significant twist and inserts the creation of a monstrous creature as a result of the unit’s experiments with Nijan, a vicious parasite. Already renewed for a second season, Gyeongseong Creature is a highly entertaining series. However, with the myriad of characters, subplots, and nuances, the ending of season 1 and the great plot twists warrant an explanation after its slightly confusing and shocking finale.

Lady Maeda Was the Real Villain of Gyeongseong Creature

By the final episodes of the season, it’s revealed Lady Maeda (Claudia Kim) has been pulling the strings behind the scenes from the beginning. She funded the experiments happening at Onseong Hospital and sent many women to their doom, including Myeong-ja and Chae-ok’s mother, Seishin, who ultimately became the scariest monster that everyone feared throughout the entire season. From a wealthy Japanese family, Lady Maeda continuously used the experiments as a way to eliminate her enemies. The real villain of the show, she ultimately answers for her crimes when she’s caught in a bombing at the hands of Korean rebels.


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Lieutenant General Kato Continues His Research

After unknowingly drinking a cup of water with a Nijan, Myeong-ja becomes a monster in the days after her rescue. While she doesn’t turn into a creature like Seishin because the Nijan she ingested wasn’t mixed with anthrax, she still becomes a vicious killer. Once Commissioner Ishikawa locates her, he tells her she’s returning to the hospital where she’ll stay. She immediately attacks him, and he later succumbs to his injuries. Now trapped in a cell during the explosion at Onseong Hospital, Myeong-ja begs for help when she sees Lieutenant General Kato (Choi Young-joon). When he realizes she’s in labor, he cuts the baby from her body, and she subsequently dies. He then cradles a half-human/half-creature child that will likely play a role in the future of his continued research.

Kato is last seen speaking to Lady Maeda, who has somehow survived the rebel bombing. Badly burned and in a wheelchair, Kato inquires about what she’ll do now that she no longer has a purpose in Gyeongseong. He asks if she’ll return to Japan or explore other new possibilities with him as he sets a cup of water on the table. Although not explicitly stated, it’s clear the water contains a Nijan. As Lady Maeda’s eyes stare at the cup, viewers can assume she drinks it, which means Kato’s work will continue in a myriad of ways.


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Chae-ok and Tae-sang’s Fate in Gyeongseong Creature

After killing Director Ichiro (Hyun Bong-sik), Chae-ok is captured by Lady Maeda and taken back to Onseong Hospital. To save her, Chae-ok’s father detonates explosives throughout the hospital while Tae-sang locates her. When the two escape, they attempt to flee the country. However, their plan is thwarted when they encounter Lady Maeda’s henchmen, whom they proceed to fight. Chae-ok is subsequently injured, but she and Tae-sang survive after the creature emerges from the woods. Having also escaped during the hospital explosion, the creature kills the henchmen and almost kills Tae-sang before Chae-ok steps in and is mortally wounded instead. Begging her mother to stop and professing her love, the creature digresses as Chae-ok dies in Tae-sang’s arms.

Viewers last see Chae-ok and the creature fall into a body of water. The creature grasps Chae-ok as the Najin swims out of the creature’s body and into the mouth of Chae-ok. The creature then falls deeper into the water and dies. Chae-ok opens her eyes before the screen cuts to black. While Chae-ok’s fate seems more uncertain, Tae-sang’s fate is more definitive. After helping to successfully fund Korean rebels, he sees Korea overcome their Japanese oppressors and gain their freedom. He then continues his life as the Master of the House of Golden Treasure.

Tae-sang’s Mid-Credit Scene Raises More Questions

Although the season ended with plenty of cliffhangers, they were shocking more than they were confusing. However, the mid-credit scene was something completely different. Images of Korean history since its independence from Japan are shown on television just before viewers see a man with a vertical scar on the back of his neck. The man then opens a window to reveal the modern-day capital city of Seoul. When another man off-screen calls for someone named “Ho-jae,” the man at the window turns around and looks to be Tae-sang.

Without further explanation, the screen cuts to black, and viewers are left confused. While it’s entirely possible the man is somehow a descendant of Tae-sang, and not the actual Tae-sang viewers know, the scar on his neck suggests otherwise. This Korean drama is one viewers will think about long after it ends. Thankfully, audiences won’t have to wait too long until the show’s second season, slated to hit Netflix later this year. All episodes of Gyeongseong Creature are currently streaming on Netflix.

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