Gen V Episode 5’s Memory Wipe Twist Explained

Warning: SPOILERS lie ahead for Gen V episode 5, “Welcome to the Monster Club”!


  • The mind-swipe twist in episode 5 of Gen V reveals that Cate, not Rufus, is behind the memory wipe, but this doesn’t mean she’s evil.
  • Cate is a complex character with hidden powers and a connection to Marie. Her role in manipulating the kids is revealed, but co-showrunner Michael Fazekas teases she may not be an evil person.
  • Cate’s involvement with Vought raises questions about her true intentions, and it’s unclear if she is a villain or a victim.

Gen V co-showrunner Michael Fazekas breaks down what’s happening with the mind-swipe twist in episode 5 and what it means for the show’s future. Since its premiere, Gen V has been following a group of students at Godolkin University as they probe a tragedy and a cover-up from Vought International. By episode 4, “The Whole Truth,” the group appears to be making progress as they find Sam (Asa Germann) and have the potential to learn from him about The Woods. However, in the middle of the episode’s most intense fight, it suddenly switches to an entirely different scene, leaving viewers questioning what’s real.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Fazekas explained what the twist means, as revealed in Gen V episode 5 that Alexander Calvert’s evil psychic Rufus was not behind the memory wipe, but instead is Maddie Phillips’ Cate. Despite this reveal, Fazekas warns audiences that this doesn’t necessarily mean the young Supe is in fact evil. Check out his statement below:

I think we came to that, early on in the [writers’] room. When I came onto the show, there was a pilot script and I quickly realized, ‘Oh, Cate’s the most powerful character in the show.’ Her power is so big, but she keeps it small, and she keeps herself small. She’s Golden Boy’s girlfriend. So, that was really interesting to me. And then, there’s the connection that she and Marie have, both being orphans, essentially, which you heard in episode three. So, it organically came out of talking about these characters’ emotional arcs throughout the season. When we came in, Cate was not considered to be the person involved in the manipulation of these kids, but it did organically come from who she was and what her power was. A lot of questions are gonna be answered, and we’re gonna learn a lot about Cate. What was really important in this episode is, when we reveal that she’s doing this, I wanted to really feel how much regret and grief she had about, and I think she did a great job conveying that. She’s not just an evil person doing evil things. There are reasons, and we’re gonna find out what these reasons are. She is a victim in a way all of these kids are. They’re all under the thumb of Vought.

What’s Going On With Cate Dunlap In Gen V?

Maddie Phillips Cate Dunlap Gen V

Cate has been one of the more mysterious characters in Gen V. While viewers have seen those like Marie Moreau (Jaz Sinclair) and Little Cricket (Lizze Broadway) at their most vulnerable and understand their struggles, Cate’s remained more ambiguous. Viewers are really only initially introduced to her as Golden Boy’s (Patrick Schwarzenegger) girlfriend, and while it’s revealed she has mind control abilities, the extent of that power was not initially recognized, especially since she seems to exercise control by wearing gloves and expressing concern about accidentally controlling someone without their consent.

It’s also easy to believe that she’s on a mission to uncover what’s happening at Godolkin University, as one would assume she wants justice for her boyfriend’s death, hence why Rufus is the prime suspect for the mind wipe. However, things start to fall into place when Sam reveals that Cate hasn’t been honest about her powers as she used them to routinely wipe Golden Boy’s memories of his brother. The group soon learns that this memory wiping is precisely what she has done to them at the bidding of Godolkin University dean Indira Shetty (Shelley Conn).

While Cate expresses regret and reluctance for her actions, the biggest mystery is how she got involved with Vought. It’s hard to believe that she’s truly at fault as Cate garners a lot of sympathy, considering the tragedy involving her brother, her family’s estrangement, Golden Boy’s death, and her inability to turn off her powers. What’s interesting is that there aren’t many people left in her life for Vought to threaten, which makes one wonder if Vought is giving her something to manipulate her to cooperate. Only time will tell Cate’s true intentions in Gen V, but her shocking actions don’t necessarily mean she’s a villain.

New episodes of Gen V air Fridays on Prime Video.

Source: EW

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