Gen V Ending Explained: What Happened To The Godolkin University?

What would your reaction be after you learn on your birthday that you aren’t an ordinary human being but a superhero possessing unique power? What if you receive an invitation for admission to one of the most prestigious universities known to train future superheroes to protect the world, but once you are there, things aren’t what they seem to be?

Well, a superhero series titled “Gen V” was directed by Steve Boyum and Nelson Cragg, following a similar storyline focusing on a group of superheroes training at Godolkin University to control their powers and become future protectors.

Developed by Craig Rosenberg, the black-comedy series is based on a comic titled The Boys “We Gotta Go Now” by Darick Robertson and Garth Ennis that was released by Amazon Prime on September 29, 2023, for viewers to enjoy.

Produced by Craig Rosenberg and Eric Kripke, the series stars Jaz Sinclair playing the role of Marie Moreau, the series protagonist and a supee possessing the power to manipulate blood, Chance Perdomo playing the role of Andre Anderson, Luke’s best friend and a supee having the power of magnetic manipulation.

gen v
Jaz As Marie [Credits: Amazon Prime]

Lizzie Broadway plays the role of Emma Meyer, a supee possessing the power to alter her height. Maddie Phillips plays the role of Cate Dunlap, a supee having the power of tactile mind control, and London Thor plays the role of Jordan Li, a supee possessing the power to gender shift.

Asa Germann plays Samuel’s role, a supee possessing the power of superstrength, and Shelley Conn plays the role of Indira Shetty, Godolkin University’s dean in the lead. The series is focused on a group of adolescent superheroes engaging in battle royal challenges at the Godolkin University School of Crimefighting, run by none other than Vought International, and the nefarious Patrick Godolkin founded it.

Godolkin University is the only university in America that is made exclusively for young adult superheroes possessing different unique abilities that set them apart from the rest of the world.

The series perfectly showcases the rivalry’s struggles and challenges the supees to face as they are only teenagers having powers, but with everyone training to become a future protector, what will happen if one of the supee in training becomes a villain instead of becoming a hero?

Gen V Ending Explained: What Happens To Marie And Her Friends In The End?

The recently released superhero black-comedy series kicked off in style with A-Train, a black man becoming the first black person to join Seven, an illustrious group, while an adolescent, Marie, another black girl, gets her first period and rushes to her family restroom as her family continues to watch television before rushing inside the washroom after Marie fails to return and her mother hears her screams.

Marie’s blood-bending ability manifests with the arrival of her first period, and a panic-stricken Marie ends up killing her parents, thus straining her relationship forever with her younger sister Annabeth.

After 8 years from the day Marie accidentally ended the lives of her parents, she gets her acceptance letter from Godolkin University, an education space responsible for training adolescent supees to become future superheroes.

The day Mari arrives at the University, she becomes friends with her roommate Emma while getting acquainted with fellow students Andre Luke, Jordan, and Cate, who possess different superpowers.

Meanwhile, at a party, Marie saves the life of a woman from bleeding to death after she is accidentally injured by Andre’s ability. This leads University Professor Richard to expel Marie for the stunt she pulled at the party because even though she gained immense popularity on social media, her stunt put the upperclassmen’s reputation at stake, and he had to protect the upperclassmen’s reputation.

After she gets expelled, Marie walks into Richard’s office to discover that Luke has ended his life blowing himself up. After cooling down and realizing what he has done, Richard tries to kill Marie before Andre and Jordan arrive just in time to stop him.

The aftermath of Luke and Richard being killed made Marie the first freshman at Godolkin University to make her place in the Top 10 rankings while the circumstances surrounding Richard and Luke’s death were covered by Vought International, and Marie received entire credit for stopping Luke from continuing his rampage.

gen v
Marie Befriends A Fellow Supee [Credits: Amazon Prime]

A confrontation takes place between Emma and Justine after the latter reveals the powers possessed by Emma in a YouTube video. Emma reveals her powers to Justine in confidence while Marie gets offered counseling by Indira, the University’s dean. After getting acquainted with Indira, the University’s dean, Mari is offered counsel.

Meanwhile, Emma befriends Justine and discloses her powers to Justine in confidence, who later reveals it in a YouTube video, leading to a confrontation between her and Emma. Cate and Andrestart investigate Luke’s death as he was a dear friend of theirs only to discover a video recording of Luke revealing about his brother being held captive in The Woods, in a hidden facility by Shetty.

The viewers then get the flashback of three years prior when Luke and Cate visit an enraged Sam to learn that their powers came from Compound V, and Sam ends up killing a security guard before Cate and Luke can calm him down.

Andre and Cate have sex after the pair discuss their discoveries, and a worried Cate asks him not to put his life in danger. Marie finds a fatigued Emma after she returns to her dorm room, and the two end up having a confrontation after Marie tries to counsel her.

After several other setbacks and adventures, Ashley Barrett, the Vought CEO, meets with the trustees of Godolkin University to plan their next move to spin Luke’s suicide in their favor.

Where Did Marie And Her Friends End Up In The Finale?

Meanwhile, Sam and Cate make a return to the woods to free the remaining supees held captive in the Woods, that is the secret testing lab for the Godolkin University, where they are kept imprisoned and experimented on while Emma, Jordan, and Marie try to stop them, but they are a little too late after they finally reach the testing lab.

Cate gives a speech to the captives held in the Woods, informing them about them being superior to humans, thus riling them up to the point that they start killing every human in sight.

Emma tries to reason with Sam after finding him in the performing arts center but ends up arguing with him after he tells her that she would never be able to understand the things he had to go through while being captive.

Meanwhile, Cate uses her powers to numb Sam’s feelings, leading him to join the killing rampage that causes him to clash with Andre, who is back from visiting his dad in hospital, which ends with Andre having to tase Sam.

gen v
Still From Gen V [Credits: Amazon Prime]

Meanwhile, Marie is offered a place in Seven by Ashley Barrett of Vought, who instructs her to stop the killing spree going on the campus by ending Cate’s life. Ashley also tells Maria that she will arrange a meeting with her sister, and Marie confronts Cate, but Cate isn’t ready to budge from her mission.

Marie had to run over to help Jordan fight off three inmates kept in the Woods after he was attacked by one of the supees held captive. Cate finally approaches Jordan before a panicked Marie loses control of her powers, which leads to cutting Cate’s arm off clean below her elbow.

Well, suddenly, a homelander arrives at the campus and attacks Marie and knocks her out by using his eye lasers after she tries to introduce herself before the scene cuts to a news anchor blaming the massacre that took place in the Godolkin University on Marie and Cate becomes the new Guardian of Godolkin.

Meanwhile, a sinister Homelander watches the report with a smile while Marie and her friends awaken in a sealed hospital room with her being in white. The first season ends by setting the scene for the second season with the arrival of Homelander and Cate, with Sam becoming the new guardian of the University while Marie and her friends are held captive in a hospital.

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