FULL & COMPLETE Guide: YOU and ME and HER: A Love Story (Totono)

All right, strap in, because this has gotta be the longest Visual Novel I’ve ever played. This is purely a guide for players of the novel; if you’re looking for a more in-depth review analyzing the game, assuming you’ve played it, check back later.

For those unacquainted, YOU and ME and HER: A Love Story is a psychological visual novel originally produced in 2013.

you and me and her a love story thumbnail
Aoi (Left) and Miyuki (Right)

Yes, it’s better than Doki Doki Literature Club. In fact, it was released in Japan earlier than Doki Doki, so I’d say Doki Doki actually ripped off quite a bit from this game (in my speculation and opinion). Not only is Totono superior, but it’s more impactful as well, with a better (although, bittersweet) ending.

you and me and her a love story miyuki 01
The first CG you get of Miyuki

So let’s strap in. I can’t go through every single choice, but I’ll show you which ones matter.

What the Heck am I Talking About?

Oh, right, you’ve probably just booted up the game and are curious what the hell you’re about to embark on. Well, let’s go with this:

You should play the game on your own first. Don’t worry, you aren’t making any mistakes, everything is exactly as the game intended. I know which route you’re taking, and don’t worry. Just go with it, you aren’t doing anything wrong. That’s the beauty of this game.

you and me and her a love story aoi 01

Come back only if you’re truly, truly stuck.

Okay, so now that you’re back, I’m assuming you either don’t care about “first-time experiences” or are stuck. So just in case it’s the former, I’ll go through the options here.

First Playthrough

You meet Aoi for the first time on the roof, and she knows she’s in a visual novel. Continue as normal, picking options as you normally would. Her, You and Miyuki slowly grow closer as friends, until Aoi notices that you might just be drifting a bit too close to her.

you and me and her a love story aoi 04 hairclip
Aoi, loving the hairclip you’ve bought her


Aoi is on the roof, calling to God to change the route so you don’t get “C*cked” and Miyuki won’t end up with anybody else. Your choice matters here.

you and me and her a love story aoi 05 god
Aoi, trying to set you up with Miyuki

1: Stop Her [leads to a “bad ending”, where you end up with neither girl]

2: Let Her Continue [Leads to “Miyuki Ending 1”, and unlocks the rest of the game.]

That’s right. According to these options, there’s no feasible way to get Aoi your first playthrough. But don’t worry, the game and everybody in it will remember this.

I personally went through the Bad Ending first, and then came back to do the Miyuki route. Continue as normal, skip as wanted (if you didn’t care about Miyuki, as I did).

Continue as wanted. Eventually, Aoi will “go missing” and you’ll only find her at a batting center after you and Miyuki have a bit of a fight (her wanting to “practice” with you). At the batting cage, do not let Aoi down. This is how you complete Miyuki Ending 1.

Second Playthrough

Now, I assuming you’re going through the Aoi route at this point. Good luck, buddy.

In this route, you’ll notice that everything green has been seen before, so you can skip through it. For the most part, your options won’t matter all that much. Just keep going with your gut and choosing Aoi.

you and me and her a love story aoi 02
Another Aoi CG, featuring Eru

The first major difference between this and the last ending is that, when the three of you find the cat Eru and it begins to rain, Shinichi doesn’t remember the phone with Aoi’s Visual Novel on it. Therefore, Miyuki doesn’t go with him to see Aoi in the gym during the storm.

You must go home and play the game, despite Miyuki’s push for you to ignore it. You go to the gym and talk to Aoi, and this largely sets you down the Aoi Path.

Things don’t go so well after this, but don’t worry. Just keep playing the game as normal, even if it fails like you’re going towards a bad ending. Just stay on what you feel is the Aoi Path.

you and me and her a love story aoi 07 kiss
A kiss you share with Aoi during her route

This will continue until Miyuki’s play, in which you have to listen to the cat and stay behind when Aoi is sick. You’ll see her go to the convenience store to see Haru, and Shinichi will go to the play afterwards.

Also, prepare yourself for the next few sequences, because they’re a doozy.

you and me and her a love story bad ending

At the birthday party, you see that Aoi is being cornered with evidence. When everybody leaves the room, ask Aoi for the truth. As she’s about to leave, tell her she’s lying. This will trigger you to call Haru and tell him to hook up with Aoi so that she doesn’t lose her memories. Finally, tell Aoi you love her.

you and me and her a love story aoi 08 sleeping
Aoi, after getting “zappy”.

Sorry for what you’re about to see after that.

you and me and her a love story miyuki psycho 02
Miyuki — the real Miyuki.

Cycles, Cycles, and Imprisonment

You’ll notice this new world sucks. You can play around a few things here, but largely this portion of the game focuses on hitting specific beats in order to escape.

I’ll tell you straight-up; you’ll have to trick Miyuki in this portion of the game into thinking you’ve fallen for her. Just suck it up and kiss her. That’s the easiest way to progress.

Fun fact, there’s hidden dialogue if you close the game and don’t open it for 1 week, 1 month, and 10+ years. Special thanks to WillardProductions on Youtube for showing us this dialogue:

Make sure you take note of some of the sequences, because the game has started to make it impossible for you to look up online guides from here on out. You can do a few things if you want to speed up a bit:

Press “M” to open the menu, in which you can play through each “Memory” to replay a section if needed.

you and me and her a love story miyuki closeup
Miyuki talking to YOU.

The most important section is “Study Session” at this point, where you can stealthily gather a bit of information when Miyuki drops her phone on the couch. Look through the call history and the photos. Call God (at least one time) and discuss about Aoi’s disappearance.

After you talk about Aoi’s disappearance and read her diary, the next part is to just level up your relationship enough. The next important sequence is the “What’s for Dinner?” memory, where you have to:

  1. I’ll Make Dinner
  2. Force Her to Leave the Kitchen (if she trusts you, she’ll oblige; otherwise, keep playing through the other memories until she trusts you in this section).
  3. Use the Small Bag
  4. Go through her Phone
  5. Unlock via Security Questions

Good luck on this next portion, there’s not much I can do otherwise here. Every. single. question and answer is randomized, where Miyuki has dropped small bits of information in the Memories you’ve played with her. You can either trial-and-error this with a notepad, recording answers, or you can go back and play the other sequences.

True Ending (Version 1?)

Personally, I just trial-and-errored it until it worked.

Miyuki, however, will thwart your plan, and if you have the 18+ patch, you’ll get an H scene. Afterwards, she’ll be showering.

Steal her phone, and follow the cat, no matter what. Call God.

you and me and her a love story god phone

From there, there’s a bit of complication depending on your route. I hope you made note of GOD’s number, by the way. Tell them that you don’t know Miyuki’s Code, and they’ll tell you to once again look at Miyuki’s diary. You’ll see a number there (it changes between each playthrough).

Do the algorithm, with the eight digit code you have to find in the real world. You can either hunt online for it, find it in the User Manual (that screen that pops up when you try to open the game) or just use this one. Here’s one location, in the description of this youtube video:

52194054 (the code)

You only get one shot after this, choosing which girl you want to romance. I’ll be honest, I have no clue what happens when you choose Miyuki, because I always disliked her. You have to take the game off of Fullscreen (sometimes there’s a bug) when selecting your girl. Move your mouse to the edge of the screen.

After you get Aoi’s final CG in the “In-Between” world, between Visual Novel and Reality, there’s nothing more you can do here.

you and me and her a love story aoi final cg
The final CG with Aoi

Just keep your promise to her when you play another Visual Novel, okay?

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