Frozen’s Lore Proves The Disney Franchise Has A Better Path Forward Than More Sequels


  • The success of Frozen 2 reveals the potential for a more expansive universe beyond Anna and Elsa, leading to the possibility of a prequel movie set in Arendelle’s past.
  • A prequel movie could explore the fascinating romance of King Agnarr and Queen Iduna, as well as delve into the lore and mysteries of Ahtohallan and the existence of previous fifth spirits.
  • While Disney may be hesitant to move away from Anna and Elsa, a Frozen prequel offers the opportunity to introduce new characters, provide a stronger foundation for the franchise, and answer lingering questions, making it a potentially successful venture.

The Frozen franchise has another sequel on the way, but its established lore proves there are far more exciting stories to tell. Anna and Elsa have certainly become some of Disney’s most popular characters, which is likely why the studio has invested in more films following these heroines. However, as Frozen 2 dived deeper into the history of Arendelle, the potential for a more expansive universe was revealed, and this may be the way forward after Frozen 3.

Frozen 2 is one of the few animated films from Disney that did even better than its predecessor, so it’s no surprise that Disney wants to keep the success going. Frozen 3 is expected to release near the end of 2024, again bringing Anna and Elsa to the big screen in what is sure to be another successful film. Disney has already revealed that there is more of a future to Frozen than just this—after the third installment, a fourth has already been greenlit. Still, given the several threads of lore and unsolved mysteries of Frozen and Frozen 2, the way forward may be a story set before Anna and Elsa were born.


Frozen 4: Confirmation, Cast, & Everything We Know

Proving to be one of their most successful animated franchises, Disney has announced that they are making Frozen 4 alongside 3.

Frozen’s Lore Proves The Disney Franchise Can Expand Beyond Anna & Elsa

Frozen 2 dived into Arendelle’s past, revealing why Elsa was born with her powers to begin with. The film explored how Anna and Elsa’s mother had been born in the Enchanted Forest among the Northuldra, a nation considered an enemy of Arendelle. However, when Iduna rescued Prince Agnarr and the pair fell in love, their child was born with powers intended to forever bring balance to the magical elements of the Enchanted Forest and resolve the feud between Northuldra and Arendelle in the meantime. It was a truly impactful story, which brought a stronger foundation to the Frozen franchise.

In all, the lore introduced in Frozen 2 is a big part of the film’s success. It helped audiences better understand Anna and Elsa while leading these characters into their individual satisfying endings. Of course, the continuation of their stories in Frozen 3 implies that these endings will be undone, which is a little disappointing. These characters can only be explored for so long before their stories become stale, and the next sequel is at risk of redundancy. Still, Frozen 3 is likely to be at least moderately successful given the franchise’s strong reputation, but with Frozen 4, a prequel that leaves Anna and Elsa out may be more effective.

A Frozen Prequel Would Be Way More Interesting Than More Sequels

Young Iduna from Frozen

Since Arendelle’s past was key in the success of Frozen 2, there is a lot of promise to the idea of a prequel. King Agnarr and Queen Iduna’s romance itself is fascinating, and understanding how their relationship developed after the events of the Enchanted Forest would certainly be enough to carry a film. King Runeard, Agnarr’s father, is another intriguing character. It’s clear from Frozen 2 that he wasn’t bad in every avenue of his life, but his decision to murder Northuldra’s unarmed leader based solely on a fear of magic demonstrates a darkness that could be further explored.

These are only the stories of Arendelle’s past that have already been established. A prequel movie could dive even further, exploring Agnarr or Iduna’s ancestors in a way that provides an even further foundation for Anna and Elsa’s stories. Ahtohallan, the frozen river of memory, is still shrouded in mystery at the end of Frozen 2, and it could be interesting to see where this magic originates, whether the four elemental spirits are immortal or reborn, and whether there has been a fifth spirit (like Elsa) in the past. Of course, this also means answers to several prominent Frozen mysteries.

How A Frozen Prequel Movie Could Answer The Series’ Biggest Questions


Part of what makes the lore of Frozen 2 so intriguing is that many questions surrounding Arendelle, the royal family, Northuldra, Ahtohallan, and Anna and Elsa themselves were left unanswered. The film revealed that Elsa’s powers and status as the fifth spirit was a reward resulting from Iduna rescuing Agnarr, but it’s unclear whether Elsa is the first fifth spirit or if someone else held this position previously. If so, what did that person (or their ancestors) do to deserve such a gift? Exploring a story like this in a prequel could also answer what it means that Elsa is the fifth spirit without disrupting the ending she received in Frozen 2.

If a Frozen prequel stuck a little closer to the timeline of the first two movies, it could explore why Agnarr and Iduna made their decisions about their daughters. In the first movie, the King and Queen treated Elsa’s powers like a curse, and separated her from Anna. This contradicts the type of parents they appeared to be in the opening scene of Frozen 2. It would be interesting to see how such heartless decisions (rooted in fear) affected Agnarr and Iduna’s marriage—were they on the same page about isolating their daughters? What was their plan once Elsa became queen? A Frozen prequel movie could answer all of this and more.

Why Disney Might Be Hesitant To Move Away From The Franchise’s Heroines

Anna and Elsa hold hands smiling at one another.

As interesting as the history of Arendelle and the Enchanted Forest is, Disney may be reluctant to move away from Anna and Elsa. From the first Frozen movie, these characters have resonated with audiences. Quirky and free-spirited Anna is the Disney heroine that young girls often find the most relatable, and Elsa is one of the few characters from the House of Mouse that doesn’t fall into the “adorkable princess” trend. Frozen was the first film from the studio that focused on two drastically different heroines equally, and moving away from this could be a huge risk for Disney. To sum it up, Anna and Elsa are still big money-makers.

To sum it up, Anna and Elsa are still big money-makers.

Still, it’s unlikely that people will maintain interest in Anna and Elsa indefinitely. After Frozen 3, it’s difficult to say how long these heroine’s direct stories will be able to continue. Every time the Disney writers give Anna and Elsa a satisfying ending that needs to be undone for the next movie, fewer and fewer audiences will return for the next sequel. However, a Frozen prequel would be a different story. With the promise of more characters, a stronger foundation and lore, answers to some of the franchise’s greatest mysteries, and perhaps even some subtle cameos from Anna and Elsa, it’s far more likely that audiences would be willing to return to Arendelle.

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