Frasier Episode 3: Recap, Release Date & Streaming Guide

What if you and your dad have several disagreements that lead to the two of you distancing from each other? Would you make the first move to reconnect with him, or will you wait for him to reach out to him? The new season of the beloved sitcom “Frasier” is back with a banging new season focusing on the new challenges the lead has to go through while trying to rebuild his relationship with his estranged son.

Released on October 12, 2023, by Paramount+, the sitcom’s spin-off focuses on Dr. Frasier moving to Boston after his dad’s death in an attempt to rebuild his relationship with his estranged son, a firefighter by moving into his house after professorship at Harvard University.

Directed by James Burrows and Kelly Park, the series is based on the beloved television sitcom of the 1990s by Peter Cassey & David Lee. Developed by Chris Harris and Joe Cristalli, the sitcom stars Kesley Grammer playing Frasier’s role, the series protagonist and a retired psychiatrist, Jack Cutmore playing Frederick’s role, Dr Frasier’s son and a firefighter, Anders Keith playing David Crane’s role.

Kelsey Grammwe As Dr. Frasier Crane [Credits: Paramount+]

Frasier’s nephew attending Harvard University, Jess Salguerio plays Eve’s role, a single mother and Freddy’s friend, Toks Olagundoye plays Olivia’s role, Harvard’s psychology department head and Nicholas Lyndhurst plays Alan’s role, Frasier’s friend from university in the lead.

Produced by Tom Russo and Kelsey Grammer, the series has released two episodes with a runtime of 27-29 minutes for viewers to enjoy. The sitcom has managed to receive mainly positive responses from the viewers, but some feel the spin-off failed to catch the essence of the previous seasons of the original version.

Some viewers feel the writers have tried to copy another sitcom’s story and plot as standard comedy. Fans are overjoyed with Kelsay’s return as Dr Frasier Crane on screen and are awaiting the sitcom to return to its original format.

Frasier Recap

The series focuses on Dr. Frasier returning to Boston following the death of his father to mend his relationship with his estranged son. The series starts with Frasier returning to Boston accompanied by David, his nephew, to give a guest lecture as a favor to Alan Cornwall, his college friend at Harvard.

David decides to visit his son while still in town and drops in to check on Frederick. He meets Eve, his roommate, while there and assumes her to be his son’s girlfriend. Freddy and Frasier’s relationship took a hit after he dropped out of Harvard to follow his passion.

Still From Frasier [Credits: Paramount+]

Another reason behind the father-son not seeing eye to eye was Freddy not going to Martin, Dr. Frasier’s father’s funeral. Meanwhile, Olivia, Alan’s boss, tries to recruit Dr. Frasier to teach at Harvard while he tries to reconnect with his son.

Meanwhile, Freddy attempts to keep his relationship with Eve and her son a secret from his dad but fails and eventually admits to his father about Eve being the girlfriend of a fellow firefighter who lost his life on duty, and he failed to go to Martin’s funeral out of the guilt her felt for surviving.

This leads to Frasier agreeing to take up the job at Harvard and buying an apartment in the same building as his son in an attempt to mend their relationship.

The next episode witnessed Dr Frasier convincing his son to move into his apartment and move out of Eve’s apartment. Eve is excited and wants Freddy to accept his dad’s offer to move as she wants to live independently, not due to some of Feddy’s habits.

Even though Eve is grateful to Freddy, she wants to find love and move on in life. Freddy decides to move out and live with his father, but the pair clash after their taste in decoration doesn’t match. Things come to a boiling point between the father-son pair after the pair has a disagreement regarding the place a small Red Sox souvenir needs to be placed.

Meanwhile, Olivia is excited to promote Frasier, who now teaches at Harvard, while Eve comes to rely on Frasier after learning that her child falls asleep on Frasier’s voice.

Frasier Episode 3 Preview

The upcoming new episode of Frasier will see further development in the father-son relationship as the pair tries to move forward from the disagreements they continuously have. It will also see the development of the relationship between Frasier and Eve as she seeks him to help with her child after learning that Frasier’s voice lulls her baby to sleep. Meanwhile, Dr. Frasier will start to work in Harvad as a psychiatric professor.

Frasier Episode 3 Release Date & Streaming Details

Frasier Episode 3, titled “Trivial Pursuits,” will be released on October 19, 2023, Thursday, 3:00 AM [P.T.] on Paramount+. The reality series will have 10 episodes with a duration of 23 minutes per episode. The new episode is released every Thursday.

  • In the U.S. – at 6:00 AM [E.T.] On 19 October 2023
  • In the U.K. – at 11:00 AM [G.M.T.] On 19 October 2023
  • In India – at 3:30 PM [I.S.T.] On 19 October 2023
  • In Korea – at 7:00 PM [K.S.T.] On 19 October 2023
  • In Japan – at 7:00 PM [J.S.T.] On 19 October 2023
  • In Australia – at 8:00 PM [A.C.T.] On 19 October 2023

Ardent fans of the sitcom can watch the episodes on Paramount+ Channel and the app, so if you have a friend living in the U.S., ask them to give their passwords to you. VPN is God sent for people living outside of Canada and the U.S. Currently, no other platform except Pluto TV has acquired the right to air the episodes.

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