Fortnite: Every Tier 100 Battle Pass Skin Ranked

Tier 100, or Level 100, is the highest you can go on any Fortnite Battle Pass. Reaching Tier 100 is important because it means that you’ve obtained all the items there is to get within the Battle Pass, all of which are time-sensitive according to what season you’re in.

Each Battle Pass has a Tier 100 skin that is either popular or cool-looking. These skins are a bit like bait, being the best of the Pass that entices players to not only make sure they buy the Battle Pass but to ensure they complete it and reach Tier 100 before the season ends. Below is our list of Fortnite Tier 100 skins that you could have gotten in the previous Battle Passes, ranked.

15. Spire Assassin

The Spire Assassin Fortnite Skin
Image by Epic Games

The Spire Assassin is a Tier 100 skin that was a part of the Chapter 2 Season 6 Battle Pass. During the Spire Assassin’s time in the limelight, you could find an NPC of this skin wandering about at the Spire, acting as a guardian for that area. They also appeared at locations like in the woods, mountains, or around bay areas. The Spire Assassin has very cool and complex-looking skin, fitting right in with the location that it guarded during its time.

14. The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian Skin From Fortnite
Image by Epic Games

The Mandalorian is a skin based on the Star Wars character, The Mandalorian. As a Tier 100 character, this skin practically carried the Battle Pass during Chapter 2 Season 5, but not because he rested at the end of the Pass. Instead, you got his basic outfit at Level 1, working up until Level 100 to unlock every piece of armor, decorating him further and further as you go.

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13. Eternal Knight

The Eternal Knight Skin From Fortnite
Image by Epic Games

The Eternal Knight is a Battle Pass character from Chapter 2 Season 3. There are variants of this character, but the initial Eternal Knight’s requirement for unlock was to reach Level 100 in the Battle Pass. Other renditions were locked behind challenges, such as the Weekly Challenges. Not only is Eternal Knight cool as its skin, but every rendition after has its charm with detailed recolors set into play.

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12. Midas

The Midas Skin From Fortnite
Image by Epic Games

Midas is one of the most popular skins in Fortnite, and for good reason. Story-wise, they were center stage for their debut role in Chapter 2 Season 2, helping break out the new Chapter formula with a bang as part of an illustrious Battle Pass. One interesting feature of Midas is his Golden Touch, which covers any weapon equipped with a golden wrap. Even if you die, that weapon will still be golden no matter who picks it up after you’re gone.

11. Fusion

Fusion Skin From Fortnite
Image by Epic Games

Fusion is a Level 100 skin that was available during Chapter 2 Season 1’s Battle Pass, making them a relatively rare skin to obtain. Of all the skins in the Pass, Fusion is one of the few that has multiple selectable styles. If you were to complete the Unfused Missions during the Battle Pass time window, you could unlock an Unfused version of Fusion that depicts him as whole and less merged with the void.

10. Ultima Knight

Ultimate Knight Skin From Fortnite
Image by Epic Games

Season X was a hype time, with multiple good skins in the Battle Pass as things transitioned from regular Seasons to Chapters shortly after. Ultima Knight is one of these skins that came right before the passing of the torch, being a Tier 100 skin. It’s a remixed skin that came from the concept of Black Knight, which was a part of Season 2. According to the lore, this is Black Knight from an alternate reality.

9. Vendetta

Vendetta Skin From Fortnite
Image by Epic Games

Vendetta is a Tier 100 Skin from Season 9’s Battle Pass. While it’s relatively simple, what makes this skin great is the fact that it has multiple styles that you can unlock to make Vendetta look battle-ready. All five stages can be unlocked by gaining an amount of EXP from battles.

8. Luxe

Luxe Skin From Fortnite
Image by Epic Games

The intimidating but beautiful Luxe is a relatively rare Tier 100 skin you could have purchased as part of the Season 8 Battle Pass. She is the first-ever female Tier 100 skin, and with her comes four styles, all of which look iconic. To unlock her styles, you don’t accumulate experience points; instead, the unlocked are purely based on how many opponents you outlast.

7. The Ice King

The Ice King Skin From Fortnite
Image by Epic Games

The Ice King is a Tier 100 Skin that was part of the Season 7 Battle Pass. Being a pre-X-era skin, this one is relatively valuable, having four different styles that players could unlock if they outlasted opponents. The skin is striking, having not only a blue original version but red, gold, and silver versions that exude the same vibe.

6. Dire

Dire Skin From Fortnite
Image by Epic Games

Dire is a direwolf-based skin that comes in multiple forms. It’s a Tier 100 skin that was part of Season 6’s Battle Pass. Dire is one of the most varied Battle Pass Tier 100 skins out there, with four different werewolf forms, four different standard shirts, a mid-transformation form, and one human form. Requirements for each cosmetic improvement of Dire vary, the shirts requiring weekly challenges to unlock, while the rest of the cosmetics ran on an EXP-based system.

5. Omega

Omega Skin From Fortnite
Image by Epic Games

Omega is a rare Tier 100 skin first appearing in Season 4’s Battle Pass. In addition to being an early game skin, Omega is also famous because of how many stages it has to upgrade within the Pass it came with. This includes armor, gauntlets, and helmets that almost make it look like a completely different skin. Many of these stages required only a level-up minimum, unlocking the full set at Level 100.

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4. Black Knight

Black Knight Skin in Fortnite
Image by Epic Games

Black Knight is one of the rarest skins in Fortnite, being a Tier 70 skin from Season 2’s Battle Pass. As one of the oldest skins in the game, Black Knight lives on infamy as a skin that you had to be there in the beginning to get. They were the main characters of the Battle Pass, being at the forefront of promotional art that encouraged players to get it.

3. Ragnarok

Ragnarok Skin in Fortnite
Image by Epic Games

Ragnarok is another rare, highly customizable skin from Season 5’s Battle Pass, Tier 100. Much of the customization of Ragnarok came through earning EXP, while unlocking the full skin only came when the player reached Tier 100. Ragnarok has many skull additions, changing the entire look of the skin to look less humanoid and more deadly.

2. Tony Stark

Tony Stark Skin in Fortnite
Image by Epic Games

As a part of the Marvel collaboration, Tony Stark was brought into Fortnite as a Tier 100 skin for Chapter 2, Season 4 of Fortnite. As a default, Tony Stark first appears with a skin-tight suit, having another option for his fully mobilized Iron Man suit as a result of using the emote that comes within the same Battle Pass. Gaining these extra skins for Tony required lots of elaborate quest fulfillment, such as using an Upgrade Bench as Tony Stark or emoting within the lab of Stark Industries, an on-battlefield location during that Season.

1. The Reaper

The Reaper Skin in Fortnite
Image by Epic Games

The Reaper is a skin you may recognize, but remember, this is not John Wick. While there may be a John Wick skin out there, this one is only reminiscent of him, a skin that came about in Season 3 to imitate the look. To get The Reaper, you had to be there in Season 2, working your way up to Tier 100 to unlock him.

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