Fire Force Season 3 Renewed? Production Details & Release Date

Fire Force Season 3 remains one of the most awaited anime, and fans have always wondered when it is coming out. This dark fantasy anime has been ruling over the hearts of millions of fans ever since it dropped. Just two seasons of the anime have made fans realize how amazing this series is. But is there Fire Force Season 3, or the anime has been canceled? No need to fret! This is because we have delightful news for the series’ avid fans. So, keep reading to know the latest updates related to your favorite anime series.

Fire Force, written and created by Atsushi Ohkubo and published by Kodansha, is a dark fantasy and adventure series. It started as a manga in 2015 and got an anime adaptation in 2019. Crunchyroll licensed the anime and has 48 episodes so far. But the question remains: Is there Fire Force Season 3? We have gathered all the information fans need to know. Keep scrolling and find out all the details.

Fire Force Season 3 Is Renewed!

Fire Force Season 3 has been officially renewed and is in production. So, you don’t have to fret. In May 2022, it was made official by a Twitter post. The post was made on the official Fire Force Twitter account, and ever since the announcement, fans have been going wild and are excited about the new season. 

Besides the renewal announcement, the studio also revealed that the main cast will be returning. Kajiwara Gakuto as Kusakabe Shinra, Ichimichi Mao as Iris, and Kobayashi Yuusuke as Boyle Arthur will return. Along with them, Yuuki Aoi as Kotatsu Tamaki, Nakai Kazuya as Oubi Akitaru, Kamijou Saeko as Oze Maki, and Suzumura Kenichi as Hinawa Takehisa will return as well. Earlier, the production cast was Kamei Hiroshi as producer, Herek Samantha as assistant producer, Yase Yuki as director, and Aketagawa Jin as sound director. 

But it remains unclear whether they will return for the next season. This is because the production cast hasn’t been confirmed yet, and there may be new members in the production team. But for now, fans are happy that the show has been renewed.

Who Animated Fire Force?

David Productions animates Fire Force. This studio came into the business in 2007, and they’ve been animating high-quality anime since then. Some of their most popular anime are the Jojo series, Cells At Work, Inu X Boku Secret Services, Urusei Yatsura, and more. David Productions did a fantastic job in animating Fire Force. 

David Productions will also animate Fire Force Season 3. The studio works on anime like Undead Unluck and Urusei Yatsura Season 2. It’s safe to say that David Productions won’t disappoint fans with the animation because they did a fantastic job in the previous two seasons and will do the same with Fire Force Season 3.

Fire Force Season 3
Credit- David Productions

Is There Enough Source Material?

Fire Force, written by Atsushi Ohkubo, started publishing in 2015 and ended in 2022. There are 34 manga volumes. Season 1 of the show covered halfway through the 11th volume, and Season 2 wrapped the rest of the 11th volume until halfway through volume 20. With that being said, there are 14 volumes left to be animated. 

It hasn’t been revealed if it will have 12 episodes or 24. But one thing is for sure: there is potentially enough source material for two more seasons. No doubt, Fire Force manga has been globally popular. In fact, the manga series was positioned 13th on Nationwide Bookstore Employees’ Recommended Comics in 2017. 

The manga also made great sales in 2018. There were 8 million copies of manga in circulation. And the number reached 12 million in 2020, and finally, in 2022, the number was 20 million. Manga has been a great hit, and anime has been a great hit, too. And, indeed, fans will love Fire Force Season 3.

Fire Force Season 3
Credit- David Productions

What Will Happen In Fire Force Season 3?

Fire Force anime follows a team of firefighters known as the Special Fire Force Company. They battle against supernatural occurrences caused by spontaneous human combustion, where people suddenly burst into flames and turn into monsters known as Infernals. The protagonist, Shinra Kusakabe, is a third-generation pyrokinetic who joined Company 8 to uncover the truth behind his family’s death while fighting to save innocent lives. 

Along with his teammates, including Captain Leonard Burns and Lieutenant Arthur Boyle, Shinra takes on various missions that range from investigating suspicious incidents to combating rogue fire forces who seek to cause chaos. As the plot unfolds, deeper conspiracies emerge, revealing an unsettling connection between Infernals and religious events dating back centuries. 

With impressive fights, stunning animation, and a well-crafted narrative that effortlessly balances humor and drama, Fire Force is an excellent blend of action-driven entertainment and social commentary on topics like religion and human exploitation.

Season 2 Ending Explained!

The second season of Fire Force ended with Shinra and Arthur continuing their rigorous training, putting their bodies through proto-nationalist hazings that forced them to release their crazy strength. When Shinra’s body has nearly run out of oxygen, he enters a semi-conscious condition and is on the verge of dying. 

Fire Force Season 3
Credit- David Productions

However, his survival instinct kicks in, and he experiences an Alolla connection while engulfed in blue flames. Through his Adolla Link, Shinra witnesses his mother, Sho, and Hague’s demise. As the 8th and its new Fire Force allies prepare for the impending conflict with the Evangelist, Shinmon is prompted by these developments to unify the 7th with the rest of the empire. 

It Will Get More Intense!

Overlooking the city, the Knights of the Ashen Flame get ready to launch their last attack on the Tokyo Empire. Fire Force Season 3 will be more impressive than season 2. Captain Barns of the 1st Brigade, Shinra’s most formidable foe, stands in his way. The most prominent religion in the Empire, The Holy Sol Temple, has allied with Barns and Company 1. 

Company 8 is effectively labeled as a terrorist organization, and Captain Obi is locked up due to the Evangelist’s power over the government. Naturally, Shinra and the company do not accept this leniently. To free their commander, they team up with the villainous Joker and infiltrate the Grand Penitentiary.

Is Fire Force A Good Anime?

Fans love Fire Force because it offers an incredibly immersive and thrilling viewing experience. The show’s unique premise, which centers around a world where humans spontaneously combust and must be extinguished by specialized firefighters, creates a sense of urgency and danger that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. 

Additionally, Fire Force boasts some genuinely stunning animation. With vibrant colors, fluid motions, and intense action scenes that are sure to have fans cheering. But the series also has a heart. Its characters are well-written and well-developed, with relatable struggles and emotional arcs that make them more than just one-dimensional archetypes. 

Overall, Fire Force is worth watching for anyone who loves anime – it’s a masterfully crafted blend of action, drama, and sci-fi that never fails to enthrall and entertain.

Fire Force Season 3
Credit- David Productions

Fire Force Season 3: Release Date 

Even though Fire Force Season 3 is already in production, there is no release date. The series has been renewed for a year, but no official date has been made, and fans are desperately waiting for it. It is just a matter of time till we get the official release date and a few other details related to anime. 

Fire Force Season 3 will break the internet, and ever since the manga has ended, fans have been even more hyped for it. The Manga of Fire Force ended in a different world. Atsushi Ohkubo also created the Soul Eater universe and its manga. Fans were amazed that the author connected both the series and gave Fire Force manga a grand ending. 

When the finale is animated, it will break the charts. Fans do have to wait, but their wait will be worth it. The Anime Daily will update this page with the latest information, so check it more often.

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