Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis: Weapon Tier List

Another day, another Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis Tier List! This time, we’re looking at the weapons that are available for each character in the game. It’s no secret that the current endgame is the weapons and, to a lesser degree, the outfits. Every character has loads of weapons that can be brought up to any level of rarity, depending on the materials you collect, so the selection may seem a lot bigger than originally advertised.

To go with each weapon’s rarity, the skills and abilities you can use are also unique to each weapon. This is very important when coming up with builds. A certain enemy may be susceptible to a certain skill or ability, while that same ability may be useless against that same enemy. We’ll be taking into account the overall strength of each weapon, along with their usefulness for certain content.

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Cloud’s Weapon Tier List in FFVII: Ever Crisis

Screenshot by Gamepur
Tier Weapon
S Murasame
Buster Sword
Crystal Sword
A Hardedge
All other weapons are about equal.

For Cloud, the combination of Murasame and the Apocalypse is good for builds that are tailored for major bosses. The Buster Sword is a great classic weapon, and the braver ability is great for destroying sigils on tough enemies. The Hardedge has some good debuffs and decent DPS, but it may be situational compared to the others. Overall, every other weapon is pretty normal, so you can avoid them if you want.

Tifa’s Weapon Tier List

Screenshot by Gamepur
Tier Weapon
S Sonic Striker
Leather Gloves
A Tiger Fangs
Motor Drive
All other weapons are about equal.

Tifa has a much smaller repertoire of great weapons compared to the others. It’s not difficult to build her arsenal, as she’s an easy character to build correctly. Her Leather Gloves and Sonic Strikers are amazing for building up damage on enemies, with the Sonic Strikers having the highest non-elemental modifiers in the game so far. Motor drive is also perfect for wind-based attacks.

Barrett’s Weapon Tier List

Screenshot by Gamepur
Tier Weapon
S W-Machine
Enemy Launcher
Assault Launcher
A Flame Projector
All other weapons are about equal.

Barrett is lucky when it comes to having good weaponry. His W-Machine is apparently short for win machine, as it is a great defense debuffer if you have a well-balanced team. It’s the best support weapon next to the assault gun, which is more useful for balanced play. Both the enemy launcher and flame projector are good for AOE damage, and all the other weapons are situational at best.

Aerith’s Weapon Tier List

Screenshot by Gamepur
Tier Weapon
S Fairy Tale
A Mythril Rod
All other weapons are about equal.

The build for Aerith is quite simple compared to her counterparts. The Fairy Tale is the best weapon available; ergo, it is Aerith’s best weapon to equip. Its unique ability allows Aerith to add some damage to her support abilities without sacrificing much potency. The Mythril Rod is pretty good, and the buffing ability on that weapon may be handy in a bind.

Red XIII’s Weapon Tier List

Screenshot by Gamepur
Tier Weapon
S Gold Collar
Sleek Collar
Rubber Collar
A Platinum Collar
All other weapons are about equal.

Red is not the conventional character when it comes to making a build. His weapon synergy is the most important of the lineup, and the slots you place them in are very important to how he works. For example, the Sleek and Rubber Collars work well with the Gold Collar, and the Platinum Collar has great AOE C-ability. His other collars can be viable if combined with the S-tier weapons.

Zack’s Weapon Tier List

Screenshot by Gamepur
Tier Weapon
S Zweihander
Arc Sword
A Enhanced Sword
All other weapons are about equal.

Zack’s Zweihander is the easiest one to get, as it’s a reward from the pre-registration event. It’s a decent weapon for single-target damage, but combined with the Cutlass, it’s a real damage dealer. The arc sword serves two purposes: to deal great damage and debuff the enemy at the same time. The Enhanced Sword is good for its elemental damage, but as a whole, it’s a little more situational than the S-tier options.

Glen’s Weapon Tier List

Screenshot by Gamepur
Tier Weapon
S Apology In Hell
Personal Style
Rest In Piece
A Piece Of Cake
Jiggy Fam
All other weapons are about equal.

Glen is a powerhouse in every sense of the word, with his giant axes and fire-based abilities. Apology In Hell is Glen’s “main” weapon, as it’s his go-to for great damage. Rest in Piece is the perfect secondary weapon, thanks to its C-Ability, which boosts the raw stats for your setup. The others are really good for their elemental damage.

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Lucia’s Weapon Tier List

Screenshot by Gamepur
Tier Weapon
S Black Rifle
Mad Minute
Serpent Eater
A V39
Pulse Gun
All other weapons are about equal.

Lucia is great at many things, and the weapons similar to Red XIII are vital for how you want to play her. In this instance, her Serpent Eater is great for critical hit damage, while the Mad Minute has great debuffs. The Black Rifle has a pretty powerful silence ability, which is really powerful in Ever Crisis because many bosses use wipe-inducing spells. The V39 is great for AOE if you’re looking to build her in that way.

Matt’s Weapon Tier List

Screenshot by Gamepur
Tier Weapon
S Prime Number
Killer Hornet
Broadway Axis
Absolute Royal
A Stingray
All other weapons are about equal.

Matt is one of the best characters in FFVII: Ever Crisis. A lot of that has to do with the weapon abilities he has access to. Prime Number and Killer Hornet, when used together, are a chef’s kiss of damage and healing that’s welcomed at any party. Stingray is great for magic and debuffing, while Broadway Axis is great for extra elemental damage.

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