Fans Question Sanity Of The Boruto Writer For Not Including Naruto’s Main Characters

The Boruto sequel series introduces many new characters while also featuring numerous familiar faces from the original Naruto series. For example, we meet the son of the Fourth Mizukage as well as the Fifth Mizukage herself, Mei.

There is an ongoing sense of nostalgia and connection to the original show by incorporating these legacy characters into new storylines.

Although Boruto and his friends represent a new generation with somewhat different interests and styles, the core village of Konoha maintains much of its classic atmosphere.

The producers have impressively managed to blend new characters and settings with enough references and cameo appearances to satisfy longtime Naruto fans.

Fans Question Sanity Of The Boruto Writer For Not Including Naruto's Main Characters
Nine-Tails Chakra Mode | Naruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

After 700 episodes, they still find ways to feature old favorites in this next chapter.

The overall approach combines fresh narrative arcs and protagonists while preserving beloved elements that honor the Naruto lineage.

They aim to provide continuity along with the introduction of new directions and characters needed to sustain an ongoing sequel series.

Boruto’s Challenge in Introducing New Characters Amidst Legacy Absences

While nostalgia can be fun, not all character cameos in Boruto have landed smoothly. Staying true to the integrity of these legacy characters is crucial for appearances to feel right.

Disappointingly, some fan-favorite figures from the original Naruto haven’t shown up at all in the village of Konoha lately.

Fans Question Sanity Of The Boruto Writer For Not Including Naruto's Main Characters
Kurama Chakra Mode | Naruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

With such a rich cast over 700 episodes, their continued absence leaves a noticeable void, especially when screen time is being given to other less iconic characters that viewers are less excited to see return.

As the Boruto storyline evolves, incorporating more scientific elements into the shinobi world, the characters must grow and change along with it.

Kishimoto has built an extraordinarily vast character canon over the years. As the narrative shifts in new directions, it may be time to retire some familiar faces gracefully to make room for the next generation to claim the spotlight.

Fans Question Sanity Of The Boruto Writer For Not Including Naruto's Main Characters
Six Paths Sage Mode | Naruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

After all, one of the main allures of Boruto is experiencing fresh ideas and protagonists applying innovative approaches to the age-old traditions of shinobi life.

While balancing the past and future casts, the writers would be wise to let some nostalgic favorites fade away to fully develop the new crop of complex villains and heroes that will propel the adventure forward.

Boruto Abandoned Fan Favourite Tailed Beasts

Here are some Naruto characters that got abandoned in Boruto:


Kakashi Hatake stands out as one of the most gifted ninjas of his time, not hailing from the Uzumaki or Uchiha elite clans. His prowess and exploits have positioned him to go down in Konoha lore as a legend in his own right. Yet Kakashi constantly finds himself overlooked or playing second fiddle.

Across generations, few shinobi can match Kakashi’s sustained talent and balanced skill set. He lacks the astronomical highs of former friend Obito or students Naruto and Sasuke. But he also avoids their emotional extremes and glaring weaknesses.

Fans Question Sanity Of The Boruto Writer For Not Including Naruto's Main Characters
Naruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

Kakashi’s greatest strengths come from consistency and versatility. He’s a consummate team player, demanding teacher, and pragmatic field general.

While he avoids the flashiness of peers, Kakashi’s contributions prove fundamentally important. His indirect enabling role in taking down the final villain, Kaguya, highlighted this unsung impact.

Despite quiet greatness warranting recognition, though, he hardly ever seizes center stage. Even upon being named the Sixth Hokage, Kakashi garners more notoriety for quirkiness than credible leadership.

Fans Question Sanity Of The Boruto Writer For Not Including Naruto's Main Characters
Naruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

It seems Kakashi’s destiny lies in raising up others rather than personal glory. But true fans know his humble steadiness anchors Konoha.


It’s widely acknowledged that female characters get shortchanged in the Naruto franchise. So many prominent women find themselves marginalized or minimized.

Take Naruto’s mother, Kushina, who is reduced to a literal vessel for the Nine-Tailed Fox Kurama. Or the extraterrestrial progenitor Kaguya, whose backstory centers on bitterness over unrealized potential.

But no narrative disservice stings more than Sakura’s wasted arc. As one-third of the original core Team 7, hopes were high for her to shine alongside rivals Naruto and Sasuke.

Fans Question Sanity Of The Boruto Writer For Not Including Naruto's Main Characters
Naruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

Unfortunately, the inertia of their predetermined rivalry overwhelmed her growth.

The sequel series Boruto shows little sign of elevation for the franchise’s female figures either. However, the return of one legend- Lady Tsunade- could spur overdue progress.

As a member of the iconic Sannin trio, Tsunade once seemed destined for greatness. Yet her fellow teammates Orochimaru and Jiraiya claimed far richer stories.

Tsunade’s late introduction as Fifth Hokage felt like a more convenient plot device than an earned payoff. Her subsequent leadership lacked the teeth or momentum to stake her claim.

But Tsunade possesses both the legacy and latitude to revive the role of women in Konoha’s future. Perhaps her resurgence can inspire solidarity and rising female empowerment for shinobi.

Tsunade’s Comeback Could Be A Big Help For Konoha

As the granddaughter of revered First Hokage Hashirama, huge expectations weighed on Tsunade to carry on his legacy as a leader and pillar of Konoha.

She played crucial guiding roles, rallying forces against threats like Kaguya and mentoring figures like Naruto. But her direct governance proved short-lived.

Rather than establishing enduring institutions, Tsunade served as a mere bridge between previous Hokage reigns and the future ones of Kakashi and Naruto.

Fans Question Sanity Of The Boruto Writer For Not Including Naruto's Main Characters
Naruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

The films and Boruto plotlines bypass her swift tenure to focus on successors. This limited arc diminishes her stature, framing Tsunade as an interim caretaker rather than a transformative pioneer that Naruto must eventually supersede.

However, Tsunade still has an opportunity to lift her historical impact and address Konoha’s female marginalization issues plaguing Boruto.

Previously powerful kunoichi like Ino and even Tsunade’s protégé Sakura have been reduced to civilian family roles. Bringing Tsunade back in a substantive capacity beyond cameos could catalyze needed evolution.

As an underutilized icon, Tsunade has both narrative standing and a kunoichi constituency to drive progress for Konoha’s women. Her resurgence promises to enrich legacies all around.

Here’s hoping her next chapter leaves an enduring mark befitting her lineage and talents.

Tailed Beasts

The tailed beasts were integral to Naruto, especially the nine-tailed fox sealed within Naruto himself. He encountered other jinchuriki on his journeys – hosts bonded with tailed beasts feared for their power.

The criminal group Akatsuki sought to capture all-tailed beasts as weapons. Though feared, the beasts could also benefit their loyal hosts.

Fans Question Sanity Of The Boruto Writer For Not Including Naruto's Main Characters
Naruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

Yet in Boruto, tailed beasts receive scarce mentions despite their previous significance. With Akatsuki gone, one would assume the remaining free beasts have continued developing uniquely. A

s they share chakra ties with Naruto, revisiting them could make for enlightening stories. Their rich potential feels wasted in absence when they could showcase growth.

Besides Kurama’s link to Naruto’s history, the tailed beasts seem oddly abandoned as Boruto progresses a new generation’s tale.

It is hopeful their stories will resurface beyond vague references to the past Nine-Tails host. They deserve attention as more than just legends or threats tied to the old order.


The Akatsuki represented perhaps the greatest adversary Naruto ever confronted. Between hunting jinchuriki, Pain’s assault on the village, and Obito collaborating with Madara, they nearly destroyed the Shinobi world.

While the group contained several powerful rogue ninjas, technically, only one member remains alive in the Boruto timeline – Hidan.

Shikamaru left Hidan’s body dismembered and buried deep in the Nara clan forest, though some accounts suggest Hidan survives due to his immortality.

Fans Question Sanity Of The Boruto Writer For Not Including Naruto's Main Characters
Naruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

With his history battling Naruto and company, Hidan could have made an intriguing early foe for Boruto to face.

It would have shed light on the new Ino-Shika-Cho trio by exploring Shikamaru’s past actions against Hidan for killing his teacher.

As an embittered remnant of the Akatsuki era, Hidan’s return could have forged an exciting bridge from Naruto’s generation to Boruto’s.

His still-intact grudge matches well with the show’s efforts to blend old and new.

Rather than abandon this loose thread completely, they could have neatly tied it into the modern narrative while uncovering fresh layers of the Leaf Village’s past in the process

The Great Toad Sages

The Great Toad Sages were integral to Naruto’s development during his formative training days with Master Jiraiya. As both Jiraiya’s signature summoned allies and respected mystics, the oversized amphibians filled dual roles.

Beyond giving rides and lending their combat abilities, the wisecracking toads offered wisdom. Whether through prophecy hints or battle strategy teachings, they helped advance Naruto’s skills.

Fans Question Sanity Of The Boruto Writer For Not Including Naruto's Main Characters
Naruto (Credits: Masashi Kishimoto)

Their presence also underscored the capabilities of high-level shinobi in commanding such mighty creatures.

Yet their humor and wit endeared them just as much as their power. Moments like Naruto first inadvertently summoning the cantankerous Chief Toad Bunta captured fans’ imagination.

Seeing Bunta subsequently saving a free-falling Naruto highlighted heroics with a dose of laughs.

The toads’ impressive scale and loyalty in even absurd scenarios made them fan favorites. They reinforced bonds between shinobi and their animal partners while using comedy to elevate tension.

Looking back, the Great Toad Sages were perfect supporting players throughout Naruto’s journey under Master Jiraiya.

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