Everything Announced During Destiny 2’s Final Shape Showcase

At long last, The Final Shape DLC showcase has been revealed for Destiny 2. Needless to say, but an abundance of announcements were made throughout the livestream, so we’re going to break down all of it. This is everything announced during Destiny 2’s Final Shape Showcase.

New Location: The Pale Heart

Destiny 2 Final Shape
Image Source: Bungie.net

The first major announcement was the reveal of the new location, The Pale Heart, the inside of the Traveler. This will be the final major destination of the Light and Darkness Saga, where we will make our last stand against The Witness. The Raid will also take place here. Bungie has also confirmed the destination will change and evolve when the Raid is completed. On top of that, the location will feature memorable places like the original Destiny 1 Tower, and more.

Not much else was revealed regarding the location, but Bungie has stated this is their most ambitious destination yet, and they are very excited for Guardians to traverse it next year.

New Darkness Enemy: Subjugators

Destiny 2 The Final Shape
Image Source: Bungie.net

Earlier this year, we were introduced to a new darkness enemy, Tormentors, and next year, we’re getting the next version of them, Subjugators. Subjugators will use our newly acquired Darkness powers, Stasis and Strand, against us throughout the campaign. Freezing, tangling, and more, it’s safe to assume they have almost all of our Darkness abilities. Let’s just hope the Strand one can’t use Grapple!

New Light Subclass Supers

Destiny 2 Final Shape
Image Source: Bungie.net

Instead of a third Darkness Subclass, the showcase announced three new Light Subclass supers, one for each class. Warlocks are getting a Solar super, similar to their Destiny 1 Radiance Super.

For the first time ever, Titans are getting a one-off Void super where they can throw an axe and then pick it up and run around with it. Finally, Hunters are getting an Arc super that allows them to blink across the map in a devastating shockwave.

It feels odd not getting a third Darkness subclass, but these new Light subclass supers are a very cool addition.

Season Of The Witch Announced

Destiny 2 Season 22
Image Source: Bungie,net

At long last, we finally have a name for Season 22, Season of the Witch. Season of the Witch revolves around the return of Eris Morn, Ikora Rey, and Savathun’s Ghost, Immaru, whom we must team up with in order to bring down the Hive War God, Xivu Arath, once and for all. We’ll have more guides for Season of the Witch coming out over the next few days, so stay tuned!

New Episode Formula

Destiny 2 Final Shape
Image Source: Bungie.net

One of the most significant announcements to come out of the showcase is the reveal of Bungie’s plan for post-Final Shape content. Replacing the usual seasonal formula is a new setup revolving around Episodes. Episodes are more extensive than regular Seasons but don’t replace big DLC drops. Rather than the standard two-and-a-half to three-month Seasons, Episodes will be four-month-long content drops, where Bungie will bring updates to the game every six weeks rather than drop everything at once at the beginning of a Season, leaving weeks on end without content.

This will be the start of a new saga for the game, and Bungie is all-in for keeping the game going well beyond the Final Shape.

In-Game LFG

Destiny 2 Season 23
Image Source: Bungie.net

While not releasing during the Final Shape, the showcase finally gave us our first look at the In-Game LFG system that was announced last year during the Lightfall showcase. At the start of Season 23, the Fireteam Finder feature will go live, allowing Guardians to find and team up with other players in-game, without needing an outside source. We’ll know more details as we get closer to Season 23, which launches at the end of November. Either way, it’s exciting to see this long-asked for feature make its debut into the game.

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