Every Special Guest Star and Cameo in Season 12 of Curb Your Enthusiasm

Season 12 of Curb Your Enthusiasm has finally arrived, and star and creator Larry David has once again put together an incredible cast of renowned guest stars and cameos. Throughout its two-decade run, Ricky Gervais, Michael J.

Fox, Rosie O’Donnell, and all four of Seinfeld’s major cast members have made guest appearances on Curb Your Enthusiasm. When appearing on Curb Your Enthusiasm, guest stars have the option of portraying a satirically elevated version of themselves, a la Woody Harrelson, or a fictional character, such as Steve Coogan as Larry’s therapist Dr. Bright.

Curb Your Enthusiasm season 12 features a wide cast of well-known actors, from returning favourites like Jimmy Kimmel to intriguing newcomers like Sharlto Copley, who plays an eccentric businessman who invites Larry to perform at his birthday party in Atlanta.

Curb Your Enthusiasm season 12
Curb Your Enthusiasm season 12 (Credit: HBO)

Curb Your Enthusiasm season 12, which is billed as the show’s last, has welcomed back cherished supporting characters from previous seasons along with some fantastic new ones. Season 12 of Curb Your Enthusiasm has several well-known guest stars and appearances.

Jimmy Kimmel As Himself

In the opening montage of Curb Your Enthusiasm’s season 12, episode 1, “Atlanta,” Jimmy Kimmel portrays himself. The montage depicts Maria Sofia’s quick ascent to popularity following her breakthrough role in Young Larry, which included a guest appearance on Kimmel’s late-night program.

In a prior appearance on Kimmel’s show, “Foisted!” (season 9, episode 1), Kimmel played himself as Larry, who came to promote his musical Fatwa! and ultimately received a true fatwa from the Ayatollah.

Ellia English As Auntie Rae

Ellia English, who played Leon’s aunt Auntie Rae in Curb Your Enthusiasm season 12, makes a comeback in the role. After her home was devastated by a hurricane, Auntie Rae resided with Larry for a spell. After an unpleasant misunderstanding in season 7, episode 2, “Vehicular Fellatio,” Auntie Rae stormed out of Larry’s house angrily.

Since then, she hasn’t been seen. She returns to the show fifteen years later as Larry and Leon pay her a visit in Atlanta. When she accepts his offer of bottled water while waiting to cast her ballot at a polling place, she unintentionally causes Larry to be jailed.

Sharlto Copley As Michael Fouchay

Sharlto Copley portrays Michael Fouchay, the affluent businessman who invites Larry and Maria Sofia to attend his birthday celebration in Atlanta. Copley is most recognized for his roles as the title robot in Chappie and Wikus van der Merwe in District 9.

Copley is South African, which fits Michael’s persona since Larry gets upset when Michael claims to be African. Michael casts doubt on Larry’s friendliness throughout the episode, arguing that he broke his contract by not being a gregarious enough attendee at the party.

Jon Reep As Emmett

Jon Reep portrays Emmett, the acquaintance Larry makes while incarcerated in Curb Your Enthusiasm season 12, episode 2, “The Lawn Jockey.” Reep is well known for being the guy from the Dodge commercials who asks, “That thing got a Hemi?”

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 12
Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 12 (Credit: HBO)

He won season five of Last Comic Standing and starred as Police Officer Gerald Bob in the sitcom Rodney. The hard way teaches Emmett that his connection with Larry David has unintended repercussions. Emmett is jailed after Larry gives him a jacket that still has the tag on it.

Saverio Guerra As Joe D’Angelo

Saverio Guerra portrays Joe D’Angelo, Larry’s attorney. Though Guerra has portrayed Woodstock in Summer of Sam and Chet the doorman in Bad Boys, fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm know him best as Larry’s longtime antagonist Mocha Joe.

Jeff and Larry both note that the attorney is exactly like Mocha Joe. The episode leaves it unclear, but the individual might be Mocha Joe in disguise, hatching another vindictive plan against Larry.

How to watch Curb Your Enthusiasm?

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