Every Pistol & Revolver, Ranked Worst To Best


  • The best handgun in Red Dead Redemption 2 is the Schofield Revolver, with well-rounded stats and the ability to drop enemies with a single headshot.
  • The LeMat Revolver is unique because it can fire shotgun shells, making it useful in close-range combat situations.
  • While pistols and revolvers are not as powerful as shotguns and rifles, they offer a combination of accuracy and speed that is essential for dispatching large enemy groups.

The best revolver in Red Dead Redemption 2 can turn Arthur Morgan into one of the deadliest gunslingers in the West, but the worst can make him feel like an amateur at a shooting range. There are a total of 16 pistols and revolvers in RDR2, and while some are extremely common and can be bought in nearly every town and settlement, others are rare and can only be pried from the hands of bandit leaders. Regardless of how they’re obtained, each handgun performs differently than the next, and it’s important that players take their strengths and weaknesses into consideration.

Generally, pistols and revolvers are nowhere near as powerful and effective as shotguns and rifles. However, where rifles prioritize range and shotguns prioritize power, handguns provide an unmatched combination of accuracy and speed, which can be indispensable in dispatching large enemy groups. Plus, Arthur can actually dual-wield handguns in RDR2, which allows him to unload a storm of lead in dicey situations (and also feels quite exciting, if not a bit theatrical). Whether common or rare, single or double, these are all the handguns Arthur can wield in RDR2, ranked from worst overall to best.


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17 RDR2’s Double-Action Revolver Is The Worst Handgun In The Game

Purchased From All Gunsmiths

A Double-Action Revolver in Red Dead Redemption 2, being inspected.

The Double-Action Revolver lands at the bottom of the list because of its low damage and middle-of-the-road reload speed, detracting from its snappy rate of fire. Sure, it’s fast, but it doesn’t have much else to show for it. Simply put, the Double-Action revolver in Red Dead Redemption 2 sacrifices too much for speed, and there are plenty of other handguns that fire just as quickly, only with higher damage and quicker reload speed. The Double-Action revolver becomes available at all gunsmiths after beginning Chapter 3.

16 RDR2’s High Roller Revolver Has The Same Stats As The Double-Action Revolver

Purchased From Fences

Being a mere re-skin of the Double-Action Revolver, the High Roller revolver isn’t much of an improvement. As players suffer through its low damage and accuracy, they can at least do it in more style with the handgun’s unique carvings, which depict various gambler motifs (like dice and a deck of cards). Appropriately, the High Roller revolver can be purchased from a fence after completion of the poker-centric mission “A Fine Night of Debauchery.”

15 Micah’s Revolver Is An Edgier Double-Action

Lootable From Mount Hagen After “American Venom”

Micah’s revolver is a customized Double-Action with a red-and-black skull grip and a custom engraving reading “Vengeance is hereby mine,” which perfectly fits Red Dead Redemption 2 antagonist Micah Bell‘s treacherous personality. While it might be more striking than the average Double-Action visually, it still suffers from the same shortcomings.

There are plenty of better handguns to choose from, but Micah’s revolver is at least a little more theatrically interesting. After the timeskip near the end of RDR2, players can return to the site of the “American Venom” mission – the peak of Mount Hagen – to find Micah’s weapon.

14 The Cattleman Revolver Is RDR2’s Default Handgun

In Arthur’s Inventory From The Beginning

A Cattleman Revolver on a table in RDR2.

The Cattleman revolver might be the first weapon that Arthur wields, but its stats are surprisingly well-rounded for being the starting handgun. The Cattleman’s stats are on par with, if not better than, many of RDR2‘s rare, expensive, or unlockable handguns, with the added bonus that the player never needs to go out of their way to look for it.

It’s nowhere near as flashy as some other weapons, but the Cattleman will get the job done. There are, however, plenty of better handguns in Red Dead Redemption 2, so while the Cattleman will serve Arthur well near the beginning of the game, it’s best to look for an upgrade before long.

13 Granger’s Revolver Is A Reskin Of RDR2’s Cattleman

Looted From Emmet Granger

A black and white image of someone holding the Granger Revolver in Red Dead Redemption 2

If players are looking for a Cattleman-esque weapon with a little more style to match the best Red Dead Redemption 2 outfits, they should look no further than Granger’s revolver. The rare handgun has all the same stats as the Cattleman, but comes with a dark metal finish and custom floral engravings. It’s still not the best revolver in RDR2, but it’s a true dueler’s weapon, and at least Arthur can look cool holding it.

Unfortunately, it’s a little more difficult to get, as Arthur will have to beat Emmet Granger in a duel to win the revolver. This is one of five side quests included in the mission “The Noblest of Men, and a Woman,” which has Arthur track down five notorious gunslingers across the west. These visits usually end in violence, and all except one reward Arthur with a unique weapon for his trouble.

Ironically, Granger doesn’t even use his signature handgun in the duel. He opts instead to use throwing knives.

12 Flaco’s Revolver Is Another Custom Cattleman

Looted From Flaco Hernández

A black and white image of someone holding Flaco's Revolver in RDR2.

Just like Granger’s Revolver, Flaco’s revolver is a Cattleman with a bit more pizzazz. The rare weapon comes with skull engravings and an ivory handle, which is carved with a depiction of an eagle eating a snake. It’ll do everything Cattleman is capable of, but look better while it’s doing it. In order to win this one, Arthur will have to defeat another gunslinger as part of “The Noblest of Men, and a Woman,” in this case, Flaco Hernández.

11 John’s Cattleman Revolver Is The Best Custom Cattleman

In John’s Inventory After “Motherhood”

John Marston looking at his revolver in RDR2.

Finally, John’s Cattleman revolver is the final (and best) of the unique Cattlemen in Red Dead Redemption 2. This one comes with more sentimental value than all the rest, since Red Dead Redemption protagonist John Marston owns it. It comes with a blackened steel finish and a bone grip to make it stand out among the rest, but that’s all it has going for it over the default Cattleman. It appears automatically in John’s inventory after completing the quest “Motherhood,” but he’s seen using it long before then.

10 Algernon’s Revolver Is High Speed, Low Damage

Requires Completion Of “Duchesses and other Animals”

Arthur Morgan's hand holding Algernon's Revolver in RDR2.

Algernon’s revolver is best known for its blindingly fast rate of fire, but unfortunately, it’s missing the damage to take it higher up in the ranking. The handgun is best saved for situations where enemies are overrunning Arthur, but it doesn’t stand a chance against high-health targets.

It takes some doing to get Algernon’s revolver. First, Arthur can meet its owner, Algernon Wasp, at the mayor of Saint Denis’ party, during the quest “The Gilded Cage.” If Arthur saves him from choking on a nut, he’ll invite him to visit his hat shop. Otherwise, Arthur will have to find the shop on his own. Algernon will ask him to gather a wide variety of materials for his hats – completing this may take the entire length of the game. Eventually, Arthur can return and save Algernon’s life again to get the Exotic Hat and Algernon’s revolver.

9 RDR2’s LeMat Revolver Has A Unique Advantage

Purchased From The Saint Denis Gunsmith

Arthur Morgan's hand holding a LeMat Revolver in RDR2.

Among handguns, the LeMat might have the slowest rate of fire, but it has a unique characteristic that sets it apart from any other RDR2 handgun: the ability to fire shotgun shells. This trait gives players a fallback if they ever run out of pistol ammo in a firefight, which can help immensely in getting out of close-range jams. Still, the LeMat is best complemented with a quicker sidearm to make up for its sluggishness. The LeMat is only available at the Saint Denis gunsmith, and even then, they only begin stocking it after completion of the Chapter Four quest “The Gilded Cage.”

8 RDR2’s M1899 Pistol Is A Technological Marvel

Purchased From The Saint Denis Gunsmith

The M1899 pistol on a table in RDR2

The M1899 is the most modern weapon in the game, but it’s still not quite the best handgun in RDR2. Its gimmick is that it’s semi-automatic, certainly a novelty at the turn of the century. As a result, it’s all about speed and less about power, making it best for close-quarters fights with large hordes of enemies.

Unfortunately, it can only be found in Saint Denis after completion of the Chapter Three mission “The Battle of Shady Belle,” making it harder to come by for newer players. However, once it’s available, it makes a decent addition to Arthur’s arsenal.

7 RDR2’s Semi-Automatic Pistol Is Shockingly Fast

Purchased From The Valentine & Saint Denis Gunsmiths

The Semi-Automatic pistol proves that the best gifts in life come in small packages. It trades accuracy and power for a blistering rate of fire, and also has a snappy reload speed. Its main weakness is its lack of accuracy, making it most effective in close encounters against multiple enemies. It’s satisfying to mow down such opposition nonetheless with the Semi-Automatic pistol. It can be purchased from the gunsmiths in Valentine and Saint Denis, shortly after finishing the Chapter Four mission “The Joys of Civilization.”

6 RDR2’s Mauser Pistol Has High Speed And High Capacity

Purchased Or Looted

The Mauser Pistol on a table in Red Dead Redemption 2.

The Mauser can similarly turn enemies into Swiss cheese with its speedy rate of fire, reload speed, and ammo capacity. It can hold more bullets than any other handgun in the game, making it perfect for suppressive fire in a situation where Arthur is facing a swarm of enemies. Sadly, the Mauser falls short in the range and power departments, which means it’s best partnered with a slower but more powerful handgun.

The Mauser becomes available at the Valentine and Saint Denis gunsmiths at the beginning of Chapter Six. However, it can be picked up earlier (and for free) when Angelo Bronte chucks one at John during the mission “Revenge is a Dish Best Eaten.”

5 RDR2’s Midnight Pistol Is Lustrous, But Lackluster

Looted From Billy Midnight

Arthur's hand holding a Midnight Pistol in Red Dead Redemption 2.

The Midnight Pistol is a unique variant of the Mauser, and the best pistol in Red Dead Redemption 2. However, it’s far from the game’s best handgun overall. It has the same stats as its predecessor, but its gold plating will make it glimmer in the sunshine and make Arthur’s outfit glitzier than a standard Mauser. It’s also obtained in a gunslinger duel, this time with Billy Midnight.

4 RDR2’s Volcanic Pistol Blows Enemies Away

Purchased From Any Gunsmith

A Volcanic Pistol on a table in Red Dead Redemption 2.

The Volcanic Pistol does more damage than any other handgun in RDR2, and is simple to get a hold of. All gunsmiths begin stocking it as players progress through Red Dead Redemption 2‘s story, specifically after they’ve completed Chapter One. It suffers from a lackluster rate of fire, but sharpshooters will make great acquaintances with the gun regardless.

3 Calloway’s Revolver Is An Excellent Dual-Wield Option

Looted From Jim “Boy” Calloway

Arthur's hand holding Calloway's Revolver in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Calloway’s revolver is a jack-of-all-trades in RDR2, and is best used to round out any dual-wield build. The unique weapon is a custom-engraved Schofield revolver with silver plating and custom engraving, making it flashier than standard Schofields. However, it has all the same stats: high damage, near-perfect accuracy, and a blistering fire rate. Calloway’s revolver is obtained from the gunslinger of the same name – Jim “Boy” Calloway – after beating him in a duel.

In yet another RDR2 Easter egg, the barrel of Calloway’s Schofield has a custom engraving reading, “Canis canem edit.” This is Latin for “Dog eat dog,” and also happens to be the motto of Bullworth Academy in another Rockstar game, Bully.

2 Otis Miller’s Revolver Is Pretty, But Hard To Find

Found In A Treasure Hunt

Arthur's hand holding Otis Miller's Revolver in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Like Calloway’s, Otis Miller’s revolver is a rare Schofield. But where Calloway’s gun is silver plated, Miller’s is made entirely of gold and ivory, making it almost as flashy as the Midnight Revolver’s solid-gold body. It’s among the coolest-looking handguns in the game, but players will need to successfully solve a treasure hunt in Red Dead Redemption 2 in order to acquire it. The treasure hunt is only available in the game’s epilogue, so it’s best saved for last.

1 The Schofield Revolver Is The Best Handgun In RDR2

Purchased From Any Gunsmith

The Schofield Revolver on a table in Red Dead Redemption 2.

The Schofield is the best revolver in RDR2, hands-down. It is slightly slower than some of the speed-demons on this list, like the Mauser, but a headshot from this well-rounded weapon will drop anything that stands in Arthur’s way. Dual-wielding Schofields in RDR2 makes a deadly combo, and since the revolver is available at all gunsmiths fairly early in the campaign, immediately after the Chapter Two mission “Blessed are the Meek?,” it’s always worth picking up.

Other pistols and revolvers may have a flashier appearance, but at the end of the day, the Schofield Revolver is the best handgun. It has the best stats all around, and is useful in almost any situation. Still, other handguns have their own applications. With the occasional need for quick shooting, long range, and alternate ammo types, there’s no such thing as a bad gun in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Source: YoungBrothers/YouTube

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