Every Mission Fail In Mr. & Mrs. Smith: What Were The Reasons?

Before they are “finalized,” the title characters in Mr. & Mrs. Smith are permitted a certain number of mission failures; each failure is frequently brought on by the couple’s complex romance. Maya Erskine and Donald Glover, who also co-created the series with Francesca Sloane, were cast as John and Jane Smith in Amazon’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

They play two spies who are partnered by an unidentified agency. Their business relationship soon becomes personal, which helps and hinders them in their demanding work lives. Apart from that fundamental idea, Mr. & Mrs. Smith has no connection to the 2005 movie.

Nevertheless, the couple’s job remains a mystery in both versions. They only communicate with “Hihi,” the head of the spy agency in the 2024 series, through text, and “he” doesn’t take no for an answer. Each Smith couple is given three mission failures in total.

After the final mission failure, the “High Risk” Smiths, Parker Posey and Wagner Moura, are brought in to eliminate the underperforming pairs. After three failed missions, John and Jane are tagged for death in the Mr. & Mrs. Smith season 1 finale.

Every Mission Fail In Mr. & Mrs. Smith

The mission assigned to John and Jane in “Second Date” is to administer truth serum to real estate developer Eric Shane. Though she makes it clear that there will be no casualties on the trip, Hihi is curious about Shane’s secrets.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Credit: Prime Video)

Even though they manage to sneak inside Shane’s auction, things immediately spiral out of control. Shane receives two doses of the serum by accident from the Smiths, which turns out to be a lethal dosage.

John apologizes for the loss and gives Hihi a list of all the secrets Shane revealed before he passed away. Still, the antagonist of Mr. & Mrs. Smith punishes the pair for their “incomplete” assignment, warning them that they have “2 Fails Remaining.”

Fortunately, this blunder motivates the pair to approach their new job with greater seriousness, and they function successfully together for a while.

Beginning with the couple attending marriage counselling, “Couples Therapy (Naked & Afraid)” is the sixth episode of Mr. & Mrs Smith.

Played by Sarah Paulson from American Horror Story, John and Jane discuss in coded language how their professional lives are impacting their relationship with their therapist throughout three sessions.

The third episode of this season, which is the best, shows how the Smiths failed to find and kill a target while on a mission in the woods.

Rather, they get disoriented and have a brutal, heartbreaking fight; John lashes out at Jane for being cold and emotionless, while Jane mocks him for trying to be “macho” and for calling his mother so much.

Hihi receives their second red mark and isn’t pleased to hear that their target managed to escape either. In the “Infidelity” cold open of Mr. & Mrs. Smith episode 7, Jane meets Bev, a woman she thinks is having an affair with John.

To cut a long story short, John has been having an “emotional” affair with Bev, an agent for a competing company, for a month in the hopes of finding out more about their own business.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (Credit: Prime Video)

As it happens, Hihi gives Jane the command to get involved in this mission; nonetheless, the Smiths fail this mission for the third and last time when Bev runs away.

In the epilogue of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, failing the final task has dire consequences that lead to the couple attempting to murder one another.

Season 1 concludes on a significant cliffhanger as they eventually discover that the “High-Risk” Smiths have been trying to deceive each other into offing one other to save themselves the trouble.

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