Every Main Character’s Age in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

One of the funniest sitcoms of the decade, Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows the the detectives of the 99th Precinct in Brooklyn, New York, as they balance their personal lives and action-packed jobs. The series, which ran for 8 seasons, ended in September 2021, but it will remain in the fans’ hearts forever.

Although Brooklyn Nine-Nine also had some dramatic scenes and heartwarming moments, its general tone was obviously comedic, and it highly depended on its characters’ ineptitude and absurdity. More often than not, the whole squad behaved as if they were just teenagers in a high school classroom. But in reality, they’re all adults at different stages of their life.

Updated by Ajay Aravind on December 6, 2023: Brooklyn Nine-Nine might have experienced a few hiccups going into its final season, but this police procedural remains one of the best sitcoms of the 21st century. With characters from various walks of life, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has an incredibly diverse cast. As such, we’ve updated this article with more information about the main characters’ ages.

9 Michael Hitchcock Is Arguably the Most Offensive Character

60 Years Old

Michael Hitchcock showing off his new tattoo in Brooklyn Nine-Nine


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Michael Hitchcock isn’t the most popular detective in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. However, he and his partner, Norm Scully, were promoted to regulars after the second season because their incompetence, vulgarity, and gluttony made for one of the funniest dynamics in the show.

Although the series never states Hitchcock’s real age, “Hitchcock & Scully,” the sixth season’s second episode, starts with a flashback to 1986 in which both cops successfully capture the mafia boss Gio Costa. In this flashback, Hitchcock looks around 25 years old, which would make him around 52 years old in the first season and around 60 when the series ended.

8 Norm Scully Is as Inept as Hitchcock but He’s Likeable

62 Years Old

Scully Reading A Book in Brooklyn Nine Nine

Although Hitchcock and Scully started just being particularly inept, they soon received their own gross personalities. While Hitchcock is known for being crass and overly sexual, Scully is a bit more innocent. However, he’s just as disgusting, especially when it comes to bodily functions and diseases.

Scully’s real age isn’t revealed on the show, but in the “Hitchcock & Scully” flashback, he looks slightly older than Hitchcock. Assuming he was 27 at the time, that would make him 54 years old in the first season and 62 in the last one.

7 Gina Linetti Remained a Fan Favorite Even After Her Exit

41 Years Old

Gina Linetti talking to another character in Brooklyn-99


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Although Gina left the series in the sixth season, she remained a fan favorite. Although she’s the only civilian in Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s roster, Gina is completely out of touch with reality. While she’s fond of her co-workers, she believes herself to be beyond them, which translates into sardonic remarks whenever anyone requests anything from her.

The series never explicitly states Gina’s age, but given that she and Jake share their high-school reunion in “The Tattler,” it’s safe to believe she’s the same age as him. In “The Apartment,” Jake mentions he’s 33 years old, which means Gina would have been the same age. This would mean she was around 38-39 when she left the precinct in the sixth season and 40-41 by the end of the show.

6 Charles Boyle Is Eccentric, Wholesome, and Completely Oblivious

47 Years Old

Charles Boyle in the bullpen during Halloween in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Not the smartest detective but always optimistic, Charles Boyle is Jake’s best friend and partner. He’s an eccentric individual who tends to be oblivious to the sexual nature of his comments. However, he’s also a wholesome man whose only dream is to have a happy and healthy family.

In the first season’s episode, “Christmas,” Charles says he’s 42 years old because he calculates his age from the year his parents met. Of course, this isn’t true. In “Hostage Situation,” during the third season, fans get a glimpse of Charles and Eleanor’s marriage certificate. The document states Charles was born in 1974. That would make him around 39 when the show starts and 47 for the series finale.

5 Terry Jeffords Is Both the Brawniest and Softest Squad Member

52 Years Old

Sergeant Terry Jeffords at his desk in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Although he’s the brawniest member of the squad, Terrence “Terry” Jeffords is also the softest. Since he’s an avid bodybuilder, people think he’s a badass, but in reality, he’s quite sensitive, which makes him a great father and boss. When it comes to helping others, he’s the most loyal co-worker in the 99th Precinct, although his anxiety may get in the way sometimes.

There’s no information online about Terry’s birthday, but in “The Suicide Squad,” the 18th episode of the sixth season, he refers to himself as a 70-year-old Terry when discussing life 20 years later. This reveals he was around 50 at the time. By this logic, he’s 44 in the first season of the show and 52 by the end of it.

4 Rosa Díaz Is the Resident Badass With a Mysterious Past

38 Years Old

Rosa Diaz in a team briefing in Brooklyn Nine Nine


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The 99th Precinct’s badass, Rosa Díaz is a scary, smart, and brave woman with a mysterious past. Although she spends a lot of time with her co-workers, there’s a recurrent gag about how little everyone knows about her life. In fact, in “Greg & Larry,” the 22nd episode of the third season, she mentions that Rosa Díaz isn’t her real name. Obviously, this isn’t explored any further.

Since Rosa is particularly private, it isn’t possible to know her age for sure. However, in “Cop-Con,” she can hear the sound-emitting machine, so she’s definitely younger than 35 years old. Since her style is effortlessly more youthful than other members of the precinct, it makes sense that she’s younger than most, so she must probably be around 30 when the show begins, which would make her 38 by the series finale.

3 Amy Santiago Is Responsible and Smart but Also Hilarious

38 Years Old

Amy Santiago in Raymond Holt's office in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Amy Santiago is the nerd of the 99th Precinct. She’s a responsible and smart woman whose sense of duty makes her annoying but also one of the most trustworthy detectives out there. Given her hard work and her natural talent, no one was surprised when she became a sergeant and then the department chief.

During “Casecation” in the sixth season, Amy and Jake discuss having kids. As an argument in favor, Amy explains to Jake that she isn’t getting younger, and when Jake asks for some time, she tells her she can’t wait two years for him and then start over at 38. Based on this, it’s safe to assume Amy is 36 at that moment. This means she’s 30 years old during the first season and 38 during the last one.

2 Raymond Holt Is the Strict but Lovable Captain of the 99th Precinct

71 Years Old

Captain Raymond Holt pointing in Brooklyn Nine-Nine


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A stoic but eccentric man, Raymond Holt starts on the show as nothing but the strict captain of the 99th Precinct. However, slowly and steadily, he’s pulled into Jake and the rest of the squad’s shenanigans. While he never stops being as stoic as in the first season, he definitively normalizes the chaos, especially when it comes to the Halloween Heist.

“He Said, She Said,” the 18th episode of the sixth season, features a flashback to 1981, during which Holt catches the Disco Strangler. Considering his clothing and style, as well as his prolific career as a police officer and then-detective, it’s safe to assume Holt is around 30 in this scene. This would make him 63 years old during the first season and 71 during the last one.

1 Jake Peralta Finally Grows Up By the End of the Last Season

40 Years Old

Immature but talented, Jake Peralta grows throughout Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Granted, he never stops being childish — after all, this is part of his charm. However, he becomes a more responsible man, especially after he and Amy decide to have a family together. Although he’s still as impulsive as ever, Jake learns to think about consequences before acting once he becomes a dad.

Jake is one of the few characters on the show with an established age. During “The Apartment,” in the first season, he mentions he’s 33 years old. Six years later, in the seventh season, Rosa says that he’s 38. This checks out when considering he’s about to turn 39. By this logic, Jake is around 40 by the end of the show.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Comedy series following the exploits of Det. Jake Peralta and his diverse, lovable colleagues as they police the NYPD’s 99th Precinct.

Release Date
September 17, 2013

Andy Samberg, Stephanie Beatriz, Terry Crews

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8 Seasons

Dan Goor, Michael Schur

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