EST Gee Warns Bootleg Kev After Walking Out Of Interview

EST Gee doesn’t appear to be the biggest Bootleg Kev fan right now after he walked out of an interview with the radio personality, before putting him on blast on social media.

The Louisville, Kentucky native appeared on The Bootleg Kev Podcast on Tuesday (August 15) for what was supposed to be a lengthy conversation, but things went left after just 25 minutes when Gee grew frustrated with Kev’s questions.

The rapper’s irritation boiled over when the podcaster began asking him about his high school and college football career, which he felt had little to do with his upcoming album El Toro 2 which he was there to promote.

“What do that got to do with music and shit, bro?” he asked after Bootleg Kev inquired about his pre-fame days as a star linebacker at Indiana State University.

“No, I’m just curious because I’m a huge football fan and I find it fascinating that you have like a real high-level football run before the rap shit took off,” Kev explained.

After Kev attempted to put the interview back on track by asking EST Gee about his deal with Yo Gotti’s CMG (Collective Music Group) imprint, the 29-year-old suddenly stood up and left the room without saying a word.

Bootleg Kev later shared the footage on YouTube with the title “EST Gee Did NOT Want to Talk About Being a Football Player,” and while it turned into a viral moment, it only irked the rapper even more as he proceeded to call out Kev on his Instagram Stories.

The Bigger Than Life or Death MC clarified that he was annoyed not just because of the football questions, but by Kev asking him about the porn star Brian Pumper and whether aliens exist, which he also felt were irrelevant to his new album.

EST Gee Escorted Out Of Mall By Police For Wearing ‘Illegal’ Mask

EST Gee Escorted Out Of Mall By Police For Wearing ‘Illegal’ Mask

He also accused Kev of seeking a viral moment by posting the interview clip online so quickly, before warning him not to “play” with him.

“@bootlegkev You tryna play it like I walked out cause of football like [I] ain’t did plenty interviews talking about playing and talk about it in my music,” he wrote.

“You asking me if I remembered an old man pornstar. If I believe in aliens and the NFL combine????? WTF do that got to do with my album dropping Friday? And I literally just walked out that interview 2 hours ago you already got a clip up??? You tryna go viral LOL 100.”

He added: “I got real life shit going [on] ask around Ion feel like playing so please don’t play wit me cause I play crazy.”

Bootleg Kev also took to social media after the fact to clarify a few things, explaining that he was specifically informed by EST Gee’s team that he wanted to touch on leftfield topics beyond music.

“About the @ESTGEE thing- I’m a fan of his music & was genuinely excited to talk to him,” he tweeted. “I was told by his team that he wanted to not have an interview NOT filled with typical stuff where we talk about music this music that etc.

“Apparently he has a wide-range of interests that include the ‘Universe’ & Quantum Physics etc (what I was told)…so I approached our interview as I do every single one- let’s have fun, shoot the shit and get to know who you are outside of the music + persona.”

He continued: “He came 90 minutes late (which isn’t unique with some artists) and didn’t ever really seem to want to talk or be interviewed. I don’t care, I’m still a fan of his music and we got a moment out of it for the Internet. No hard feelings.

“I look forward 2 talking about aliens, Brian Pumper, & Football with tons of other artists in the future! Go grab that EST GEE album #ElToro2 this Friday tho- & salute 2 my friends at CMG & Interscope! I create content for a living and today was for better or worse a moment!”

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