Episode 7’s Biggest DC Easter Eggs

My Adventures with Superman Season 1 keeps making big changes to the Man of Steel’s lore. For a case in point, Jimmy and Lois discover Clark’s secret early on. There’s also the likes of the Brain and Monsieur Mallah being allies.

Other additional changes include Parasite actually being Dr. Ivo, which helps to differentiate the show from other cartoons. However, the series does pay homage to the source material at key intervals. Episode 7 leans into the DC Multiverse concept pretty hard, unraveling quite a few cool DC Easter eggs and references.

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10 The DCAU Versions of Lois and Clark

DCAU Clark Kent in My Adventures With Superman

In the opening act, the Imp from the Fifth Dimension, Mr. Mxyzptlk, visits Clark to trick him into a heist. He’s adamant he knows Clark’s identity, turning Clark into many heroic versions of Superman. He swaps him into the Max Fleischer version from the 1940s (aka Earth-12), and the Super Friends Kal-El from the 1970s cartoon (aka Earth-50).

He then turns Clark into Earth-508’s Superman. This Kal-El was found in the DCAU series Superman: The Animated Series, Justice League and Justice League Unlimited. He’s the version from 1990s and 2000s fans connect with the most, proving the Imp knows his Multiverse well. In addition, the DCAU version of Lois Lane is spotted as a hologram on the League of Lois Lanes’ ship. A hologram of the Fleischer Lois is seen as well, with her being dubbed Lois Prime: the one that started the League after discovering the existence of the DC Multiverse.

9 The Evil Versions of Superman

My Adventures with Superman hints at the Injustice arc

Mxyzptlk later reveals to Lois that some Supermen turn bad. She sees it herself in technology she stole from the League. There’s a version of Ultraman — an evil variant from Earth-3 that debuted in the comics during the 1960s. In the comics, he broke bad on Earth-3, teaming up with various Lex Luthors to control all reality. He’d eventually form the Crime Syndicate to continue this dark vision.

Lois even sees a Justice Lords variant, which is taken from the JusticeLeague cartoon. That world saw Superman murder President Luthor and transform the League into a fascist group. They took down governments and ruled the planet with an iron fist. Overall, what Lois sees further nods to the Injustice Superman, who also became a dictator.

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8 Doctor Fate’s Helmet

Doctor Fate's Helmet appears in My Adventures with Superman

When Mxyzptlk takes Clark into the cosmic vault, he’s hoping to find his signature hat and regain full power. They find many DC artifacts along the way. Some, like Raven’s cloak, some Thanagarian metal wings, and Wonder Woman’s lasso, fly by in seconds.

Others do get more focus. Encased in one is Doctor Fate’s Helmet of Nabu, which turns its wielder into a powerful mage. The likes of Kent Nelson and Khalid Nassour have donned it, becoming this iconic sorcerer and avatar who’s been fighting for Order and against the Lords of Chaos since the 1940s. Doctor Fate has been seen in many cartoons, including YoungJustice and the 2022 BlackAdam movie, sticking up for the supernatural realm.

7 A Mother/Father Box

A Mother or Father Box appears in My Adventures with Superman

In the vault, fans can spot either a Mother or Father Box. This is the teleportation device Jack Kirby envisioned when he developed the Fourth World for DC. They were made by the Apokoliptian scientist, Himon, using the mysterious Element X in the 1970s.

The Forever People, Darkseid’s armies, and the New Genesis heroes used them to access the Boom Tube portals. In time, the Justice League would as well, teleporting across the galaxy in many comics and cartoons. YoungJustice further explored these boxes as sentient supercomputers, leaving fans curious if Superman will meet these other aliens here.

6 A Flight Ring

A flight ring appears in My Adventures with Superman

One of the flight rings that belongs to the Legion of Super-Heroes is also seen in the museum. It’s appropriate given the Legion had quite a history with Superman, educating him on the time stream. He even trained with them for a bit — a concept many cartoons have explored, affirming why they’d all view him as their idol down the line.

Season 1 of My Adventures with Superman had Brain and Mallah slipping away through a portal to a new dimension. This opens the idea of black holes and rips in space-time being dissected. It has some thinking the Legion will appear down the line.

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5 The Thanagarian Mace

A Thanagarian mace appears in My Adventures with Superman

A Thanagarian mace is seen as well. This is the iconic weapon Hawkman and Hawkgirl used for decades in the comics and cartoons. It doesn’t matter if it’s on Earth in ancient times, or fighting Rann’s legions — it’s their trusted tool of choice.

It’s made from Nth metal, teasing maybe Superman will find this indestructible metal in time. It could even be the robots the General and Deathstroke are using are made from it. It can’t be a coincidence, fueling speculation online that Hawkman and/or Hawkgirl will appear, whether as reincarnated lovers or cosmic law enforcement, per past iterations.

4 The Green Lantern Battery

A lantern appears in My Adventures with Superman

A Green Lantern battery is also seen next to Mister Terrific’s T-Ball in the museum. This battery was used by Alan Scott, the Justice Society of America’s Green Lantern from the 1940s. He’d use it to recharge his green ring, so he could maintain power for battle.

It would become iconic for the Green Lantern Corps in modern times, too. The likes of Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, etc. used it, plus there’s a giant one on Oa. It hints maybe Superman will meet these space cops down the line, maybe even making friends with those who came from Earth (aka Sector 2814).

3 Katana’s Soultaker

Katana's sword appears in My Adventures with Superman

Katana’s Soultaker sword is in a case. It’s been integral to the character’s essence since her inception in the 1980s. Katana aka Tatsu Yamashiro used the sword to avenge her husband, Maseo, after his brother, Takeo, betrayed him. She stored his soul inside, with some iterations just using the ethereal presence to power her up.

Others had her and the sword telepathically speaking to each other. During her latest Outsiders tenure, Katana realized it was a toxic, parasitic bond that she needed to cut. That said, it’s made for an intriguing dynamic, which David Ayer’s SuicideSquad film made a focal point of her purpose.

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2 Comet the Super-Horse

Comet appears in My Adventures with Superman

When Jimmy and Jalana Olsen chat on the League’s ship, they both share a love for conspiracies. Comet, the telepathic horse, is brought up from the archives as Jalana reveals the kookiest thing she encountered. This nods to Comet the Super-Horse from the 1960s, who could turn into a human: Bill Starr.

Coincidentally, Bill would date Supergirl for a bit. He also had a brief romance with Lois. It’s a weird, deep-cut, but hilarious one for old-school fans of the House of El.

1 The Cosmic Rod and T-Sphere

A cosmic rod appears in My Adventures with Superman

Stargirl’s Cosmic Rod is seen in a case. This staff has been used by Starman as well, which grants the user the ability to make energy constructs, fire energy blasts, fly, manipulate gravity fields and create force fields. In short, they become a cosmic god, albeit a grounded one. The CW’s Stargirl series recently brought it into the spotlight in a big way.

The T-Sphere used by Mister Terrific is also in a case. These orbs are sentient and obey his commands on anything. They can swarm opponents, fire on them, form shields, create holograms and help fortify Terrific as a one-man army — something even the Arrowverse explored.

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