Eiichiro Oda The Creator Of One Piece Stirs Up Controversy with AI generated Song

 Eiichiro Oda, the creator of a popular anime series, has created a controversy with the use of AI to create a Song for One Piece.

The rise of AI has recently increased substantially; we can see AI almost everywhere. Some are criticizing it for taking away people’s jobs, and some are saying it will be helpful in many ways for the industry and daily life for people. 

This is when Eiichiro Oda, Creator Of One Piece, took a bold step by using AI to create a song for One Piece, thus creating a controversy.

Luffy and Ace (Credits: Toei Animation)

If you don’t know about One Piece, then let me tell you that it is a very popular anime and manga series with millions and thousands of fans all around the world. It also has a Netflix live adaptation, which was released in 2023, and with many movies, merchandise, toys, etc. So, you get the point about how popular is One Piece.

One Piece AI-generated song by Eiichiro Oda 

The Song “YO-HO-HO We Pirates” was composed by Eiichiro Oda using AI for One Piece. While the song won’t be used officially in the anime television series, it has created controversy among the fans. The use of AI in such a creative way has become a trending topic in the entertainment world.

Sabo, Luffy, Ace from Left to Right (Credits: Toei Animation)

While this is not the first time something like this has happened in the world of artificial intelligence. In the previous year, the One Piece creator used AI for an art project in which he re-created a villain in the anime series in a different style. It was Rob Lucci in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc showcasing his interest and creativity using AI.

The Rise Of AI in the Entertainment World 

As I have mentioned earlier, how AI is on the rise is not only limited to One Piece but also in many other Shows or Anime. Earlier this year, Marvel, which is also a very popular Franchise, faced criticism for using AI to craft the opening of its Secret Invasion television series.

Netflix and Wit Studio are also in the controversy for collaboration to make an anime project titled “Dog And Boy” with the help of AI because of labor shortages in the anime industry. The project “Dog and Boy” is a joint effort of Netflix, which will be handling the animation technology, and Wit Studios, which will be employing AI to generate background images.

One Piece
Eustass Kid character from One Piece (Credits: Toei Animation)

Why Are Creators Preferring Use Of AI In the Entertainment Industry? 

Recently, there was news spreading around about how anime directors think that AI should replace humans because they don’t work properly and are lazy. This interview started spreading like wildfire in the anime community, and fans have mixed opinions on this debate.

The one to bring up this conversation was none other than Tomohisa Taguchi, the director who gained a lot of popularity in recent years for directing The Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna movie, Bleach Thousand-Year Blood War, and Akudama Drive.

One Piece
One Piece (Credits: Toei Animation)

All this took place at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival of 2023. Many directors had gathered there for the award ceremony. During the festival, a panel was held for the directors who had their movies in the market. One of them was Director Keiichi Hara and Tomohisa Taguchi.

While both of the directors were on the panel, they discussed the problems they were facing during the work together. Both of them had similar thoughts about how AI would be helpful and would reduce the amount of work.

The Worst Generation's Ages and Bounties in One Piece have Been Revealed by Oda Sensei
Zoro (Credits: Toei Animation)

Mr. Taguchi said that from now on, they will use more AI in anime production often as they will be helpful, while the other director, Mr. Hara, said that he agreed with Taguchi that AI could solve the problem of lazy animators.

The thoughts of these directors changed the perspective of many people, making them think that AI is very helpful and can be used for good. The use of AI will surely increase even more after seeing these popular people using it.

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