Did Mariah Carey Cheat on Luis Miguel? Truth Revealed

Mariah Carey was on a date with Latin singer Luis Miguel earlier this morning, and if the reports are true, it’s probably something Mariah Carey wants people to forget about.

It was widely reported that Carey suffered from bouts of depression after her relationship with Miguel ended. The Daily Mail notes that Miguel was her most serious relationship after her marriage to Tommy Mottola.

Carey was asked about her past relationship with Miguel, but she denied knowing him. Sources say Carey doesn’t like to talk about her time with Miguel and reportedly deleted all the photos she had of him.

Did Mariah Carey Cheat on Luis Miguel? Truth Revealed
Mariah Carey (Credits: Los Angeles Times)

Well, even if she likes it or not, we will discuss her right here. Did Mariah Carey Cheat on Luis Miguel? You will find out.

Who is Luis Miguel to Mariah Carey?

Carey and Miguel started their dating journey in 1998 while Carey was in the process of divorcing her music ex-husband, Tommy Mottola. They went different ways three years later.

Though the relationship, unfortunately, came to an end, Carey does not look back on time with any level of regret and is grateful for the time she spent with him.

Who is Luis Miguel to Mariah Carey?
Luis Miguel and Mariah Carey (Credits: People)

“It was all grand and something exciting, however, it was far from perfect,” she added. “Though we made an effervescent duo, it is always hard to live as well as love in the limelight.”

She confirmed that they both came into each other’s lives at a hard time, and they both wanted to focus on themselves for a little while.

“We were not of help to each other to heal,” she later discovered. “After three years, I knew it was time for us to part in different ways. We had a good run, and I still have some kind of fond memories, but ultimately, he was not the one.”

Did Mariah Carey Cheat on Luis Miguel?

During their relationship, Luis Miguel cheated on Mariah several times with less serious girls from Acapulco, Mexico. He clearly didn’t care about Mariah’s love for him.

Did Mariah Carey Cheat on Luis Miguel?
Miguel to Mariah Carey (Credits: PIX11)

Mariah was not good for Luis Miguel; he often dated women who were not as successful as himself, and with Mariah, it is a different story; she is one of the most successful artists of all time, and she is far more successful than Luis Miguel believes she should be and always remains the best.

For example, he never appeared on TV shows or in many interviews, trying to be more than the average Latin artist, and would have felt inferior to Mariah, which is why Luis Miguel broke off their relationship. This could be the main reason.

Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola

Tommy Mottola was supposedly abusive to Mariah Carey. In Mariah’s book, she devotes hundreds of pages to detailing how Mottola, who was 21 years older, abused her.

Mariah Carey’s account is that Tommy Mottola held her captive and exerted control over her. Mariah has recounted many accusations against Tommy Mottola, including the fact that he was threatening towards her when the marriage was over.

Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola
Mariah Carey and Tommy Mottola (Credits: People)

She has also accused him of being racist. Mariah Carey has described feeling like she was in prison when she was married to Mottola. Mottola, now 71, reiterated his role in Carey’s success in response to Carey’s accusations that he was controlling.

Mottola, now 71, reiterated his role in Carey’s success in response to Carey’s accusations that he was controlling.

“I am truly honored to have played this role in Mariah’s well-deserved and remarkable success, and I will continue to wish her and her family all the best in their pursuit,” Carey wrote to Page Six ahead of the publication of her memoir in a statement. Carey married Nick Cannon in the year 2008, however, they divorced eight years later in 2016.

Who Did Mariah Carey Date After Luis Miguel?

After Mariah went separate ways with Luis Miguel, which wasn’t hidden but made public, She carried on with her life to build later relationships with very wealthy and well-known celebrities.

The people Mariah dated include James Packer, who is an actor, and Eminem, who we know as a star rapper. And Bryan Tanaka, who is a dancer. As it stands, Mariah is engaged to billionaire James Packer, this is someone she has been dating since the year 2015.

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