Detective Frost Ending Explained: Did Agatha Make It Out Alive ?

What if being a determined detective doesn’t prove beneficial for you as your methods of getting the truth out in the open for people to know to get you criticized by the people who are senior to you instead of praising you for getting the truth out of the criminals or suspects of a crime?

How will you feel, as in, would you still be determined to get the truth out in the open for people to know? The protagonist of the series titled “Detective Frost” chooses to continue with the hard work and bring out the truth behind the gruesome crimes taking place in his area.

Directed by Daniel Jaroszek and Leszek Dawid, the Polish crime thriller drama focuses on Wiktor Frost joining hands with Olga Szrebska to solve the cases of the series of weird murders that strike up in the Tatra Mountains after being dismissed by his team.

The crime drama is adapted from a novel by the Polish writer and lawyer Remigiusz Mroz and adapted by Netflix for viewers to watch and enjoy in the form of a series, as not everyone is a fan of reading a novel, even though it is a masterpiece.

detective frost
Wiktor And Olga Continue to Investigate Together [Credits: Netflix]

Written by Agata Malesinska and Marcin Cecki, the Polish crime series is a masterpiece featuring Borys Szyc playing the role of Detective Wiktor Frost, the series protagonist and a brilliant detective trying to solve the series of murders occurring in the Tatra Mountains.

Andrzej Bienias plays the role of Edmund Oscia, Frost’s department’s police chief. Zuzanna Saporznikow plays the role of Olga Szrebska, the eccentric journalist; Kamilla Baar plays the role of Dominika Wadryś Hansen, and Aleksandra Grabowska playing the role of Agata Osica, Detective Frost’s girlfriend, in the lead.

Well, throughout the journey, the only thing that left people wondering was why the serial killer killed Agatha, even though he was successful in baiting Detective Frost out of hiding to come after him.

Ending Explained: Who Turned Out To Be The Beast Of Giewont?

The brilliant crime-thriller titled “Detective Frost” begins in an undisciplined location in the mountainous region of Poland, where the camera slowly but steadily glides through a shack with dim lights and covers with heavy music blaring in the background before the screen shifts and the audience gets a glimpse of a man held hostage with severe signs of torture.

Well, before the hostage could worry about his safety and ways to make it out alive, the arrival of another individual had him lose hope of coming out alive as he cut off his finger, which had a distinct gold ring with an R engraved in it.

The kidnapper is revealed to be the one behind cutting the finger of the hostage, while Woktor Frost makes an appearance on the screen with him running desperately through the woods in search of someone unknown before a flashback reveals his relationship with Agatha, the daughter of Edmund Oscia, the police chief of Wiktor’s department. 

During the flashback, it comes to light that the pair has been in a relationship for a long while, and the reason behind Agatha and Wiktor not making the relationship permanent is Agatha’s struggle with mental illness and the age gap between the two before the screen shifts to present, and Wiktor continues to work on the case.  

After the body of the first victim is brought to the morgue, the doctor informs the team about the multiple bones that were found broken on the victim’s body. Still, before the team can solve the case, the body of the second victim is discovered in a ritualistic manner with a coin inside her mouth, similar to the previous victim.

The discovered coins appear to be the same old with gothic engravings on them, which are later revealed to be Aureus from the second century. Still, the team fails to discover the connection between the coins and the victims while Wiktor gets shacked from his job, following which he joins Olga and together they start to investigate the case. 

During their discussion, Olga informs the pair that the first body belonged to Marek, who lived in Cracow, following which Wiktor pleads with his informant to look into the death of the first victim.

After the investigation, when Wiktor returns home, he finds Agatha waiting for him, and they continue to have a physical relationship with each other. Meanwhile, the second victim is discovered to be Maja, and the team continues to try to find her residence.

detective frost
Olga Is Shattered After Elijah Attacks Her [Credits: Netflix]

Wiktor meets his informant, who informs him about the first victim, Chalimoniuk, being a history professor who wasn’t well-liked by his students and received threats from them.

The informant further reveals that Chalimoniuk went to visit a foundation named Mountain of Remembrance, following which he didn’t go anywhere, thus giving him a clue and a connection as it is revealed that Maja was a history buff and loved to know the past.

This leads Wiktor to call up Maja so the pair can go to visit the foundation together and investigate further but end up getting caught by the foundation guard, which leads to a brawl. At the same time, Frost also gets tasked with finding Rozwadowski, a young man and the son of a local politician.

Well, Rozwadowski has a habit of disappearing for a few days every year before being recovered by the team under substance influence or being involved in other scandals. Still, our protagonist isn’t interested in finding Rozwadowski. Thus, he doesn’t spend a minute on the new case.

Meanwhile, Wiktor and Olga are held hostage and tied to each other before Wiktor attempts to free them from the knots. Wiktor is successful in their attempt, and the pair escapes in Olga’s car to investigate the case further as they are losing time.

Olga and Wiktor begin to spend time together, thus developing a close bond with each other, but things turn haywire after the police team discovers the body of the third victim. Things take a turn for the worse for Wiktor as it is discovered that the body belongs to no one else but Rozwadowski.

Rozwadowski’s body was discovered near a river with a missing head, but the tattoos and other bodily features identified his body along with his severed finger with the ring that was sent to his dad.

After Rozwadowski’s body gets identified, it is clear that he was the hostage everyone witnessed in the series start, and well, the trademark of the killer, the coin was found embedded in his throat, following which Wiktor gets forced to leave the crime scene by his elder who ordered him to return the weapon.

detective frost
Agatha Is Held Captive By Elijah [Credits: Netflix]

Another lead is found by the team that informs them that the foundation was responsible for maintaining archives on the Goral people, the ethnographic group, and their history in the Tartras mountains, and it is also revealed that the photo Olga and Wiktor stole from the organization belonged to a horrific accident.

The photograph is revealed to be the proof of the horrific death a couple meet as it features a man and woman hanged to a tree with a group of boys laughing at the misery, and this photograph becomes an important lead in the case as it gets revealed that three victims were the descendants of the three men present in the photo.

After further investigation, it gets revealed that the photograph belonged to the treacherous time of World War II, which had a greater impact on Poland’s history as even though the Goral and other people living in the region were against the rule of Nazis, some of them decided to collaborate with the fascist regime and started to end the lives of the locals.

It soon gets revealed that the photograph had a group of such men who kidnapped the happy couple and ended their lives mercilessly, even going to the extent of mocking their misery.

After Wiktor and Olga further investigate the case, they find that the group’s leader, Leon Lowotarski, a wealthy man is still alive, thus making him the next victim of the unknown serial killer, which serves as a connection between the murders as it becomes clear that the killer was out for everyone who was a part of the Nazi’s collaboration.

Who Was The Beast Of Giewont And The Actual Killer?

During the investigation, it also gets revealed that Halina was one of the women involved in the killings, and she was the child of rape as her mother was the only woman to escape the torture during the execution of the Gorals and returning pregnant after the war of over.

Halina comes to know of her past after she becomes an adult and discovers that Lowotarski was his father, leading her to devise a plan to end the lives of everyone involved.

Soon, Wiktor realizes that Halina is the woman who was the director of the orphanage he grew up in. Still, once the pair arrive at the orphanage, they discover that Halina wasn’t the one who was directly involved in the killings, as she desired revenge against everyone involved in the crimes committed against her mother.

It also gets revealed that Halina employed Iwo Elijah, an old acquaintance of hers who grew up in the orphanage, thus making it easy for Halina to manipulate him into completing her job, but in a twist, it gets revealed that Elijah wasn’t the only killing on Halina’s orders as he ends Halina’s life too.

It also comes to light that Elijah grew up with Wiktor, and the two were best buddies until the pair decided to steal a locket owned by Halina that has an Aureus coin. Thus, Elijah left it with the victims because he wanted to attract the attention of Wiktor.

Olga Sneeks Into The Crime Scene [Credits: Netflix]

After the pair got caught, Elijah took the blame to help Wiktor escape punishment, thus deepening their bond, but things take a turn between the two after Wiktor gets adopted into a family and Elijah isn’t due to the marred record on his file because of his stealing.

Another twist reveals that Elijah was the husband of prosecutor Dominika, who tries to save her husband by pinning the blame on Wiktor, thus making him the prime suspect of the murder, causing Wiktor to go into hiding.

Elijah holds Agatha captive to lure the detective out and is successful. Still, Wiktor fails to save Agatha, following which a fight breaks out between Wiktor and Elijah that ends with the two getting injured.

After the police arrive at the spot, they only find Wiktor and the series ends with Olga driving off with an unconscious Elijah in the back.

Thus, the series has an open ending, one where it means that Olga outsmarted Elijah and has held him captive, and the other indicates that Olga was part of Elijah’s plan all along, meaning she was never there for Wiktor. The series ends with Olga driving off with Elijah and Wiktor being tended to by the police and Edmund grieving the loss of his daughter due to no fault of theirs.

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