Destined With You Ending Explained: Did Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah End Up Together?

JTBC released the most recent Destined With You promo on August 19, and it stars Rowoon and Jo Bo Ah from SF9. At the start of the movie, Lee Hong Jo, portrayed by Jo Bo Ah, finds a sealed book that contains the curse of Jang Shin Yu, played by Rowoon. He tries his hardest to win Lee Hong Jo over after realizing that she is the key to his escape. This is where the charming and funny conversation between the leads begins.

In the fantasy romance drama Destined With You, a low-level government employee named Lee Hong Jo receives a cursed book that was sealed long ago, and Jang Shin Yu, a legal counselor, becomes a victim of the forbidden book.

A man and a woman’s sincere desire to strive and make up for lost time in an alluring destiny ignites the passion of observers amid a fascinating and magnificent relationship. The previously made public stills show Lee Hong Jo and Jang Shin Yu’s first meeting.

Viewers saw both Jang Shin Yu, who studied the hallowed place with a serious gaze, and Lee Hong Jo, who went to the sensitive shrine to resolve civil conflicts. Rowoon plays the primary role of Jang Shin Yu, while Jo Bo Ah plays the key role of Lee Jong Ho.

What Happened In The Destined With You Episode 16?

Na Jung-Beom kidnaps Hong Jo at the start of the episode. When she awakens, she tells him that her grandfather has admitted, that she didn’t take the drink he offered her and that she is here to stop him. She adds that police are en route. When she refuses to change, and he offers to cast magic with the instruments he has with him, she strikes him and flees.

She runs through the woods from him when the two engage in a physical altercation. Shin-Yu and the cops arrive at the scene simultaneously, but they barely miss each other. Following yet another altercation between Hong Jo and Na Jung-Beom, he subdues her and handcuffs her.

Destined With You
Still From Destined With You (Credit: JTBC)

Later that night, when she awakens to a full moon, he makes her drink something in an attempt to conjure a spell that would bind them together forever. However, Shin-Yu and the police stop him in his tracks. Shin-Yu rushes to her side as she passes out. She receives treatment at the hospital later and is well.

As everything is going on, Na Jung-Beom is being questioned about killing his wife, claiming he did so because she kept grinning at other men. Shin-Yu’s parents pay Hong Jo a visit to a hospital ward. Although Shin-Yu reveals that her grandmother had a dream about conception involving a girl, Shin-Yu’s father is still unsure about her. Everyone is taken aback.

When Hong Jo sees the grandfather the following day at the park, he confides in him about how afraid he is of Na Jung-Beom and how he has no idea how terrible it is. In addition, he worries that U-Ram might have to enter an orphanage if he is imprisoned. Upon Hong Jo’s arrival at work, her coworkers are viewing a film that exposes Na-Yeon for her childhood mistreatment of Hong Jo as well as her actions in her new role as the mayor’s daughter.

Her reputation is obviously in ruins. Shin-Yu’s resignation offended the mayor and declares he will not accept it. Instead, Shin-Yu advises him to focus on his daughter. During their nighttime meeting, Na-Yeon brings up marriage to Hyun-Seo, explaining that he was only with her because she was Shin Yu’s and he wouldn’t wed a bully. She’s shocked that she only learned about it now.

When she confronts her at Hong JO’s house, Hong Jo does not take her insults well; instead, she corrects her and tells her that she is to blame for the situation. Na-Yeon is then taken into custody by the police for her involvement in Na’s escape. She yells and says she didn’t know.

During the whistleblower Jae-Gyeong’s trial, Jae-Gyeong decided to turn against Hyun-Seo and the mayor, admitting that they had attempted to buy him off, expose their wrongdoings, and admit that this had always been his plan. Shin Yu stands up for him, and he is cleared of all charges.

Ma Eun-Young finds out that Gong Seo-Goo is hurt at the office, but she still has lunch with him after turning down his proposal. After the couple reconciles, the crew goes to dinner and talks about potential weddings and how wedding venues are fully reserved.

Remain calm, Ma Eun-Young advises, as they choose to tie the knot at a park. Hong Jo accepts the bouquet after everyone arrives. Sometime later, Kim Wook announces that he is moving home with his mother and will follow his passion for acting while Shin Yu accepts a position back at his former legal practice.

Song Yoon-Joo notices that her spouse bought her a support truck as a token of his love at the drama’s filming location. In the station of police, As the grandfather is being questioned about his lack of remorse for the crime, Shin Yu offers to represent him.

Destined With You
Cast Of Destined With You (Credit: JTBC)

After being cleared of all charges, Jae-Gyeong moves out and goes into the Blue House since many lawmakers want to work with him. When he asks if Shin Yu proposed, she responds negatively. Shin Yu ends up moving in next to her at night, and the two of them are now essentially living together.

They cook dinners for the grandparents and the parents on different days and host a housewarming celebration. It’s not that tasty. They bring up marriage because the father is now pressing for it. When the grandmother inquires about the daughter Shin Yu dreamed of, the parents answer that it is them and that they are expecting a child.

Another day, Shin Yu asks for his blessing and her hand in marriage at the beach where Hong Jo scattered her father’s ashes. She accepts. The pair buries the original spell box where it should be on a different occasion. They can be seen strolling together in a field in a following montage. Shin Yu’s former self is seen retrieving the box and carrying the book of spells in the post-credit scene.

Destined With You Ending Explained

The conclusion of Destined With You disclosed information on the doomed romance between Jang Shin Yu and Lee Hong Jo. While it followed the on-screen relationship, Episode 16 took viewers on an emotional rollercoaster. The TV finale was watched by people in Korea.

Fans of K-dramas from around the world viewed the most recent chapter on Netflix and other online streaming services with subtitles. This fantasy romance drama’s last episode concentrated on Lee Hong Jo and Jang Shin Yu’s difficulties in achieving their happy ending. In the penultimate episode of the miniseries, which took up where the previous one left off, Lee Hong Jo was in the care of Na Joong Beom.

When the civil worker came to, she discovered that she was in a cave. The gardener’s wicked scheme was known to the government servant. She fell into the trap set for him. The victim said that Oh U Ram’s grandfather, Oh Sam Sik, had confessed everything during a furious dispute with her kidnapper.

Destined With You
Destined With You (Credit: JTBC)

She was, therefore, ready to tackle the different obstacles. Even after learning of her disclosure, the gardener maintained his self-assurance. He carried out his strategy up until the surprise attack by the civil worker. But the civil servant could not remain hidden for very long.

She got caught trying to attack her kidnapper. He bound her securely and performed certain rites while waiting for the crimson moon to rise. The gardener made the civil servant drink poison and prepare for a soul marriage so they may be united in the hereafter when he saw the crimson moon.

Meanwhile, Jang Shin Yu and the law enforcement officials searched the mountain for Lee Hong Jo. Tracking the public servant and her kidnapper took some time for Jang Shin Yu and the police. Upon their arrival, the gardener made the civil servant sip from a poison bottle under duress.

When they discovered her in the mountain, she was unconscious. The offender was apprehended by the police right away, and the lawyer drove his girlfriend to the hospital. After their second reunion, Lee Hong Jo and her partner had a great time dating.

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