Departure Season 1 Filming Locations: Where Is The Suspense-Thriller Series Filmed?

Created by Vince Shiao, the suspense-thriller series is inspired by one of the most awful incidents in aviation. Departure showcased the reality of a situation where you don’t know what is happening.

Directed by T.J. Scott, the series focuses on Kendra Malley, an investigator working on the shocking disappearance of Flight 716, a passenger plane. Flight 716 vanished for a while before reappearing at the exact location over the Atlantic.

Kendra is up in the arms to try and find the disappeared passenger plane and save possible survivors. The departure did well amongst the viewers with a plotline that is not too common and actors that gave an impactful performance.

Poster for the show, Departure (Credits: Peacock)
Poster for the show, Departure (Credits: Peacock)

Produced by Julie Lacey and Tina Gerwal, the series stars Archie Panjabi playing the role of Kendra Malley, the series protagonist and an investigator, Christopher Plummer playing the role of Howard Lawson, Kendra’s mentor, Kris Holden-Reid playing the role of Dominic Hayes, Kendra’s partner, Florence Ordesh playing the role of Rose Tate.

Peter Mensah playing the role of Levi Hall, Claire Forlani playing the role of Janet Friel, Tamara Duarte playing the role of Nadia, and Allan Hawco playing the role of Richard Donovan in the lead cast.

Viewers felt the drama series had enough elements to pique viewers’ curiosity. Broadcasted for the viewers to enjoy by Peacock and Global on 8 October 2020, the series garnered enough attention from the audience to be renewed for three seasons.

Each episode of the series has a run time of 45 minutes and it had 13 episodes. The series is one of the dramas that is worth your time.

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Departure Season 1 Premise

The first season of the series focuses on the investigation done by Kendra, an investigator from the Transfer Safety and Investigations Bureau regarding the disappearance of a British passenger plane and the reason behind it.

The series starts at Kennedy Airport in New York City with the focus on Madelyn Strong returning to Ali, her fiance missing her scheduled flight. Madelyn boarded British Global Air 716 with Captain Donovan in charge.

Captain Donovan is distracted as he ends up locking the first officer out of the cockpit and taking over the flight with the intention of crashing it. BGA 716 suffers from an explosive decompression with Madelyn, flight attendants and the First officer supposedly getting ejected from the flight.

A still from the show, Departure (Credits: Peacock)

Meanwhile, Kendra, an investigator from TSIB is called back from her leave early due to Flight 716 disappearing over the Atlantic. Kendra gets recalled to try and figure out the whereabouts of the lost flight before the flight passengers succumb to hypothermia.

Kendra partners with Dominic on her quest of figuring out the whereabouts of the lost plane. Dominic immediately suspects the involvement of terrorists and foul play in the plane’s disappearance.

During the ongoing investigation, Dom figures out that Donovan, was living a double life. Kendra narrows down the location of the flight with the help of the aircraft’s ACARS system, which helps the rescue team in saving Madelyn.

After rescuing Madelyn, she is transferred to a hospital for emergency surgery as it is suspected that she might be suffering from a concussion. Donovan’s husband is confronted, and he admits to knowing that Donovan was living a double, and he accepted it.

Ali is being investigated for his previous arrest at a protest at the Syrian embassy and the package Madely possessed before her departure. Madelyn’s seizure gets triggered during the questioning session from Kendra.

Meanwhile, AJ struggles with the loss of his father as he doesn’t believe the car accident responsible for killing his dad was unplanned. Kendra and Dominic learn about Esmalli not being a terrorist but a double agent after they are contacted by an Israeli agent. Madely awakes disoriented mumbling a cryptic phrase before losing consciousness.

After a while, Madelyn gains consciousness confused trying to make sense of the events preceding the crash. Donovan’s former colleague came forward and admitted that Donovan had the intention of killing himself.

A key to a storage locker gets found during an investigation of Donovan’s house. After several investigations and processes, Nadia recovers the black boxes. The series’ first season ends with speculation about Bartok manipulating the investigation for his gain.

Departure Season 1 Filming Locations

The filming of the drama series was completed within forty days, with Ontario, and London as the prime location.

1. Ontario, Canada

One of the most populous provinces Ontario, located in Canada, known for its beautiful scenery, was used by the Departure crew to film the first season of the series. Some of the notable locations from Ontario used for the filming of the series include Cambridge, Hamilton, and Toronto.

Where is The Murmuring filmed?
Filming Locations – Ontario, Canada [Credits- Peacock]

The filming began in 2018, and the city hall of Cambridge, was used to represent Scotland Yard and Cambridge University in the series.

2. London, U.K.

Filming Location- London [Credits- Peacock]

Known as the largest city, London is the capital of England and was used by the crew of the drama series for the filming starting in 2019. One of the notable locations used by the crew in London includes White Waltham in the U.K.

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