Demon Slayer Hashira Training Arc Opening Gets Leaked On The Internet

The fourth season of the popular anime series Demon Slayer is scheduled to be released in spring of 2024, most likely in April based on the release timing of past seasons.

A Demon Slayer movie titled “To the Hashira Training” is also set to premiere on February 10th, 2024 in New York, which will provide fans an early viewing of the season’s first episode a couple of months ahead of the full season release.

Demon Slayer (Credits: ufotable)

However, after the movie’s debut in Japan on February 2nd, the opening song for the new anime season was leaked online and has been rapidly spreading across the internet ahead of the official premiere dates.

This early unauthorized release of the opening song has provided spoilers and a sneak peek at the upcoming season for some fans, while potentially frustrating creators who intended to unveil the new intro sequence as part of the full show release.

Demon Slayer (Credits: ufotable)

The leak signifies high anticipation for the new season among enthusiasts who are sharing peeks at the content prior to its official release.

Epic Musical Collaborations and Worldwide Premiere Excitement Of Demon Slayer Hashira Training Arc

Fuji TV recently revealed that popular rock bands MY FIRST STORY and HYDE will be collaborating on the highly anticipated opening theme song for the next season of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Demon Slayer (Credits: ufotable)

Titled “Mugen” (Dreams), this powerful musical partnership aims to transport viewers into the show’s vivid world.

In addition, MAN WITH A MISSION and singer milet are returning to perform a special remix of the ending song, blending Nezuko’s iconic tune with last season’s opening for a harmonious blend.

Demon Slayer (Credits: ufotable)

This remix will debut in the upcoming theatrical release of the first episode on February 2nd in Tokyo, kicking off a worldwide sneak preview tour to build excitement before the full season’s premiere.

These musical revelations have sparked enthusiasm amongst fans eager for the next chapter. The global tour provides audiences in major cities like New York, Seoul, Paris, and London a first look at the Hashira Training Arc a few months early.

Demon Slayer (Credits: ufotable)

Though specific plot details remain under wraps, the song teasers and tour screenings have amplified anticipation for the new season.

As the hype continues building, the collaborations signify the anime is pulling out all stops, with the ending remix and opening dream-themed song signaling the next phase of Tanjiro’s quest could take fans in bold new directions when the show returns next spring.

Demon Slayer Hashira Training Arc Plot

The next installment of Demon Slayer looks to take viewers on an engaging journey as Tanjiro undertakes intense training overseen by the Stone Hashira, Himejima.

Demon Slayer (Credits: ufotable)

This demanding narrative arc adapted from the manga will test Tanjiro’s limits as he strives to join the ranks of the elite Demon Slayer Corps Hashira.

Tanjiro will face rigorous trials designed by his uncompromising mentor to push him to his utmost potential. Meanwhile, several Hashira members including the Water, Insect, Wind, and Snake pillars will play key roles in honing his skills for future battles.

Demon Slayer (Credits: ufotable)

Additionally, the demon lord Muzan Kibutsuji has taken an interest in Nezuko’s newfound ability to resist sunlight and coexist despite being a demon.

This development promises an intriguing dynamic as the villain seeks to exploit Nezuko’s capabilities for his own ends.

Demon Slayer (Credits: ufotable)

Featuring compelling fight sequences, meaningful character growth, and the constant threat posed by Muzan, Demon Slayer’s fourth season is gearing up to deliver an electrifying spectacle.

Audiences will surely be left on the edge of their seats, eagerly anticipating each episode’s revelations as Tanjiro continues progressing on his quest.

More About Demon Slayer

Ever since the tragic death of his father, young Tanjirou Kamado has taken it upon himself to support his family. Though impoverished and living remotely in the mountains, the Kamados have managed to carve out a humble but content existence.

Demon Slayer (Credits: ufotable)

One fateful day, Tanjirou travels down to the village to earn some money selling charcoal. Night falls during his journey home, forcing him to take refuge in the house of a strange man who warns him of flesh-eating demons that emerge after dark.

Upon returning home the next morning, Tanjirou is met with a horrifying sight – his entire family brutally slaughtered. Even worse, his sister Nezuko survived the attack but was turned into a bloodthirsty demon.

Demon Slayer (Credits: ufotable)

Overwhelmed by grief and rage, Tanjirou vows to avenge his family and stand by his only remaining kin. He joins forces with the mysterious Demon Slayer Corps, doing whatever it takes to battle the demons and cling to the last shreds of Nezuko’s humanity.

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