Dark Gathering Episode 7 Review


This episode begins recapping the conclusion of Episode 6; Eiko and Keitarou confess to one another, and Keitarou agrees officially to help Yayoi capture spirits in order to save her mom and kill the spirit that’s cursed him and Eiko. Eiko also is extremely happy she’s “caught” Keitarou now.

Well, Keitarou and Yayoi talk about how unusual it is that Spirits work together with one another like they did in the fight last episode. We also learn that Yayoi has named the spirit that kidnapped her mother “The Spectre of Death.” Pretty cool name.

dark gathering episode 7 review 0006 rent a gf season 3 episode 2 00009
Keitarou blushing and embarrassed about facing Eiko again

Well, we actually see a lot of fluff before getting back to the trope-y typical Dark Gathering stuff. Firstly, we see a small flashback of Keitarou visiting Yayoi and Eiko, super embarrassed due to what happened with Eiko at the campsite. She won’t let him enter the house until he acknowledges their relationship status, which he finds difficult to do because he keeps cringing at himself.

dark gathering episode 7 review 0005 remove white text
Eiko being extra at Keitarou

The real meat-and-potatoes of this episode is Yayoi, Eiko and Keitarou going to a tunnel. Apparently, there’s an Onryo-type ghost woman here; and Onyro is a tropey type of spirit where the woman is dressed in all white with long, black hair. They usually are extremely vengeful spirits who have had something done to them in life.

dark gathering episode 7 review 0004 onryo
They find the Onryo spirit

They seem to catch the ghost with relative ease, and drive home as normal. Keitarou, however, keeps having these strange moments where something feels off, but he can’t put his finger on it. We, the audience, see things that he must only see in his peripheral vision. These sequences are actually pretty darn cool; the audio is normal and quiet, no sudden bangs of horror-sound effects or anything like that. It’s eerily quiet, and we wonder why the Onryo isn’t attacking Keitarou just yet.

dark gathering episode 7 review 0003 keitarou shower
The spirit following Keitarou around (he doesn’t notice)

Of course, it attacks when he’s asleep. Yayoi discovers that the spirit they caught was just a normal human spirit — an illusion by the real ghost. They go back to Keitarou’s home and Yayoi makes an excuse to see Keitarou, even though it’s late at night. Yayoi is able to decipher when the spirit uses decoys again and saves Keitarou.

dark gathering episode 7 review 0002 yayoi doll
A pretty cool shot of Yayoi catching the spirit

The next morning, Keitarou is so loopy that he can’t seem to recall if it was a dream or not. Yayoi and Eiko confirm he was attacked the previous night, but Yayoi compliments Keitarou in helping her catch spirits, saying that because of him, it’s been much easier.

dark gathering episode 7 review 0001 yayoi blush
Yayoi blushing

In the final sequence, we see that Keitarou gets a call from his tutoring job, saying that he’ll be taking on an additional student. This student has weird pupils like Yayoi does, but has blonde hair.

dark gathering episode 7 review 0000 blonde new student
The new student

Opinions / Analysis

The only upside to this episode was that they used the audio very, very well in the sequences before the real ghost attack. If anything, it shows that Dark Gathering knows how to do Horror well; but a lot of the time, it just doesn’t. That’s really depressing.

It almost feels like the show is trying to be Action-y instead of suspenseful. I think a more suspenseful tone would suit the show much better; and the characters are too flat to be utilizing proper comedy. They’re too stereotypical. And Yayoi’s cute little “Let’s goooo” whenever they’re in a car is starting to get old.

It’s Episode 7, guys. You need more material. Cool character designs will only get you so far.

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