Dark Gathering Episode 6 Review


This episode, Eiko and Yayoi are taking Keitarou camping. They do this coming off of the terrifying Jisatsu Circle incident that occurred last episode, in an attempt to take his mind off of it. In addition, Eiko wanting to take Yayoi places, because she’s still just a child and likes doing stuff — and she’s afraid Yayoi is too nervous and grateful for Eiko’s help in housing her after her parents’ death to ask to be taken places.

dark gathering episode 6 review 0003 eiko and keitarou camping
Eiko watching Keitarou setting up the tent

Well, we get a long, long portion of this episode dedicated to them just…doing camp things. One scene in particular that I like is that Keitarou takes Yayoi fishing, saying they’ll catch their dinner for the night. When nothing is biting, Yayoi makes conversation, asking Keitarou if he’s gotten an idea as to whether or not he wants to team up with her to defeat the spirit who cursed him and Eiko. Keitarou says he’s afraid, not only for himself, but for putting Yayoi in harm’s way. After all, she’s a kid — teaming up with a kid would be willingly putting them in danger. Yayoi tells him not to worry about it, and that they’ll settle this with a fishing competition.

dark gathering episode 6 review 0002 fishing
Yayoi and Keitarou fishing

Well, they both suck because nothing bites. Luckily, Eiko came prepared and made a yummy dinner anyways.

That night, something happens; Eiko becomes possessed, or rather controlled, by seemingly one spirit on a bridge overlooking their camping site. She’s controlled to go up to the bridge and jump off, but Keitarou is able to wake Yayoi and they stop her. Yayoi has a plan to capture the spirit, but first they have to let Eiko go up to the bridge to lure it out.

dark gathering episode 6 review 0001 eiko and keitarou on the bridge
Keitarou and Eiko falling off the bridge during the battle sequences

They do just that, but it turns out what they assumed was 1 spirit was actually 10 of them. Now, Keitarou and Yayoi have to fight off those 10 spirits in order to save Eiko.

I’ll spare you all the details of the fight, but it wasn’t all that bad. My biggest grievance is that every time it seemed like Keitarou was against a wall, he pulls some random tactic for cleansing spirits out of his ass, and we get a flashback of Yayoi explaining how it works to Keitarou that was never shown up us previously.

dark gathering episode 6 review 0000 eiko blushing
Eiko blushing

This episode ends with Eiko confessing to Keitarou, and Keitarou reciprocating that love. Keitarou makes a promise to himself that he wants to not only protect Eiko, but free her of the curse as well.

Meanwhile, Eiko is ecstatic that she’s “caught Keitarou” now. She does the weird creepy smile thing from Episode 4 again.

Opinions / Analysis

I am starting to highly doubt they’ll do anything cool with Eiko’s character, and that’s really sad. I was seriously hoping for some psychopath-next-door type plot point, where she goes crazy and turns on Keitarou, but I’m assuming at this point that won’t happen.

It’s honestly making me a bit less interested in the series, despite this series being twice as long as normal. In case you didn’t know, Dark Gathering will likely have around 22-25 episodes according to their MyAnimeList database. So why is the plot moving so… slow?

Also, that battle sequence I mentioned earlier this episode did not hit very well because of those constant flashbacks. A classic storytelling rule is, “if there’s a gun in the third act, you must subtley hint to it in the first act.” Randomly pulling out a gun as the answer to all your problems is extremely annoying for the viewer.

Well, in this case it’s not a gun, but holy salt.

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