Dark and Darker Mobile Release Date, Platforms & Gameplay Details

When it was first released, Dark and Darker delighted hardcore fantasy RPG fans with its incredible dungeon adventures players could embark on by themselves or with friends. It’s still very popular, so much so that a new version has been developed.

The only thing better than Dark and Darker‘s grimy atmosphere and tense action alongside friends on PC is a version of the game that’s portable. That’s where Dark and Darker Mobile, a new version of the game from Krafton, comes in. It will completely revamp the experience for fans eager to play without the bulk or restrictions of their PC, allowing them to explore disgusting and dangerous dungeons wherever they happen to be.

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When is the Release Date for Dark and Darker Mobile?

Image via Ironmace

The release window for Dark and Darker Mobile is at some point in 2024. Krafton has shared these details with us via a press release and insists its plans are to get the game to players this year, but we have no idea exactly when that will be. Based on the reception to the PC version, we hope it’s when the game is ready and stable.

What Platforms Will Dark and Darker Mobile be Available on?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Dark and Darker Mobile should be available on both Android and iOS devices. The PC version was so wildly popular that it wouldn’t make sense to restrict anyone from playing the mobile game. However, we have yet to get confirmation from Krafton on the exact platforms, so take this information with a pinch of salt.

Who is Making Dark and Darker Mobile?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Krafton is the company behind Dark and Darker Mobile. While a third-party developer within the company might be making the game, it comes under the Krafton umbrella. This is the same company behind PUBG, meaning there’s definitely enough mobile game development prowess that could be used for this title.

Will There Be a Beta Playtest for Dark and Darker Mobile?

Screenshot by Gamepur

At the time of writing, it’s unclear if there will be any beta playtests for Dark and Darker Mobile. Unlike games such as Wuthering Waves, there’s no gacha mechanic or massive fan base ready to jump into what is a game with a much more niche appeal.

We believe there will almost certainly be a beta at some point due to the game’s online functionality. That beta should happen at least one month before the full release.

What is Dark and Darker Mobile?

Screenshot by Gamepur

Dark and Darker Mobile is a hardcore fantasy RPG dungeon adventure that can be played solo or with friends. Players load up a dungeon and dive in to grab as much loot as they can without being caught and killed by the horrors within.

The best part of the PC version is playing with others. Mastering the enemies and dungeons overall feels fantastic. While the solo experience is still just as gripping, there’s something about crawling through a dungeon with friends that builds tension until a giant creature attempts to slice everyone’s heads off.

Is Dark and Darker Mobile the Same as Dark and Darker?

Dark and Darker Escape from Dungeon
Image via IRONMACE

Yes, we believe that Dark and Darker Mobile is the same as Dark and Darker. The reason we think this is that the PC version of the game is so enjoyable and was flooded with players during its initial playtests. It was so popular that a DDoS attack even hit it.

Krafton would be mad not to capitalize on that gameplay loop and experience, bottle it, and put it on a platform that’s available to anyone at any time. However, the company may clarify that there are some subtle differences in the future. If it does, we’ll update this section of our article.

Does Dark and Darker Mobile Use AI?

Dark and Darker-3
Image via IRONMACE

While Krafton has confirmed it is using AI to aid in game development in 2024, it hasn’t specifically outlined that any AI technology will be used for work on Dark and Darker Mobile. With that said, it’s impossible to rule it out if the company is using AI at all because work in one part of the company can very easily bleed into another.

We’ll update this section of the article if Krafton specifically mentions AI when it comes to the game. If the company does use AI, we could see it being used to produce artwork and potentially character models.

All Trailers for Dark and Darker Mobile

The official reveal trailer for Dark and Darker Mobile doesn’t give much away, but it does show a little gameplay, at least. It’s hard to say if the game will be a first-person title like the PC version, but based on the trailer, it certainly looks more like a third-person RPG.

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