Cole Sprouse’s Lisa Frankenstein Role: Fulfilling Childhood Dreams

That sounds intriguing! It’s always interesting to see actors taking on roles that allow them to explore different aspects of themselves. Cole Sprouse bringing his inner child to a movie like Lisa Frankenstein could lead to a unique and imaginative performance.

“I always wanted to play a monster,” the Riverdale alum, 31, says. 

Cole Sprouse’s love for movies featuring Godzilla likely influenced his approach to playing “The Creature” in Lisa Frankenstein. Mixing horror and comedy with his childhood passion sounds like an exciting combination for both him and the audience.

“It felt like one of those opportunities that I would be able to high-five my 10-year-old self about and be like, ‘Yeah, buddy, we did it!’ ” he says with a grin. 

It’s impressive to hear that Cole Sprouse embraced the challenging process of undergoing heavy prosthetic application for his role in Lisa Frankenstein. His enthusiasm for the transformation adds another layer to the dedication he brought to the project, making the experience even more enjoyable for him despite the physical demands.

Cole Sprouse’s Lisa Frankenstein role fulfilled his childhood dream (Credit: People)

“I didn’t really mind the long periods of time in the makeup trailer,” says the self-professed “big geek for practical effects.”

The process of getting a face cast done can indeed be quite intense and claustrophobic, often described as a “tomb-like experience” due to the close confinement. It’s understandable how challenging it could be, but it’s also a testament to the commitment of actors like Cole Sprouse who are willing to undergo such procedures to bring their characters to life on screen.

“It was a bit claustrophobic,” admits Sprouse. “They basically completely cover your head in a block of silicone except for one nostril to allow you to breathe out of … full sensory deprivation. You do your Zen work and you try as best you can to not have a panic attack.”

Cole Sprouse’s willingness to take on challenging roles like The Creature in Lisa Frankenstein, despite the daunting transformation and limited dialogue, speaks volumes about his dedication to his craft and his desire to create work that resonates with him personally.

Choosing roles based on what he loves watching demonstrates a passion for storytelling and a commitment to delivering memorable performances, even if it means embracing unconventional characters and communication methods.

Cole Sprouse found the perfect project in Lisa Frankenstein, with its irreverent genre-mashup and Diablo Cody’s iconic dialogue. The added bonus of working with a longtime friend like Zelda Williams, who is making her feature-length directorial debut, likely made the decision to play The Creature even more appealing.

Collaborating with familiar faces and talented individuals in such a unique and promising project must have been an exciting opportunity for Sprouse.

Cole Sprouse (Credit: YouTube)

Given Cole Sprouse’s inclination to indulge his inner child and explore diverse roles, it’s likely that fans can expect to see him continue to embrace imaginative projects in the future.

Coming off the success of Riverdale’s seven-season run, he may have more freedom to choose roles that resonate with his personal interests and aspirations as an actor. This could lead to a variety of exciting and unexpected roles that showcase his versatility and passion for storytelling.

“It’s allowed me now the kind of financial stability and time to be able to sit and really ask myself, what is the relationship I want to have with an industry that I’ve been a part of since I was a little baby?” says the former child star. “What’s the kind of work I want to do?”

One of Sprouse’s missions as he continues to make inroads in Hollywood:

“I would love to see the return of the mid-budget movie as a profitable space for actors and creatives to interact in,” he says. 

It’s great to hear that Cole Sprouse emphasizes the importance of enjoying the work he does. With a talented cast and a unique concept, Lisa Frankenstein sounds like a movie that offers both entertainment and creative fulfillment. Fans can catch it in theaters now and experience the fun and excitement that Sprouse and his fellow cast members bring to the screen.

That’s exciting news! Mason Deaver’s “I Wish You All the Best” is a poignant and important story, and it’s great to hear that Cole Sprouse will be a part of its page-to-screen adaptation.

With a talented cast including Corey Fogelmanis, Alexandra Daddario, Miles Gutierrez, and Amy Landecker, it sounds like the film is in good hands. Fans of the book and movie enthusiasts alike will likely anticipate this adaptation eagerly.

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