Chainsaw Man Season 2

Anime fans have more shows than ever to watch on streaming platforms like Crunchyroll, Hulu, Netflix, and Hulu, and each new anime season adds plenty more great titles to watch. On the plus side, the variety of anime to watch is enormous, but on the downside, this often means there’s not enough room for new seasons for existing shows. Too many great anime titles end up being just a 12-episode commercial for the original manga or light novel series.

Even the most popular anime titles are still waiting for a new season, and some of them have been waiting several years to get a second season. The more successful series are most likely to get much-awaited second seasons, but until those seasons’ release dates are confirmed, fans can only wait.

10 Chainsaw Man Is Poised For Another Season of Bloody Mayhem

Season 1 Aired in Fall 2022

Chainsaw Man is Known For its Many Dark Moments

The hit anime Chainsaw Man exploded onto the scene in a competitive anime season, and stood out even against competitors like Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War and My Hero Academia. The subversive Chainsaw Man anime both followed and shredded the shonen action rulebook with spectacular results, featuring gory fights and a cast of wacky antiheroes.

Anime fans can take comfort knowing that Chainsaw Man‘s second season and a movie are on the way, but fans must wait to find out when Season 2 will air, most likely sometime in 2024. Manga fans know where the anime is headed next, and anime-only fans can be assured that what comes next will easily rival or top what Season 1 had to offer.

9 My Dress-Up Darling Needs Another Season of Wholesome Romantic Fun

Season 1 Aired in Winter 2022

Fans of romantic comedy anime were delighted to have the My Dress-Up Darling anime air and show what a truly great rom-com looks like. In some ways, My Dress-Up Darling was a conventional rom-com, but it also refreshed the formula with a gentle, timid male lead and a genki girl co-lead who loves cosplay.

The anime began Wakana and Marin’s relationship with a healthy friendship and a hobby to share, which felt more substantial than what many rom-coms have to offer. As for Season 2, Winter 2024 is a possibility, but fans will have to wait and see. Also, given how slowly the source manga updates, fans shouldn’t expect too much of the anime too soon.

8 Bocchi the Rock! Has Enough Material For a Possible Season 2

Season 1 Aired in Fall 2022

Bocchi the Rock! is One Of Many Great Musical Anime to Try

Back in May 2023, it was announced that a compilation film for the Bocchi the Rock! anime was in production and would release in two parts, so fans may get their hopes up for that, at least. However, there’s no news about a potential Season 2 for this musical anime. At least the source manga has just enough material for a Season 2.

Bocchi the Rock! aired in Fall 2022 and stood out even with MHA and Chainsaw Man around. It’s a terrific musical anime about a shy girl who pushes herself to join an amateur band and show off her guitar skills, with plenty of charming humor and high school hijinks to entertain viewers.

7 Oshi no Ko’s Season 2 Will Surely Blow Fans Away

Season 1 Aired in Spring 2023

When the first season of Oshi no Ko aired, it stood out with its strongly subversive themes and its dark drama. Oshi no Ko began as a seemingly ordinary idol music anime, but then it threw some intense, shocking plot twists at viewers and challenged all their beliefs about what idol anime should be.

Already, Oshi no Ko fans know that this anime will get a second season thanks to its popularity, and the source manga has plenty of material to work with, too. There’s no confirmation for a release window just yet, and given how recently Season 1 was, late 2024 to early 2025 may be most likely for Season 2.

6 Mashle: Magic & Muscles Is Primed For Season 2 of Harry Potter Silliness

Season 1 Aired in Spring 2023

Mashle Isn’t the Only Anime That Resembles One-Punch Man

The comedy anime Mashle: Magic & Muscles first aired alongside Oshi no Ko, and even if it wasn’t on the same level, Mashle was still a refreshing, fun new series that caught fans’ attention. Right away, fans compared it to Harry Potter and One-Punch Man, though it also had MHA-style themes about societal inequality and self-acceptance.

Fans don’t have to wait long for another season of Mashle, either. This anime is slated to return in Winter 2024, not even a full year after the first season aired. This anime definitely deserved that timely second season so it can really find its footing and prove its worth alongside other shonen giants like Demon Slayer and Jujutsu Kaisen.

5 Grand Blue Deserves a Comeback With Another Anime Season

Season 1 Aired in 2018

A few years ago, the comedy seinen manga series Grand Blue Dreaming got a one-season anime adaptation, and in 2020, it also got a live-action movie adaptation. All that helped put Grand Blue Dreaming on the map, but the anime has fallen behind while the manga continues, now with 20+ volumes.

At the time in 2018, the anime was caught up to the manga, but now there’s enough material for at least two more seasons, and not just one. Unfortunately, despite its quality, few anime fans seem to discuss the series, so Season 2 appears unlikely. Still, the source manga should wet fans’ appetites somewhat.

4 Wotakoi Has Enough Manga Material For A Second & Final Season

Season 1 Aired in 2018

Office Romances Are Great For Older Anime Fans

The original Wotakoi: Love is Hard For Otaku manga series ran from 2014 to 2021, and is now complete with 11 slim volumes to its name. When the anime aired, there was only enough material for one season, but now the manga has enough for one more season to finish the story properly.

Wotakoi is a delightful josei office romance that should appeal to fans of series like The Ice Guy and His Cool Female Colleague. Its four main characters are working professionals in their mid to late 20s, hiding their love of all things otaku and expanding their long-running friendships to true love.

3 Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Needs Season 2 With a New Antihero

Season 1 Aired in Fall 2022

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners is a slick, stylish anime series set in the same world as the Cyberpunk 2077 game. True to its name, this anime is a mean, rough cyberpunk adventure where criminals, outlaws, and rogues make their own rules in the unforgiving Night City streets, where hackers, addicts, and thugs reign supreme.

Season 1 ended conclusively where protagonist David Martinez was concerned, but there’s still room for another season. The show can’t continue with David, but it could pick a new antihero to explore Night City in new ways and through a fresh set of eyes so fans can savor this cool setting a bit more.

2 Love After World Domination Deserves More Time To Shine

Season 1 Aired in Spring 2022

Fans of Power Rangers Have a New Anime to Look Forward to

The Love After World Domination anime series is part rom-com and part Power Rangers parody, and those two concepts blend together surprisingly well. This short but delightful anime shows what happens when a costumed hero starts dating a villainess who has a heart of gold, despite her sinister code name.

Fudo Aikawa, a knockoff Power Ranger, couldn’t help but fall for the villainous Reaper Princess, a beautiful girl his age who is much kinder than her costume would suggest. But they must keep their love a secret from their respective sides, or face the consequences. The manga has enough material for just one more season, and a fine anime like this deserves a chance to finish telling its story.

1 Call of the Night Has Room For More Vampire Romance Fun

Season 1 Aired in Summer 2022

Call of the Night didn’t revolutionize the vampire or romance genres with its first anime season, but it was still some fine off-beat fun for fans of either or both genres. The story dived surprisingly deep into how empty an immortal vampire’s life can be, with the female vampire Nazuna Nakakuza trying to push protagonist Ko Yamori away from vampirehood to protect him.

Call of the Night‘s anime ending was a happy but open-ended one, so Season 2 is a possibility. The original manga certainly has enough material for another 13 episodes, so it’s all down to whether there’s enough demand for this anime for a studio to pick it up.

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