Can Bakugo Use One For All?

This article contains spoilers for that My Hero Academia manga.


  • The final battle in My Hero Academia may turn into a two-on-two match between the most dangerous villains and the future heroes.
  • Bakugo could borrow Deku’s One For All Quirk to even the playing field, like in the movie.
  • Though movie continuity may not always be applied to the manga, there are different theories on how Bakugo could use the Quirk again.

The stage is set for the final epic battle of My Hero Academia. As of Chapter 404, “We Love You, All Might,” All For One, Tomura Shigaraki, Izuku “Deku” Midoriya, and Katsuki “Great Explosion Murder God Dynamight” Bakugo are on the same battlefield. This fight may turn into a two-on-two match between the two most dangerous villains ever and the two most promising future Heroes of their generation. However, Deku and Bakugo are working with some handicaps. The former has less than five minutes to finish the fight before he powers down. The latter is seriously injured and could be put out of commission by one well-placed attack. Even All For One’s rapidly de-aging body isn’t enough to compensate for this.

Some fans have suggested Bakugo could even the playing field by borrowing One For All from Deku, like in the movie. The boost in power, combined with his recently evolved Explosion Quirk, should give him an edge to keep up with his high-level opponents. It will still be a tough battle, and there’s no guarantee this will work as well as it did in the movie. However, if he does this, it should create an exhilarating and spectacular finale for the series.

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Why Would Bakugo Use One For All

Bakugo using One For All in My Hero Academia, Heroes Rising.

Bakugo’s potential to use One For All was explored in the second MHA movie, Heroes Rising. Deku tried to transfer his Quirk to his friend in a desperate attempt to stop the Villain Nine. The transfer was accomplished by the two touching fingers and exchanging blood. Thus, Bakugo powered by One For All, and Deku, with the Quirk’s remaining embers, stopped the villain and passed out from exhaustion. This was intended as a one-way exchange that would lose Deku One For All forever, but the Quirk returned to him. There are two theories for what happened. At first, it was assumed the transfer was incomplete because Bakugo passed out (among other things). A more romanticized theory suggests One For All willingly remained with Deku because it considered him its rightful successor.

Ordinarily, movie continuity would be written off as filler material. Whatever happened in it wouldn’t matter since it isn’t canon in the manga. In that regard, seeing Bakugo temporarily wield One For All as he did in the movie couldn’t be applied to the manga because there’s no telling whether it would work. However, MHA’s movies and their events are considered canon (to a degree) among the fans; this sentiment has been further backed in recent chapters by the appearance of movie-only characters. With this in mind, Bakugo using One For All as he did in the movie is a reasonable assumption. The only question is how Bakugo would use One For All again. Some fans believe part of the Quirk should still be in Bakugo from his use of it in the movie. If so, all he’d need to do is call upon the power again. Others believe Deku would need to perform another partial transfer. Now that these two boys know the transfer can be temporary, there should be no fear of Deku losing his powers.

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Has Bakugo Shown Signs He Can Use One For All?

Split panel showing present day Deku and Bakugo and their childhood forms admiring All Might trading cards

Recent misconceptions have been made regarding Bakugo’s potential to use One For All. Certain events in the manga have led fans to believe Bakugo still has the Quirk in him and only needs to want it hard enough to use it. However, this “evidence” must be looked at more closely. That way, its meaning can be better understood. Some fans point to Bakugo’s vision of All Might during his “death” in Chapter 362, “Light Fades to Rain.” He sees his idol the same way Deku sees him in the vestige world, which could mean the two are connected. This could turn into an allusion to a dormant One For All.

Until then, it should be taken as similar imagery invoked during Bakugo’s near-death experience. Some fans also wonder whether the recent developments in Bakugo’s powers could foreshadow him reawakening One For All. Some of his aesthetics with his new powers active are highly reminiscent of his appearance when using One For All at full power – the irregularly shaped irises, the miniature explosion sparkles, etc. However, Chapter 362 describes these developments as an extension of Bakugo’s Explosion Quirk, not One For All. A dormant Quirk shouldn’t work.

The idea that Bakugo could have used One For All again at any time would have cheapened many of his recent fights by making it sound like he should have won any of them effortlessly. It’s more reasonable to believe Bakugo can only use it when Deku loans it to him, and only in that instant. On that note, Bakugo should be able to receive One For All again. He only needs to reconvene with Deku and do what he did in the movie. If they do that, it should prove once and for all whether the earlier signs were genuine or coincidental imagery.

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How Could Bakugo Using One For All Look in the Manga

Midoriya and Bakugo wield One For All together in My Hero Academia

If Bakugo invokes One For All, whatever the circumstances, his time would be significantly limited. He may be back on his feet, but he should still be weak from all the damage he took from Shigaraki (crushed arm, blood loss, etc.), though the story will likely act as though getting sewn back up fixes most of that. There’s also no guarantee he’s strong enough to handle the raw power of One For All at full power, and he doesn’t have the practice to use it at less than 100%. On top of all this, Deku only has a limited amount of time before Gearshift puts him out of commission; if that happens before Shigaraki or All For One falls, Bakugo will be in a severely unbalanced two-on-one fight.

That said, Bakugo using the Quirk in the manga now could be more exciting than what was in the movie. It would be slightly contrived, but he could use some of One For All’s inherited Quirks in addition to its raw power. He might even be able to mix Explosion with these new Quirks to pull out tricks Deku never could. Of course, his lack of control of these Quirks could turn him into a wildcard for at least a chapter.

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