Born Again Will Be Linked To Netflix’s Daredevil Show


  • The new creative team for Daredevil: Born Again reportedly aims to connect to the original Daredevil TV show.
  • Conversations are focused on incorporating the history of the original three seasons into the new storyline.
  • Vincent D’Onofrio is optimistic about the direction of Daredevil: Born Again and the potential for its story.

According to Marvel Cinematic Universe actor Vincent D’Onofrio, the new creative team for Daredevil: Born Again is aiming to connect to Netflix’s Daredevil TV show. When it comes to MCU shows on Disney+ and the original series by Marvel TV, there have always been a lot of questions in regard to the canon of it all. With Charlie Cox getting his own Disney+ show in the form of Daredevil: Born Again, he is one of the major Marvel TV characters to carry over into the current MCU era.

As the Echo TV show featured D’Onofrio’s Kingpin once again, the actor recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter, teasing what is next for him. While he couldn’t give specific details, D’Onofrio gave a very positive update about the new direction for Daredevil: Born Again, saying that the creatives involved with the show “are for sure only speaking about it in terms of being directly connected to the original Daredevil” TV show, stating the following:

During our restart of all the creative on Daredevil: Born Again, all the creatives got together and said, “Look, this is how we’ve got to do it now.” So we are for sure only speaking about it in terms of being directly connected to the original Daredevil, and that’s a great thing. It brings in a lot of cool stories and all the collateral story that happened in those original three seasons. So we now get to start this Born Again situation with all of that history behind us and the outcome of all that history. So we’re all talking about Daredevil: Born Again in those terms now.


10 Reasons Daredevil Is Still The Best MCU TV Show 8 Years Later

Despite its cancelation in 2018, Marvel Television’s Daredevil on Netflix is still widely regarded as one of, if not the, strongest Marvel TV shows.

What Is Going On With Daredevil’s MCU Canon Status?

When Echo dropped all of its episodes on Disney+ on January 9, the Disney-branded streaming service had a significant update in its listing of the MCU timeline. Despite having been produced by Netflix, all of The Defenders shows, including Netflix’s Daredevil TV show, were instead listed in the chronological MCU timeline, taking place throughout Phase 2. While Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios have yet to officially confirm their place in the canon, this suggests that the MCU will be acknowledging a lot more from the Marvel-Netflix properties going forward.

This especially appears to be the case when also taking D’Onofrio’s comments into account, as the fact that Daredevil: Born Again is aiming to link with Daredevil is a promising sign for those hoping for more connectivity between the Netflix series and the MCU. Even though the MCU is having to start over from scratch with Daredevil: Born Again in terms of production, Marvel Studios being willing to finally rely on the Marvel TV division’s strengths suggests the creative overhaul will be well worth it, as The Defenders saga brought many still-beloved characters and moments to Marvel’s live-action legacy.

It will definitely be interesting to see what other ways the Marvel-Netflix shows will factor into Daredevil: Born Again, since Jon Bernthal is set to reprise the role of The Punisher. As such, it wouldn’t be shocking if prior cast members from other Netflix series show up in one way or another. While the MCU audience can catch every season of Daredevil on Disney+, there will hopefully be more updates on Daredevil: Born Again sooner rather than later.

Source: THR

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