Bonney’s Powers Have Endless Potential

The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1101, “To Bonney,” by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul, and Vanessa Satone, now available through Viz Media.


  • Bonney’s age-controlling powers have proven to be more powerful and versatile than initially thought, allowing her to access alternate timelines and even transform into future versions of herself and, possibly, characters.
  • Bonney’s powers likely have limitations such as stamina and aptitude with alternate future abilities.
  • Bonney’s Distorted Future ability could be a game-changer in the ongoing Egghead Arc, potentially allowing her to transform into Nika again or use her powers to save Kuma.

When Bonney was introduced in One Piece’s Sabaody Archipelago Arc, nobody knew what made her on par with the rest of the Worst Generation. She had age-controlling powers, but how she used them made it seem like they were only helpful for weakening her enemies and making quick escapes. Her powers were relatively unimpressive compared to those of her Supernova contemporaries, who could throw giant-sized punches, manipulate metals, and rearrange matter in a fixed space. Thus, when the Big Eater was established as a central character in the Egghead Arc, fans had trouble imagining what she could do to influence the story once the fighting started.

Chapter 1101, “To Bonney,” revealed that imagination makes Bonney so powerful. Her age-controlling powers also allow her to access alternate timelines. She can even enter a future where she’s like Nika and has his abilities. Such a technique threatens to turn the Big Eater from one of the weakest Supernovas into one of the most overpowered and versatile characters in the series. It depends on how the feats and limits of this power are developed and explored. Bonney could eventually realize her potential as a being and transcend time and space to bring out her best self.

How Do Bonney’s Age-Age Powers Work?

The Age-Age Fruit’s powers have been steadily developed each time Bonney has used it. She initially used it on herself to regress from a young twenty-something into a child at will. She can also use this age-controlling power on her opponents to make them helpless elders or children. Fans correctly guessed from these facts that she could age herself up, too, and used the Fruit to change from a child into a grown woman. In these regards, Bonney has complete control of her age and the age of anyone she comes in contact with.

Chapter 1064, “Egghead Labopphase,” alluded to another application of Bonney’s age-controlling powers. While evading detection, she changed the ages of herself, Luffy, Chopper, and Jimbei. Luffy’s age change was notable because it turned him into his 70-year-old self from a “different future.” At the time, fans recognized this as a reference to the alternate future drawings from the SBS columns (in Luffy’s case, his potential futures were drawn in Volume 89. The depiction of him at age 70 in Chapter 1064 is notably different from any of them). This was confirmed to be Bonney’s Distorted Future ability in Chapter 1072, “The Weight of Memory,” where she used the same technique to turn into a more muscular future version of herself. Bonney’s potential with the Fruit could have been predicted by Chapter 1072, but many would wait until they saw more evidence of her feats and limits.

Chapter 1101 gave fans a better idea of how far Bonney could take her Fruit’s powers. She used Kuma’s description of Nika to access a future where she was the Warrior of Liberation and delivered a rubberized punch to her World Government captor, Alpha. This scene may have been as brief as the one from Chapter 1072, but it carries far more implications.

What Can Bonney Do With Her Distorted Future Ability?

Jewelry Bonney uses Distorted Future to turn into Nika, knock out Alpha, and start her pirate voyage.


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There are a few confirmed facts about Bonney’s transformation from Chapter 1101. She transformed into her approximation of a mythological figure based on shallow descriptions. Despite this, she could mimic that figure’s abilities and fighting style. The only thing she couldn’t copy was Nika’s more distinct features, like his hair or hagoromo, but that might have changed if she knew what he looked like. She only used her Distorted Future for a moment, as she did in Chapter 1072. Bonney’s potential with the Age-Age Fruit depends on how these points are interpreted.

If Bonney can turn into Nika to this extent, there may be no limit to what she can do with her Devil Fruit. One interpretation suggests she can use her powers to access other people’s Devil Fruits. This means she’s changing herself into a future where she ate that Devil Fruit rather than the Age-Age Fruit. In Chapter 1101, for example, she would have turned into herself after eating the Gum-Gum Fruit rather than the Sun God himself (though the implications of the latter would be monumental in their own right). Alternatively, Bonney could be using Distorted Future to give herself any power she wants. This would be Dr. Vegapunk’s theory of Devil Fruits being born from human desires put into practice. She’s evolving her body to bring the powers she dreams to life.

Another interpretation of Distorted Future suggests Bonney can use it to transform into anyone. This would mean she’s accessing powers from a timeline where she takes the place of a certain person. She could even transform herself into a future where she’s one of the Emperors or even the Pirate King (to Luffy’s disappointment). If she can turn into Nika, then she should be able to become anyone.

This power can also be used as a support option. It’s important to remember that Bonney can access the alternate timelines of people besides herself. That would mean anyone can be Nika. Suddenly, that YouTube video of the Straw Hats drawn in Gear Five is a plausible reality, as are other such videos.

Does Bonney’s Devil Fruit Have Limits?

One Piece Chapter 1072 Pages 3-4


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Bonney’s apparent potential with the Age-Age Fruit has led many to consider Bonney overpowered. She can turn into anybody or access any Devil Fruit power. The only limit to her power is her imagination. Some have even likened her to a multiversal being. However, there are likely limits to Bonney’s powers that still need to be explored. If there weren’t, she would have been better served distorting into a Mihawk-like future when she used that sword on Saturn. She could similarly become the strongest person in the series and solve nearly every problem that came her way. She either doesn’t recognize her Fruit’s potential or has reasons she can’t do whatever she wants. There could be a stamina issue involved in the process. Bonney expending more energy on a power she only theoretically has could be severely taxing.


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This would explain why she’s only shown using Distorted Future in short bursts. It also explains why she looked winded after using the power in Chapter 1072. Bonney is still a child who can only be stronger through her powers. There’s also likely a limit to how much skill Bonney has in an alternate future. Her use of Nika’s techniques in 1101 could have been skills that came with the new form. However, it’s as easy to say she used her rubber powers to throw a simple inflated punch. If it’s the latter, then entering a future where she’s the best at something and having the expertise that makes her so are two different things. She can only acquire powers she can think up, not aptitude. This same limitation likely also means Bonney can’t mimic Haki-based powers. Haki is a skill that requires years of practice and can only reach its best form in battle. Whatever Haki techniques she brings into battle must be those she’s honed for herself.

How Will Bonney Use Distorted Future in the Present?

One Piece Chapter 1094 Pages 18-19


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Bonney has a couple of ways to use Distorted Future in the ongoing Egghead Arc. One use would be to transform into Nika again to fight Saturn. This would be an ideal payoff to showing her use of the Sun God’s powers in the flashback. Of course, this would have to come in the climax of the battle weeks or months later, when most people have either forgotten about the flashback or heightened their anticipation to its peak. She could see Luffy enter Gear Five, adjust her transformation accordingly, and help him finish off Saturn. This would earn the Big Eater her freedom and make her a true Warrior of Liberation like her and her father’s idol.

Distorted Future could also provide the missing solution to saving Kuma. The former Warlord used his powers to expel his memories and placed them into a bubble. Turning him human should have involved getting those memories back into his head, but Bonney took them into herself. She could have Kuma use his powers to expel the memories from her head again. However, Kuma might not listen to such a request since he’s a mindless cyborg. This is where Bonney’s Distorted Future would come in handy. She could turn into a future version of herself with Kuma’s powers, expel the memories from herself, and place them into their original owner.

Bonney’s options after the Egghead Arc are only limited by her imagination. She and her father could part ways with the Straw Hats after leaving the Future Island, or they could continue their adventures with them to Elbaf and beyond. In any case, Bonney’s ability to turn into anyone with any power should serve her well wherever the wind takes her.

Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sani, Robin, Chopper, Brook, Frankyand Jimbei in One Piece Egg-Head Arc poster

One Piece

Follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his pirate crew in order to find the greatest treasure ever left by the legendary Pirate, Gold Roger. The famous mystery treasure named “One Piece”.

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