BOBBY BLOTZER’s RAT ATTACK: Rumored Lineup For New Project Revealed

According to Metal Sludge, former Bobby Blotzer‘s RATT co-manager Jason Green has revealed the rumored lineup for Blotzer‘s new touring project BOBBY BLOTZER’S RAT ATTACK.

Green, who currently works with RATT singer Stephen Pearcy, discussed Bobby‘s new project during a recent episode of his Waste Some Time With Jason Green video podcast.

Joining Blotzer in the new project will apparently be singer Gabriel Colon (LYNCH MOB), bassist Matt Duncan (DC4), and two guitarists, Cleveland, Ohio’s Dougie “Licks” Manross, who is 24, and Long Island, New York’s Mickey Lyxx (HOLY MOTHER), who is just 19 years old. It should be noted, however, that Bobby has not yet officially announced the BOBBY BLOTZER’S RAT ATTACK lineup, so the above information should be treated as a rumor only.

Blotzer first announced the formation of BOBBY BLOTZER’S RAT ATTACK earlier this month via his personal Facebook page, writing: “Hi Friends: I’m bored on my retired scene over here. I wanna see you guys!!

“I’m planning a tour and with all it’s gonna take to bring this, I’m hoping and presuming that you’re hoping to see me too. Lol! I’ve decided to bring it again.

“I’m working with some really awesome musicians to be announced soon.

“If you came out and saw my version i toured in 2016 you’ll love this. Emphasis on integrity of original and emphasis on sounding like the records sounding that was always my motto even through the original days. I think I hit that mark in 2016 and the original days maybe not as much. Lol.

“Sadly, Stephen Pearcy and I in our efforts to bring together the original class of 1984 RATT band just couldn’t get lift off. So what you’re going to have now is Stephen and his brand and me with my brand. But and all I can say is I’ll work my ass off to bring the best show as I have through my whole 42 years of helping create all the songs we brought to you!! And, just like it was ’84- 2016. With my version.

“Yes it’s been a long time since 2016. And even longer since last time with all of us in 2013. Good news is, first rehearsal was ridiculous. I thought wow I’m rusted , But it quickly got better or I should say I got better. Dusted off the limbs and tendons and muscles, and started throwing those sticks a little harder at the drums and cymbals. The next day brought the musicians in and I had that same vibe going like I did when I decided to do this in 2015 and that I thought holy smokes this sounds like the real deal baby.

“More to come very soon. Thank you.”

Pearcy is the only member of RATT‘s classic lineup who has been actively touring, performing many of the RATT‘s hits with his solo band.

In April 2021, Pearcy was joined by Blotzer during the RATT singer’s livestream concert from the world-famous Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip.

RATT — featuring Pearcy, Croucier and guitarist Warren DeMartini — played a number of shows in 2017 after reforming a year earlier in the midst of a highly publicized legal battle with Blotzer over the rights to the RATT name. They were joined at the gigs by guitarist Carlos Cavazo, who played on 2010’s “Infestation” album, and drummer Jimmy DeGrasso, who previously played with Y&T, WHITE LION and MEGADETH, among others.

Back in September 2015, Blotzer announced that he was taking control of the RATT name and was planning to hit the road with a new version of the group, which played shows earlier that year under the name BOBBY BLOTZER’S RATT EXPERIENCE. Joining Bobby in the initial lineup of Blotzer‘s version of RATT were singer Josh Alan (SIN CITY SINNERS),bassist Scotty Griffin (ex-L.A. GUNS),and guitarists Doc Ellis (Jizzy Pearl’s LOVE/HATE) and Nicholas “Blaze” Baum.

Bobby addressed his legal disputes with the other members of RATT‘s classic lineup this past May in an interview with “This That & The Other With Troy Patrick Farrell”. At the time, he said: “It’s taken the life out of me as far as the love of the game here. I’ll come back with the mothership, RATT, but I’m not really set up to go, ‘Hey, let’s put something together, Keri Kelli and Robbie Crane,’ or whomever. I went through so much in that litigation. And that wasn’t the first one, because we were at it with Stephen in 2002 for two and a half years in federal court. It was intense and it was costly. And just what it cost you in your spirit and your heart and your soul, that’s where it broke down for me. So right now I’m kind of retired. I know I can go out and rock and tour, but it would have to be starting with RATT, I think. That’s the level I wanna do it at.”

According to Bobby, RATT has already turned down massive money to reunite for one or more shows. “We’ve had some pretty huge offers,” he told “This That & The Other With Troy Patrick Farrell”. “This is no joke — we had a million-and-two-fifty-[thousand] offer to open a new arena, and everybody turned it down. I was shocked. I was, like, ‘Man…’ These are the kind of decisions that chipped away at the infrastructure of doing business in the band. But I don’t have any, really, grudges that I can carry around anymore with these guys; I just don’t. It’s not healthy. And I do love RATT, and I love the guys. I know if we all got into a room and we were looking eye-to-eye, everybody would start laughing and cutting up jokes. It would be a little awkward at first, but I’ve been there and done it with this. A band that’s been around this long, we’ve done this — been there and done it. So I don’t know why we can’t do it when others, probably more salacious and dysfunctional, like a MÖTLEY CRÜE [can]. I don’t know.”

Blotzer went on to offer a “theory” as to why RATT hasn’t been able to come back together for a tour when MÖTLEY CRÜE and JOURNEY have overcome their personal differences to play for their fans. He said: “My theory is you can’t be a democracy in a band. It doesn’t work. You’ve got too many people voting. You need a leader. And I think that’s what MÖTLEY has with [bassist] Nikki Sixx and Allen Kovac, their manager, our old manager. Those two lead the charge. Nikki has always led the charge. And you know what? They listen. And they know where the big stuff is. And they still want it. Some of us, maybe, in this band don’t want it. I don’t know.”

Pressed about why he thinks some members of RATT are not motivated by the idea of getting a hefty paycheck and performing for thousands of adoring fans again, Bobby told “This That & The Other With Troy Patrick Farrell”: “Like I said a few minutes ago, Warren has stated to somebody that, if we do this, is likely gonna be holding down the managerial position, and [Warren] said he was willing to get in and listen, which is way more than he has said… He’s said nothing, really. I only hear tidbits from mutual friends that he speaks to. So I can’t speak to… He just kind of sounds like he’s done. I don’t know if that’s really where his heart is.

“See, we make good money sittin’ on our asses at home,” Blotzer added. “And it’s been really a blessing that our royalties have grown in such a way that it’s lucrative not going out. And then for the mind baggage that certain people think it’s gonna entail, which history has proven that that happens, that might be the fear factor. I hope that that, if we can all get into a room and play, it would dissipate very quickly, in my opinion.”

Image credit: 80’s Metal Recycle Bin

Bobby Blotzer’s Rat Attack project to Invade the Tour Market in 2024
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Posted by Stevie Rachelle Tuff on Wednesday, October 4, 2023

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