Blue Lock Chapter 238 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Isagi Finally Scores a GOAL with Hiori’s Help!

After waiting so many months, we finally see Isagi scoring a goal in Blue Lock Chapter 238 Spoiler & Raw Scans. Blue Lock fans were dying to see this for a long time, and we finally got to see it.

It was so satisfying to see Isagi score after struggling for so long. If it weren’t for Hiori, I don’t think Isagi would have scored a goal against Ubers. Hiori was literally unstoppable in front of Ubers. He was getting past them like they were player from elementary school.

Even the best defender on the field, Lorenzo, couldn’t stop Hiori. Even though Isagi scored the goal, for me, it was Hiori who was the MVP of the match. I almost dropped my phone in excitement after seeing the leaks. This chapter is the reason why we love Blue Lock so much. So, let’s not waste more time and get straight to the Blue Lock Chapter 238 Leaks.

Blue Lock Chapter 238 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Isagi Finally Scores a GOAL with Hiori's Help!
Hiori and Isagi (Color Credits: @thetwohornedone X)

Blue Lock Chapter 238 Spoilers & Raw Scans

The chapter starts with Hiroi heading towards the goalpost with Isagi on his right, Kunigami on his left, and Niko at the front. Aryu marked Isagi since he knew that Hiroi would pass it to Isagi. Kaiser was also looking for a way to steal the ball from Hiori.

Hiori Becomes the Unstoppable!

Niko tried to steal the ball from Hiroi, but Hioru tricked him and got past him easily. Lorenzo came from behind with a slide kick, so Hiori tossed the ball in the air with his foot to save it. However, his problem didn’t end there since Barou came to stop him.

As soon as Isagi saw Barou blocking that way for Hiori, he sprinted towards the goalpost. He sprinted so quickly that Aryu and Aiku were able to react to it. Even though Barou was blocking that way for Hiori. Hiori gets near him and passes the ball to Isagi.

Hiori Pass the Ball to Isagi!

We then see Isagi entering Egoiest Form, where all the puzzles are disassembled from him. Right behind him, there were Aryu and Kaiser, but they were able to match Isagi’s speed. The ball came exactly where Isagi wanted it to be.

Isagi Gets the Ball!

As soon as the ball gets in front of Isagi, he kicks it with full force, “a direct shot.” We see him shooting the ball on a double-spreaded page. With that speed, the goalkeeper wasn’t even able to touch it, and we finally got to see GOAL.

Isagi finally Scores a Goal!

After scoring the goal, Isagi ran towards Hiori and hugged him in excitement. Both were screaming like crazy. The chapter ends with an editor’s note that “Isagi and Hiori create something called Impossible! The final goal is proven.

My Thoughts on Blue Lock Chapter 238 Leaks

After reading the previous chapter, I already know we will see a goal in the next chapter. However, I didn’t expect it to be this crazy/egoist. I literally dropped my phone in excitement after seeing Isagi hugging Hiroi after scoring the goal.

Chapter 238 was the one we have been looking forward to for so long. The author first staged Hiori as the villain, but in the end, he was a real hero for the game. Whatever anyone says, if it weren’t for Hiori, isagi would still be searching for his last/One Piece. However, this could be Hiori’s last match in Blue Lock.

Blue Lock Chapter 238 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Isagi Finally Scores a GOAL with Hiori's Help!
Hiori and Isagi (Color Credits: @TruitosArt X)

Well, everyone was saying that the match would end once someone scored a goal. But we still don’t know for sure if that is going to happen. Football is a game of time, and we haven’t seen if the time ran out. But I think the match will end after this goal since they have already dragged it out for no reason. It would be good if they ended the match after this goal.

As I mentioned before, at the end of the chapter, it was written that Isagi and Hiori scored the “final” goal. This means the match between Bastard Munchens and Ubers officially ended.

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